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  • Emmys 2018: The Handmaid's Tale takes on Game of Thrones – live

    The year’s biggest night in television promises a number of major showdowns and could mark a major milestone for Netflix, boasting more nominations than HBO 12.57am BST Want to just get like really really angry on your couch? Well, here’s a fat load of cruel snubs to get your blood boiling Related: What about Twin Peaks? The 2018 Emmys' bizarre snubs 12.52am BST A depressing reminder that no one will be giving a drunk speech tonightOur faces when we learned there’s no booze at the #Emmys...

    the Guardian
  • A star is born: has the beardy bloke music biopic had its day?

    With the arrival of Lady Gaga’s star turn, Natalie Portman’s Vox Lux and Elisabeth Moss’s Her Smell, the murky world of female pop stardom finally gets immortalised on screen Looking at this season’s awards contenders, it is clear quite a few female actors have had the same idea: portray a pop star, one who is about to be chewed up by the music industry. Preferably in a movie whose title sounds like a Nirvana song. Take Vox Lux, which sees Natalie Portman chasing a second Oscar as a jaded pop...

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