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  • 9 signs your partner is falling out of love with you

    Universal via YouTube There are few things like knowing that the person you're with just wants to be with you. When you feel solid and reassured by the level of love and communication in your relationship. There's no worry or stress about getting ghosted or cheating and your only worry about your partner is whether or not they've noticed that you're actively building and expanding your wedding board on Pinterest. But sometimes, things take a turn and all of that reassurance and security can go...

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  • Olivia Munn texted Anna Faris to set the record straight about reports saying she was dating Chris Pratt

    Getty Images Actress Olivia Munn is not dating Chris Pratt, despite reports saying otherwise. Earlier this month, Munn sent a private text to Pratt's ex-wife, Anna Faris. The message let Faris know that the reports were false. Munn shared a screenshot of the text exchange on Instagram this weekend. "Women respect and love each other a lot more than some people like to think," Munn wrote. Actress Olivia Munn took to Instagram on Sunday in order to clear up reports about her dating Chris...

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  • ‘Discovering my true sexual self’: why I embraced polyamory

    My husband and I were together for 12 years and had two children – but while he was happy with one person, I needed more It was the hardest thing I’d ever had to say to my husband, Marc. Three years ago, I sat down and told him: “The idea of having sex just with you for the next 40 years – I can’t do it any more.” But I had come to realise that my life was built around something I didn’t believe in: monogamy. We had been together for 12 years and had two children, now nine and seven. I love...

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  • Blind date: ‘She was thoughtful enough to wear a necklace with her name on’

    How did 25-year-olds Thom, an auditor, and Grace, a learning coordinator, get along? What were you hoping for? Interesting conversation. Continue reading...

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  • Dating expert blasted for advising women to ALWAYS wear heels on dates

    British matchmaker Nadia Essex shared a video on Instagram in which she describes heels as the 'only acceptable form of footwear' on a date for any woman under supermodel height.

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  • 'Clearing season' is the dating term that probably describes the state of your love life right now

    Clearing is the latest piece of dating terminology, describing a period after cuffing season.

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