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  • Blockchain betting app mocks competitor for getting hacked. Gets hacked four days later

    Hacker steals roughly $125,000 from blockchain-based online gambling app by exploiting vulnerability in EOS smart contract (game's source code).

  • Cleaning Hacks For Your Home!

    PetalSweet Cleaning 335 North Court Street, Suite 200 Medina, Ohio 44256 330-635-2294 www.petalsweetcleaning.com

  • Liberty hack still being investigated

    Liberty told MyBroadband that its investigation into a recent IT security breach is ongoing.

  • Gear up for your holiday vacation with these travel hacks

    It might still be September, but the holiday season will be here before you know it, which means now is the time to think about where you want to vacation to—and what to do once you get there. To this end, we've scoured the Web and tracked down a number of travel hacking ebooks, gadgets, and accessories you'll want to take on your next adventure; and they're all on sale today. Read on for details. 1. Lonely Planet Travel Hacker eBook Bundle Featuring 24 guidebooks from the world's leading...

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  • Your Network Has Been Hacked. You Have 72 Hours to Report It.

    Companies are scrambling to meet new regulations that require them to figure out what’s going on—quickly.

  • Did You Know About This Money-Saving Zara Hack?

    Hold up: How does everyone not know about this? If you haven't heard about Zara's "Special Price" section, it's about time you familiarize yourself. On the retailer's website, you'll find a tab of products — both clothing and accessories – that's marked at a special discounted rate. The reasoning is unclear, but that's beside the point: Just take a look at the $30 beaded bag or $18 dress ahead. The stuff is good, but the prices are even better. For those who love the moment Zara's sale season...

  • 5 Growth Hacks for Your SaaS Businesses

    Growth-hacking has allowed a ton of founders and developers to achieve crazy growth.

  • Here's why the Russians could hack the Boy Scouts next

    Civic groups like the Boy Scouts are likely under attack by Russian agents – and likely don’t know it. ... The post Here’s why the Russians could hack the Boy Scouts next appeared first on Raw Story.

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  • Keys schools computer system hacked

    The Monroe County School District was forced to shut down its computer system for nearly three days due to a cyberattack. An employee working on payroll work Sunday noticed some … Click to Continue

  • A.I.'s dark and dirty hacking truths

    The headline from RiskandInsurance.com says it all: "Machine Learning Could Make Hackers Practically Unstoppable: Are You Ready?" Good question. Serious question. And one which, no doubt, has registered as barely a blip on the collective minds of busy, technologically driven, chip-card-paying, online shopping, Amazon data-storing Americans. But the ...

  • China and Clinton Emails: Hack or Invitation?

    How convenient that the Clintons, who have been cozy with the Chinese for decades, can claim they were hacked.

  • $60 million in virtual currency hacked in Japan

    Digital currency worth around 6.7 billion yen ($60 million) has been stolen in Japan following a hacking attack, a virtual exchange operator said on...

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  • $60 million in virtual currency hacked in Japan

    Bitcoin and other digital currency worth around 6.7 billion yen ($60 million) has been stolen in Japan following a hacking attack, a virtual exchange operator said on Thursday.

  • NYC Man Has A Dastardly Genius Parking Hack

    Whatever your feelings about the ethics of driving/parking/double-parking cars in the city may be, you have to respect a good lifehack when you see one. The motorist seen here seems to have developed a particularly memorable parking hack—check it out below—in which he skirts the complex parking laws of the city by simply removing the parking sign. But there's a TWIST: it may not even have been a real parking sign to begin with?! [ more › ]

  • Lawsuit Exposes Massive Qatari Hacking Campaign...

    Lawsuit Exposes Massive Qatari Hacking Campaign... (Second column, 4th story, link) Advertise here

  • 3 Mind Hacks for Overcoming Your Fear of Marketing Yourself

    Take it one step at a time. You get nowhere until you put yourself out there.

  • Airport hack shows a need for revamped cybersecurity

    This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers hours before it appeared on Business Insider. To be the first to know, please click here. Computer systems powering displays at Bristol Airport in the UK were hacked over the weekend, according to ZDNet. Hackers installed ransomware software on the computer systems and shut them down, forcing officials to scramble to keep the airport operational. Critical infrastructure and systems are increasingly using...

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  • 12 easy baking hacks that professionals swear by

    Shutterstock Fall is officially here and that means it's time for pies, cobblers, and bread. But if the mere thought of any kind of baking puts you into a panic, check out these 12 baking hacks INSIDER discovered by talking to several professional bakers. These hacks will be sure to put your mind at ease and save you the extra work of making many common mistakes. Start at the end of your recipe. Cindy Shebley/Flickr It's essential to be systematic in your approach to baking because it really...

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  • The Russian Hacking of 2016 Was Just a Taste. Here’s What We Could Be In For.

    Oleh Derevianko was on the road to his parents’ village in Ukraine on a bright June day in 2017 when he got a call from the CEO of a telecommunications company. Computer systems were failing at Oschadbank, one of the largest banks in Ukraine, and the CEO suspected a cyberattack. Could Derevianko’s digital security firm […]

    Mother Jones
  • How to hack an election—and what states should do to prevent fake votes

    Two speakers at this year’s EmTech MIT conference addressed voting vulnerabilities.

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  • Before It Was Hacked, Equifax Had a Different Fear: Chinese Spying

    The credit-reporting company went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which came to view events as potentially a huge theft of commercial data. Then the investigation stalled.

  • Latvian man sentenced in US in hacking scheme

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A Latvian man has been sentenced in Minneapolis to nearly three years in federal prison for his involvement in a hacking scheme that cost...

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  • Ashley Benson claims her Instagram account was HACKED

    Ashley Benson has confirmed her romance with Cara Delevingne, by leaving a cheeky Instagram comment on the Brit model's page.

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  • Here’s how British Airways was hacked, according to researchers

    A notorious hacking group flew to new heights with its attack on British Airways.