Humanitarian response Headlines

  • The Guardian view on Saudi Arabia and Yemen: Britain’s shame, Britain’s duty

    The visit by crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has highlighted UK responsiblities in the devastating war Two announcements marked the end of the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to the UK on Friday. First came a £100m aid deal, promptly branded a “national disgrace”. While DfID says it will pool expertise to boost infrastructure in poor countries, critics say that it is meant to whitewash the reputation of Saudi Arabia, which needs such PR thanks to its leading role in the war in...

    the Guardian
  • What about the men? Frankly, it depends why you're asking

    Improved protection for women affected by violence and poverty has led to calls for a renewed focus on men – but one approach must not outweigh the other, or years of progress will be undone As we celebrate International Women’s Day, a recurring refrain may be heard: “What about men?” Behind this testy question is an impression that focusing on women and girls is squeezing out attention to the needs of men and boys, with destructive consequences. Some of the most strident calls to concentrate on...

    the Guardian
  • Ghouta aid convoy postponed amid chemical attack fears

    Heavy fighting and suspected gas attack halt aid delivery in Syria for second time this week An aid convoy planned to bring assistance to besieged civilians in eastern Ghouta has been postponed, as monitors said a suspected chemical attack had hit the Syrian rebel enclave amid heavy fighting. “The convoy for today is postponed as the situation is evolving on the ground, which doesn’t allow us to carry out the operation in such conditions,” Ingy Sedky, a spokeswoman for the International...

    the Guardian