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  • They Shall Not Grow Old review – Peter Jackson's electrifying journey into the first world war trenches

    Jackson has restored, colourised and added voices to footage of the western front, bringing the soldiers unforgettably back to life To mark the centenary of the first world war’s end, Peter Jackson has created a visually staggering thought experiment; an immersive deep-dive into what it was like for ordinary British soldiers on the western front. This he has done using state-of-the-art digital technology to restore flickery old black-and-white archive footage of the servicemen’s life in training...

    the Guardian
  • Sex Island holiday back with 'unlimited orgies' and 'drug-friendly prostitutes'

    Sex Island: 'Unlimited orgies' and 'drug-friendly prostitutes'... (First column, 22nd story, link) Advertise here

  • The Guardian view on modern writers: the myth of the reclusive author

    These days, most writers cannot afford to live secluded from their public. But when a very private author like Thomas Harris announces a new novel, there’s always special excitement Authors – at least as far as their relationship with the public goes – fall into several distinct categories. There are those who wish they had a public at all, who long for an invitation to speak at a book festival, and whose publishers try in vain to tempt journalists to interview them and podcast producers to book...

    the Guardian
  • Philip French: a titan of film criticism whose kindness knew no bounds

    As she prepares to give an annual lecture in his name, Hadley Freeman remembers writing to the late Observer writer for career advice, and being met with support, screenings and spaghetti Philip French was not the first journalist to whom I sent a letter. That accolade goes to John Simpson, who I wrote to when I was 14 and stuck in hospital for the foreseeable future, so nothing seemed more appealing than being a foreign correspondent: all that freedom, flying and distance from the white walls I...

    the Guardian
  • Derby FestŽé: a celebration of 250 years of circus – in pictures

    Christopher Thomond captures images from the festival that marks the milestone anniversary of the first circus performance near Waterloo in 1768 by Philip Astley Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • Mid-Autumn Festival: What is it and how is it celebrated?

    The festivities begin today

  • 10 of the best night-time festivals this autumn

    Welcome in the longer, colder nights with these after-dark arts festivals around the world, lighting up cities with installations, performance and other creative activity “Less sleep, more art”, say the creatives of Toronto, who are transforming the city for an all-nighter of contemporary art hosted by major cultural institutions, indie arts venues and public spaces. The varied programme includes film, sound installation, kinetic sculpture, artist talks, live performances in unusual settings:...

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