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  • Michael B. Jordan to play an assassin named Columbus

    Everybody in Hollywood these days must want their own John Wick-style action franchise, since it’s a good way to make their personal brand a bit cooler without having to do much real work beyond learning some gun kata tricks. Despite the fact that he’s already pretty cool, Michael B. Jordan is now set to get an action franchise of his own, with Deadline reporting that he’s set to star in as a legendary assassin named Columbus in an adaptation of Wanted screenwriter Derek Haas’ The Silver Bear...

  • Aubrey Plaza leads a parade of bad taste and noir misfits in An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn

    To the extent that Jim Hosking’s cartoonishly grotesque characters can be called human, they paint an unflattering portrait of the species. They are dopes and bullies, middle-aged virgins and horndogs with bad hair, disgusting habits, ugly thrift-store clothes. The Greasy Strangler, his debut feature, pitched itself to midnight audiences with its story of psychosexual struggle between a father and son (one of whom is also the serial killer of the title) who hang around a decrepit Craftsman home...

  • Night Of The Living Dead is coming to get you, America—and we've got free tickets

    Sure, technically you could watch Night Of The Living Dead (1968) on YouTube, thanks to the copyright registration error that’s made George Romero’s game-changing horror masterpiece also one of the most famous public-domain titles of all time. But those versions won’t be the 4k Ultra HD restoration of the film, which was completed by the Museum of Modern Art in 2016 with funding from The George Lucas Family Foundation, among others.

  • See Nicole Kidman as you've never seen her before in the Destroyer trailer

    We were fans of Destroyer, director Karyn Kusama’s followup to her 2015 thriller The Invitation, when it made its North American debut at this year’s Fantastic Fest. At the time, we said that what made this particular variation on the rogue-cop movie special was the “collaboration between actress and director that gives Erin emotional, psychological, and even spiritual depth underneath her gruff, raspy-voiced exterior.”

  • The Price Of Everything puts the complexities of the art world on breathtaking display

    “I think there’s three kinds of people in this world,” says Amy Cappellazzo, chairman of the Fine Art division of Sotheby’s. “Those who see, those who see when they are shown, and those who will never see.” Seeing is the business of art, in the most sublime sense of the word. It asks the beholders to open their eyes and actively experience what they encounter. The flip side of that world is transactional, mercenary—in short, art’s other business is business. The master stroke of The Price Of...

  • ‘We’re making history live again’: Telegraph readers review They Shall Not Grow Old

    They Shall Not Grow Old, the documentary film that uses cutting-edge restoration techniques to bring archive First World War footage to life in full colour, opens nationwide this week after screening at the BFI London Film Festival.

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