Growing Portland Headlines

  • Facebook is healthy and growing

    Facebook Inc.’s message for investors is clear: the business is healthy and growing.

  • How to grow your own wedding flowers

    Bridal flowers are a huge investment.

    The Telegraph
  • Growing up Suri Cruise

    Suri Cruise celebrates her 12th birthday on April 18, 2018.
  • This is how wheat is growing in microgravity

    The International Space Station is the last place where you'd expect to find wheat growing, but NASA researchers have been doing it for months. This research sheds some light on the studies of space-based agriculture, but also gives us more insights regarding the conditions that plants prefer when growing, which can be used to improve our gardening methods back on Earth. Read more... More about Space, Nasa, Mashable Video, International Space Station, and Plant

  • When Butterfly Children Grow Up

    This summer, Rachael Wrobel hopes to grow a second skin. It will start from the skin cells contained in a biopsy, harvested by Stanford dermatologists. Carefully stewarded, those cells will divide and grow, laboratory-spun into fragile, new-skin sheets. The dermatologists will tinker with the skin’s fine machinery, adding a missing genetic ingredient: type-7 collagen, a protein that Wrobel’s body does not produce. Then, they will graft the skin, patch-like, back on. With any luck, the new skin...

  • How to Grow Your Business by Knowing Your Audience

    Eve Rodriguez talks about growing candy company Dulcelandia after appealing to a wider Latino population.

  • Michelle Keegan on growing up in the limelight

    EXCLUSIVE: The former Corrie star, who unveiled her latest collection for Very this week, dishes the dirt on growing up in the public eye and feeling confident in her own skin.

    Mail Online
  • Watch the Royal Family grow

    See the Royal Family grow as Prince William and Catherine welcome their three children from 2013 to 2018.

    The Telegraph
  • Coffee: Who grows, drinks and pays the most?

    Coffee in five charts: How coffee drinking varies around the world.

    BBC News
  • The middle class is growing again -- but slowly

    After losing ground for years, the US middle class is slowly clawing its way back. In 38 states, a larger share of households were "middle class" in 2016 than in 2013, according to a new Stateline analysis. This group, which is defined as earning between two-thirds and twice the state's size-adjusted median household income, had contracted in every state except Wyoming between 2000 and 2013. However, there's still a lot of catching up to do: In 2016, there were 30 states where at least half of...

  • Global server shipments to grow in 2018

    A fresh report cites impressive growth this year, with the forecast for the future being increasingly cloudy.
  • As philanthropy grows, what are the rich spending their money on?

    By Lee MannionLONDON, April 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the rich get richer, the world has entered an "age of philanthropy", with education the...

    Mail Online
  • Delete Facebook? Nope, Facebook is growing.

    The social media giant that you swore you'd quit after it let your data slip into strangers' hands is doing just fine, thank you very much.

  • How to grow and thrive in the new marijuana market

    Many cannabis entrepreneurs are trying to navigate the murky waters of recreational weed.

  • What is it like to grow up gay in the Mormon church?

    A gay guy has revealed what it is like to be brought up in the extremely conservative Mormon church. Sam was engaged to a woman before realizing he was gay […]

    Gay News | Gay Today
  • You Too Can Grow a Successful Subscription Company. Here's How.

    Dog toys? Baby stuff? Puzzles? Makeup? How can you think 'outside the box'?

  • These Are The Cities Where Wealth Inequality Is Growing The Fastest

    When one considers the US cities with the highest levels of wealth inequality between rich and poor residents, Boise Idaho probably isn't anywhere near the top of the list. But surprisingly, as more people flee California, cities like Boise are seeing an influx of wealthy residents as economic opportunities in the region soar. As Bloomberg explains, these migration patterns have propelled Boise from near the bottom of Bloomberg's ranking - which includes the 100 largest cities in the...

    Zero Hedge
  • 'God of War' Is a Game Trying to Grow Up

    The PS4 reboot is a more mature video game than its predecessors. You also swing a giant ice axe.

  • These are the 5 fastest growing restaurants in America

    Many restaurants generated systemwide sales of at least $200 million in 2017, but some are growing faster than others.

  • Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry grow closer

    Containers are eating the software world — and Kubernetes is the king of containers. So if you are working on any major software project, especially in the enterprise, you will run into it sooner or later. Cloud Foundry, which hosted its semi-annual developer conference in Boston this week, is an interesting example for this. Outside […]

  • Yep, the feds grow and sell marijuana. Here's how.

    Is the government really growing weed? In the 2008 stoner staple Pineapple Express, a secret military facility experiments with growing marijuana in the 1930s. A euphoric soldier, high off what the lab calls "Item 9," says he feels like a "slice of butter" and then exclaims, "This is the bee's knees!" SEE ALSO: Police fired after claiming mice ate half a ton of missing weed But when the soldier rants about how much he hates the army, a high-ranking official shuts down the whole experiment and...

  • The Best Vegetables To Grow In NE Ohio!

    The Snarky Gardener We’re kicking off the show with three easy vegetables you can grow at home!
  • Why the French Are Growing Angry With Emmanuel Macron

    Less than a year into France’s new presidency, anti-Macron sentiment is emerging as a potent force.
  • Small but growing number of restaurants are cashless

    Many business owners would rather be cashless. It saves the time of dealing with counting and depositing the money.

    Chicago Sun-Times