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  • Coachella: 9 Tips For Having a Happy, Clean, Consensual Music Festival Hookup

    Music festivals seem ripe for hookups until you're covered in mud and the only private place is a Honey Bucket.

  • The best way to find love in the modern world may be to approach dating like dieting

    Dating and dieting have a lot in common, according to Joanna Coles. Coles is the former editor of Cosmo and Marie Claire magazines, the chief content officer at Hearst Magazines, and the author of the new book "Love Rules." In the book, Coles shows readers how to identify the people who are standing between you and the love you want. For example, Coles says your relationship with an ex is a kind of "junk love" that is best eliminated from your diet. About midway through Joanna Coles' new guide...

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  • Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Attending Houston Rockets Basketball Game

    Stormi Webster was flying solo Wednesday night so her parents could hit the town in Houston. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott sat on the hardwood as they watched Travis' home team destroy the Minnesota Timberwolves. It seem the fam is making Houston…

  • The 13 biggest mistakes people make on dating apps — and what to do instead

    Hands up if you have hundreds of matches on dating apps who you've never spoken to. It's a pretty common habit, and probably the result of just having too much choice.  But according to Erika Ettin, relationship coach and the founder of dating site A Little Nudge, this is just one of the many ways we are doing ourselves a disservice when it comes to looking for love. Ettin spoke to Business Insider about all the ways you're going wrong on your dating app profiles, and what you should do instead...

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  • A woman received an invoice for her meal when she ghosted someone after a first date — here's an etiquette expert's take on the situation

    After she ghosted a date, Amanda Burnett received a $40 invoice for her half of a dinner. According to an etiquette expert, it’s customary for the person who asked for the date to pay, but some people prefer to split the bill. If you offered to pay, it's decidedly not polite to send a bill after-the-fact. When you go on a date, there's always a chance that it won’t be a romantic fit. It certainly feels lousy if you like someone and want the relationship to progress, but they don’t feel the...

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  • Swiping For Love! Find Out Which Celebrities Are Using Dating Apps

    Even famous folk like to swipe left and right, as more and more single celebs are joining dating websites to find love! Stars enjoy their own secret, membership-based app to hook-up in private, called Raya. Check out which love-hungry celebs are logging on to which site in this gallery.

  • The Weeknd Just Enjoying The Single Life At Coachella

    The Weeknd was seen partying with a ton of hot chicks at Coachella ... but he isn't locked down by a single one. Abel -- who headlined the festival on Friday -- was spotted with Chantel Jeffries, hanging out with Kendall Jenner and even being…

  • realising they were born on same day in same hospital

    The bride and groom were born just hours apart
  • You Might Be Guilty of This Dating Red Flag

    It's a red flag when you never go over to your partner's house. Even if she has six roommates and four cats.

  • An Indiana woman ghosted her date after he paid for dinner, so he sent her an itemized receipt in the mail

    Reuters/Eddie Keogh A woman in Indiana ghosted a man after going on a date with him.  The man retaliated by sending her a $40 itemized invoice of everything she had eaten and drunk during the date. Burnett, outraged by the incident, posted the entire exchange to Twitter and Instagram. People are divided on who to sympathize with.  A woman has shared the itemized invoice she received in the mail from a date she ghosted - and people are divided. Amanda Burnett, from Indianapolis, Indiana, went...

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  • 10 things you're doing that are pushing your partner away

    Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Relationship behaviors like texting your partner continuously may seem normal, but they can be detrimental to your union. Though it’s often said that your partner cannot "read your mind," many couples still assume that their partner should know everything without them saying it. Passive aggressiveness, though done at times to avoid confrontation, can really be harmful to your relationship. Ignoring the signs that make you uneasy — even if small — can...

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  • The reason dating is so frustrating is that we're looking at it all wrong

    Kar Tr/Shutterstock A date is not an opportunity to assess whether the person is "The One," as tempting as that might be. That's according to Joanna Coles, the former editor of Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines, the chief content officer at Hearst Magazines, and the author of the new book "Love Rules." Instead, Coles said, you should use a date as a chance to see if you actually like the person and would want to befriend them. Spend time doing activities you enjoy instead of searching for...

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  • A dating app with 380 million global users has revealed the top 5 most right-swiped jobs — and they might surprise you

    Shutterstock / FXQuadro Dating site Badoo surveyed 5,000 singles to see what the most right-swiped careers were for men and women. Scroll down to see if your job is on the list. You've set up your dating profiles with your best photos and a witty bio. All that's left to do is swipe and wait for the matches to roll in. But there might be something that you hadn't considered that can work in your favour — your job.See the rest of the story at Business Insider NOW WATCH: Here's why we give...

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  • Indiana man sends woman a $40 invoice after dinner date

    The woman ghosted her date after he paid for dinner
  • The Sweet Spot: My Husband Got Secret Credit Cards and Maxed Them Out

    What to do when your partner ruins their credit — and credibility.
  • Leo DiCaprio's New Model GF Won't Let Him Go at Coachella

    There's #Beychella and then there's #Baechella, and Leo DiCaprio partook in the latter, because he had his new rumored gf, Camila Morrone, glued to his hip Sunday night at the music festival. DiCaprio tried to go incognito in the VIP…

  • Iggy, No!

    Iggy Azalea and Tyga, two twenty-something musicians who meet the bare minimum of professional requirements needed to justifiably hold the title of “rapper,” were spotted “holding hands” at Coachella this weekend, adding more fuel to rumors that they are now romantically involved. Read more...

  • 'Rip up the rulebook': How to use dating apps when you're over 50, according to Debrett's

    'Forget everything you were told 30 years ago'
  • Logic's Hanging with Hot Blonde After Announcing Split

    Logic's wasting little time getting back in the saddle ... or in his case, in a private jet with a new chick. Our Logic sources say the rapper boarded a jet bound for Vegas to do a show last week, and had a 19-year-old hot blonde with him, who…

  • Women often say they prefer taller men — but the reality is more complicated

    Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Turner Men are an average of about 5 inches taller than women. Scientific studies suggest that while women might say they have a preference for taller male partners, actual height differences in heterosexual couples aren't as wide as stated height preferences. Shorter men do tend to marry younger and lower-educated women, and psychologists think that might be because they're "compensating" for their shortness. The average American woman, standing at just over...

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  • The epic timeline of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's friendship turned A-list romance

    Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images It may seem like you were born knowing the term "Kimye," but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have only been an official couple for about five years.  The pair, who started off as good friends, have certainly made it an eventful time though, so you'd be forgiven for forgetting a few things along the way.  We've rounded up the most crazy, heartbreaking, and touching moments from their time together. 2003-2006: Kanye and Kim met, and Kanye was smitten. Charley Gallay/Getty...

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  • Karrueche Tran and Victor Cruz Make Out Poolside in Miami

    We didn't hear about any 911 calls Friday in Miami, but it appears either Karrueche Tran or Victor Cruz were in some sort of distress. Chris Brown's ex and the ex-NFL wide receiver were soaking up the sun as they sucked face pool side at the Setai…

  • Blind date: ‘There’s more to him than meets the eye’

    Alice, 31, account manager, meets Angus, 25, PR consultant What were you hoping for? A fun and entertaining evening with a stranger… and that’s what I got! Continue reading...

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  • Weekend Reads: The Love Files

    This week we are sharing some pieces about dating and relationships. Because spring.