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  • 12 Alternative Strategies for High Yield and Stability

    The return of volatility to the U.S. stock market in October serves as a timely reminder that bull markets don't last forever. Every investor must rebalance occasionally to shield portfolios from downside risk. But rather than just shifting your allocations in U.S. stocks and bonds, investors may want to go outside the box ... and into some high-yield alternative strategies. However, American investors face a stock market that's already richly valued, and a bond market that produces only modest...

  • Diverse biofeedstocks have high ethanol yields and offer biorefineries flexibility

    Biorefineries are picky eaters. They only consume one or two types of plant matter. Researchers processed and experimentally measured ethanol production from five different herbaceous feedstocks. They examined two annuals (corn stover and energy sorghum) along with three perennials (switchgrass, miscanthus, and restored prairie). They determined that a lignocellulosic ethanol refinery could use a range of plant types without having a major impact on the amount of ethanol produced per acre, or...

  • Luxury group to test demand for high-yield Italian debt

    By Virginia FurnessLONDON, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Italian high-end lighting and furniture company International Design Group (IDG) is poised to launch the first...

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  • High anxiety = High turnout

    Only 15 days until Election Day.

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  • U.S. yields hit session highs as Wall Street gains

    NEW YORK, Oct 19 (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury yields climbed to session peaks on Friday as Wall Street stock prices extended \initial gains, rebounding from...

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  • Energy Junk Bonds Tumble, Dragging High Yield Spreads To 2018 Wides

    Last weekend we reported that "the world's most bearish hedge fund", Horseman Global, had charted a specific path to trade the coming bear market, and it went through one commodity - oil, and one industry - shale. As Clark wrote in his most recent Market View letter, data from the EIA, price action of stocks, and comments and capital market activity "are all pointing to the oil industry beginning to move away from US onshore. Not in a huge way, but a bit" He then added that when looking at the...

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