Geneva Headlines

  • When, not if: USA poised to quit UN human rights council...

    GENEVA (AP) — The United States is about to quit the United Nation's main human rights body, primarily over Washington's claim that the Human Rights Council is biased against Isra

    AP News
  • CERN starts major upgrade to reap more data at atom smasher

    The world's largest particle smasher is kicking off a major upgrade to churn out 10 times more data and help unlock the secrets of physics. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, started work Friday on a project to boost the number of infinitesimal collisions, known as...

    ABC News
  • Saudi-led troops fight rebel forces south of Yemen’s Hodeida

    The Saudi-led coalition backing Yemen’s exiled government captured a town south of the port city of Hodeida on Thursday as fierce fighting and airstrikes pounded the area on the second day of an offensive to capture the strategic harbor that is the main entry point for food in a country teetering on the brink of famine.

    Washington Post
  • Lebanon wants UN to facilitate return of Syrian refugees

    Lebanon's caretaker foreign minister threatened Thursday to increase pressure on the U.N. refugee agency if it does not change its policies, which he says discourage Syrian refugees from returning to their country. Gibran Bassil made his comments in Geneva following a meeting with Filippo...

    ABC News
  • UN Syria envoy to host Russian, Iranian, Turkish officials

    The U.N. envoy for Syria says he will host senior officials from Iran, Russia and Turkey in Geneva next week to discuss efforts to create a constitutional committee that could help one day bring peace to the war-devastated country.

    Washington Post
  • Swiss cities dominate list of most expensive places for expat workers to live

    Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Bern all make top five, outranked only by Venezuelan capital Caracas - in the grip of hyperinflation and economic meltdown