Gundlach Headlines

  • DoubleLine's Gundlach predicts S&P will post negative return in 2018

    By Jennifer AblanNEW YORK, Jan 9 (Reuters) - While U.S. stocks are now in an "accelerating phase," billionaire investor Jeffrey Gundlach is predicting that...

    Mail Online
  • Dr.Copper Soars To 3-Year High (There's Just One Thing)

    One thing is for sure, when Dr.Copper's price is falling, the silence from prognosticators is deafening; but when it's rising it is the greatest indication of the global growth narrative the world has ever known. However, there's a hole in that story... LME Copper prices are up for 9 straight days - the longest wining streak since 2004 - (and 13 of the last 14 days) pushing prcies above $7,200 intraday - the highest since 2014... And given copper's rip higher relative to gold, based on...

  • Dave Collum's 2017 Year In Review: "The Bubble In Everything Grew"

    Authored by Dave Collum via, A downloadable pdf of the full article is available here, for those who prefer to do their power-reading offline. Introduction “He is funnier than you are.” ~David Einhorn, Greenlight Capital, on Dave Barry’s Year in Review Every December, I write a survey trying to capture the year’s prevailing themes. I appear to have stiff competition - the likes of Dave Barry on one extreme and on the other, Pornhub’s marvelous annual climax that probes...