Irrational Exuberance Headlines

  • Your Most Irrational Celebrity Nemesis

    I’m going give it to ya straight: it’s been a nightmare news week. Instead of ruminating on shared self-care practices, or whatever the hell healthy people do to cope, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite icebreaker/party questions. It’s the freakin’ weekend after all: Read more...

  • Category 5 Irrationality

    On Tuesday, September 11, as Hurricane Florence lumbered through the Atlantic toward the Carolinas, we received a text from a Weekly Standard colleague asking how long it would take for the hurricane to become political. Somebody would blame Trump or the GOP for something—it was just a matter of when. The Scrapbook wagered that it would take at least till Monday before somebody in the media laid the blame for Florence at the White House door. Our colleague guessed it would be Saturday.

    The Weekly Standard
  • I'm irrationally scared of Apple's Face ID

    Since Apple first gave me the option to use my physical human body as a key, I've felt uncomfortable about it. When I got my beloved iPhone 6s, I declined to enable Touch ID, though I didn't exactly know why. Then Face ID came along on the iPhone X, and I looked on skeptically as my clearly foolhardy friends followed the examples of Apple's smiling models.  SEE ALSO: I'll never use Apple's Face ID My uninformed but generally mistrustful feelings about biometric security only intensified on...

  • Moon and Kim Stage an Exuberant Summit in Pyongyang

    Tim Shorrock Bold proposals on demilitarization break the logjam with Washington. The post Moon and Kim Stage an Exuberant Summit in Pyongyang appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Georgia State coach tears biceps during exuberant TD celebration

    Shawn Elliott suffered injury on an fist bump after his underdog Panthers had taken an early lead vs. North Carolina State on Saturday.

  • CNN does an epic takedown of Donald Trump's irrational conspiracy theories

    On Wednesday, CNN’s John Berman said that President Donald Trump is no stranger to conspiracy theories. Trump attacked search engines such as Google and claimed they were filtering positive content about him out of search results. Google has denied it saying they tailor results to individuals. However, Trump’s claims that Google is out to spread bad news about him has zero proof. “It’s no overstatement that Donald Trump’s path to the White House began with …

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