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  • ‘I Don’t Believe That Anymore’

    The Children’s Scholarship Fund has helped 166,000 poor kids in 20 years.

  • Is This the Reason Your Jeans Don’t Fit?

    Here’s how a major power imbalance affects your closet.
  • Don’t Mention the (Libyan) War

    Repeatedly bringing up the 2011 Libyan war in connection with North Korea diplomacy is either proof of the administration's ineptitude or an attempt at deliberate sabotage of the negotiations.

    The American Conservative
  • Google removes “Don’t be evil”

    Google has removed its unofficial slogan “Don’t be evil” from its code of conduct which it distributes to employees.

  • What if you really don’t have enough time to do it all?

    For most people the main problem of time management isn’t failing to prioritise what matters. It’s that there are too many things that matter If you’re even slightly as obsessed as I am with the question of how to manage your time, you may have encountered – and been annoyed by – the Tale Of The Rocks In The Jar. As best I can tell, it originates with the self-help guru Stephen Covey, and goes (in one version) like this: a teacher presents his pupils with a jam jar, a few large rocks, several...

    the Guardian
  • Stop calling Don Blankenship a felon

    I did a bad thing.

    Washington Examiner
  • Don’t Miss: This Week in Web Videos

    August 2, 2011, was almost seven years ago. Jesus, that’s horrifying. Okay, but if I quiet my fears of aging into the dust that I shall soon become, that date doesn’t have to be so awful. In fact, this column’s loyal readers might say it’s a happy date, because on ... More

  • Don Lemon hits out at 'racist' President Trump

    CNN anchor Don Lemon made the remark about President Trump during an interview for Showtime’s The Circus, which aired this past Sunday.

    Mail Online
  • Deadspin You Don’t Have To Get Cute With The Rockets

    Deadspin You Don’t Have To Get Cute With The Rockets | Splinter Home Depot Employees Get Every Bad Job Experience In One Place | The Root Behold BeelzeBecky: White Woman Seen on Video Trying to Get Man Driving Through Her Neighborhood Killed | Jezebel Woman Who Once Dressed Like a Sexy Can of Whipped Cream Says Duchess of Sussex’s Dress Was Ill-Fitting |

    Kinja Roundup
  • Don’t count out LeBron and the Cavaliers yet

    CLEVELAND — LeBron James had 27 points and 12 assists, Kevin Love added 14 rebounds and the Cavaliers looked like a different team on their home floor, tightening the Eastern Conference finals with a 116-86 victory in Game 3 over the Celtics on Saturday night. Outplayed during two losses in Boston, the Cavs used a...

    New York Post
  • Are People Who Don’t Use Facebook More Productive?

    A question for the social media age
  • You Don’t Have to Forgive Kevin Durant, but You Do Have to Appreciate Him

    It's time to change the conversation about Kevin Durant. While KD only has himself to blame for the drama he's created off the court, you can't can't criticize him for what he's doing on it—especially in the playoffs.
  • Hints From Heloise: Don’t throw it away

    Avoid wasting by freezing leftovers or planning carefully on amount of food needed.
  • Harry likely to don uniform on wedding day

    He's courted controversy with his outfits in the past but Prince Harry seems most likely to toe the family line and don a military uniform for his wedding to...

    Mail Online
  • How Democrats created a Don Blankenship 'surge' that never was

    Democrats continue to insist in spite of a complete lack of evidence that the Russian government, Russian corporations or at least individual Russians with ties to Vladimir Putin colluded with the Trump campaign to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential campaign, thereby denying their candidate the White House. Their ...
  • Don Jr. Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Donald Trump Jr. is off the market, ladies! Page Six reports that he is dating Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of Fox News’s The Five and full-time President Trump apologist. Read more...

    The Slot
  • Don’t Count on Russiagate to Bring Trump Down

    Aaron Maté Robert Mueller’s questions, Michael Cohen’s troubles, and the DNC’s lawsuit don’t inspire confidence. The post Don’t Count on Russiagate to Bring Trump Down appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • ‘We Don’t Perform for People, We Perform for the Gods’

    A community has formed around Chinese opera in Thailand, preserving one of the oldest dramatic art forms in the world.