Digital healthcare Headlines

  • The top 5 startups disrupting healthcare using AI, digital therapeutics, health insurance, and genomics

    Business Insider Intelligence The healthcare industry is facing disruption due to accelerating technological innovation and growing demand for improved delivery of healthcare and lower costs. Tech startups are leading the way by seizing opportunities in the areas of the industry that are most vulnerable to disruption, including genomics, pharmaceuticals, administration, clinical operations, and insurance. Venture funds and businesses are taking notice of these startups' potential. In the US,...
  • Disney Wraps TV Upfront Sales With Double-Digit CPM Gains At ABC, Single Digits In Cable

    Disney’s reorganized ad-sales efforts bore fruit in the upfront marketplace, with double-digit CPM gains at ABC and high-single-digit increases at ESPN and Freeform. The company did not comment on the results, but sources say revenue showed high-single-digit increases across the board on ABC as well as cable and kids. (The Disney Channels do not accept traditional spot buys but bring in significant sponsorship revenue.) Broadcast networks have announced healthy increases…

  • The digital clash of cultures

    Our wired world is turning into a tangled web.

    Washington Post
  • Integrating Innovation Into Healthcare

    Healthcare is a sector ripe for change and disruption, but despite the occasional outlier, there is little indication that change is afoot

  • Healthcare policy: By the elite, for the elite

    Many of America’s most serious health problems reside in people whose lives and jobs do not remotely resemble those of policy-shapers. That long-haul trucker won’t be participating in an office walkathon.

  • Cartoon: The trouble with crowdfunding healthcare

    I've been meaning to do a cartoon about crowdfunding healthcare for a while, especially after reading this excellent Mother Jones article on how it turns healthcare into a popularity contest. People with large social networks and compelling stories tend to get funded; those with less-marketable illnesses or a smaller circle of friends struggle. It's shameful. Not that you shouldn't try to help friends in need through GoFundMe, but this simply cannot be the future of healthcare in America. Help...
  • Healthcare not very green compared to other industries

    (Reuters Health) - Compared to big corporations in other sectors of the economy, most healthcare organizations - even large ones - appear to be falling short when it comes to finding ways to protect the environment, a new study suggests.

  • Robots Enable A Digital Transformation

    A leading supplier of MRO of aircrafts and aircrafts components began their digital transformation 3 years ago. Because about half of this company’s revenues are related to warehousing services, several of their projects have been related to improving productivity in their warehouses.

  • Crossing The Digital Skills Gap

    Projects from Red Hat and the U.K. government aim to address the digital skills gap that prevents businesses from advancing in areas such as AI and big data

  • Facebook Has Changed and Your Digital Strategy Has to Adjust

    Facebook Ads is evolving. You need to understand what it means for how your company gathers and uses information.

  • Why Western Digital Firms Have Failed in China

    A comprehensive five-year study reveals a set of common mistakes.

    Harvard Business Review
  • Newborn Digital Footprinting Comes To Colorado

    Two UCHealth hospitals in Northern Colorado have taken a new step in enhancing the safety of newborns. Babies' footprints, once done with ink and paper, are now being digitally scanned.

  • How IFS enables the digital enterprise of the future

    Disruption is everywhere, irrespective of the industry customers are in and we see the world changing tremendously because of it.

  • How to raise a happy kid in the digital age

    Raising kids to be happy in today's world isn't impossible. We just need to rewrite the rules for the digital age.
  • The healthcare industry is in a world of cybersecurity hurt

    As a relentless swarm of successful cyber attacks severely disrupt companies in every industry and require enormous expenditures to repair the damage, what typically gets lost in the shuffle is that some industries are victimized more than others.

  • Meet the Chatbots Providing Mental Healthcare

    Researchers are working to teach empathy to artificially intelligent messaging tools, with the goal of supplementing human therapists

  • How autistic adults are being let down by the healthcare system

    Adults on the spectrum frequently have a range of other conditions — but they rarely get the help they need
  • W: Dick Cavett in the Digital Age

    Stopping to smell the flowers with the last great intellectual talk-show host.
  • Nordstrom racks up big gain in digital sales

    Amazon isn't the only online shopping king based in Seattle. It looks like you can add fellow Seattle native Nordstrom to the list of retailers that have figured out how to sell things over the internet. Lots of things. Nordstrom reported results for the second quarter after the closing bell Thursday that topped Wall Street's forecasts, led by a 23% jump in digital sales. Nordstrom added that digital revenue now accounts for more than a third of its overall sales. Nordstrom also raised its...

  • Holographic "digital wife" now on sale for $1352

    Gatebox's Boku no Yome (“My Wife”) has been released in mass production for 150,000 yen (US$1,352). The holographic character stands about 8 inches tall and talks to her husband from behind a cylindrical plastic barrier. In addition to the upfront cost for Boku no Yome, husbands must pay a subscription fee of 1,500 yen (US$13.52) per month to keep their wife from getting outdated. Image: Gatebox

    Boing Boing
  • Sonice Healthcare FY profit up 11.2%

    Sonic Healthcare has lifted its full-year profit 11.2 per cent to $467.2 million due to the international pathology and radiology services group recording...

    Mail Online
  • Digital currency trading platform established in the Philippines

    On August 12, Huibi Exchange was launched at the Marriott Manila in Pasay City. The Huibi Exchange is committed to creating a fast and stable digital currency trading platform, while providing users with safe and compliant digital asset financial services.
  • Obesity is actually saving healthcare systems money

    Ken Rogoff and David Ludwig have a piece in the New York Times detailing how obesity is such a cost to us all that something must be done. They make a mistake which Rogoff, being an economist and a good one to boot, should know not to make. He fails to look at opportunity costs and thus believes that obesity costs healthcare systems money.

    Washington Examiner
  • How digital is upending payments worldwide and what it says about the future

    BII This is a preview of a research report from Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service. To learn more about Business Insider Intelligence, click here. European and North American countries with advanced economies often serve as bellwethers for the payments industry when it comes to introducing new and disruptive technologies. However, some of the greatest examples of digital payments disruption can be found in developing nations. In some cases, these countries...