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  • Jeff Przech

    “Maribelle” features Jeff Przech's pleasantly worn-in voice cut from enduring alt-country cloth. While adding heavy a heavy dose of Telecaster twang and rootsy grit, the single is off his upcoming album, Jeff Przech & The Outfit , which is highlighted by his twelve year old daughter playing Fender Rhodes on a few of the tracks. The album is due out April 6. You can follow Jeff Przech on Facebook , Twitter , and Bandcamp .

  • Cartoon: On Jeff Sessions
  • Jeff Bell: in Memoriam

    Jeff, who died suddenly at age 74 on Saturday evening, was primed to be on the vanguard. Starting in the mid-1970s, he turbocharged the policy agenda that culminated with Reagan’s landslide election and a mandate for massive tax cuts. But Reagan (“The only great man I ever worked for, though I didn’t know it at the time,” he once told me. “You never do.”) came around to the cuts only after Jeff proved on the ballot something that Republicans now accept as gospel: Across-the-board income tax cuts...

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  • Jeff Bell was George Bailey

    To those who knew him well, Jeffrey L. Bell was a real-life George Bailey: an accomplished and decent man who shaped important events by helping others achieve their own greatness, mostly without recognition himself. I knew Jeff exactly 40 years, almost half his life and (so far) two-thirds of mine. The fictional George Bailey in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life saved the life of his kid brother, who went on to be a war hero, meanwhile George fought the Battle of Bedford Falls, keeping it from...

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  • Cox, Graham into moguls finals

    Medal fancies Britt Cox and Matt Graham have qualified for the moguls finals while teammate Brodie Summers may yet hobble into the deciding days of...

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  • Jeff Sessions Orders Investigation of the FBI

    pour encourager les autres The post Jeff Sessions Orders Investigation of the FBI appeared first on RedState.

  • The Influencer: Jeff Bell, 1943-2018

    When I first encountered Jeff Bell, he was debating Bill Bradley, the Democratic candidate for Senate from New Jersey. Bell was the Republican candidate and the underdog to Bradley, a famous basketball star at Princeton and later for the New York Knicks. It was 1978. Bell was talking about tolls on a bridge, a tedious subject he managed to make interesting. If the toll was $5, not many cars would pay to cross the bridge, he said. A $1 toll, however, would attract so many cars it would earn more...

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  • Jeff Sessions' cruel prescription for pain

    "Without medication, I really can't function," she says. "It's hard to move my arms. It's hard to walk."

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  • Jeff Sessions’ Cruel Prescription for Pain

    When Attorney General Jeff Sessions advised people in pain to "take some aspirin" and "tough it out" during a speech in Tampa last week, the federal prosecutors in his audience laughed. Mitzie Katzen, who has suffered from complex regional pain syndrome since she was a teenager, had a different reaction. "I was just floored," Katzen says. "I could not believe what I was reading, and I thought that has to be somebody who has never experienced really severe pain for any length of time." Katzen's...
  • Cox, Anthony miss out on moguls medals

    Australia has fallen short of its first medal of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics after Jakara Anthony was fourth and Britt Cox fifth in the women's...

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  • Sen. Jeff Flake: ‘Treason Is Not a Punchline’

    Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to criticize President Donald Trump for using the word “treason” to describe Democratic lawmakers frowning while watching the State of the Union address. Please support CNSNews today! (a 501c3 non-profit production of the Media Research Center) DONATE

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  • A timeline of Jeff Sessions' recusal violations

    On March 2, 2017, Attorney General Jeff Session recused himself from any investigations into the 2016 presidential campaign. This left his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, in charge of the probe into Russian meddling in the election and the possibility of illegal coordination with Donald Trump’s campaign. Not only is Sessions prohibited from making decisions about the […]

    Mother Jones
  • Jeff Sessions stands by recusal in Russia investigation

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Sunday he stands by his decision to recuse himself from the investigation into whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians during the 2016 election. He also said his department is reviewing 27 cases concerning leaks of classified information, including looking into the ...
  • Jeff Daniels to star in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird' on Broadway

    The Great American Novel is headed to the Great White Way.

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  • Jeff Sessions promises to do 'something' about mass shootings

    The top law enforcement officer in the country wants to do “something” about mass shootings.

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  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon and Why 'Charity' Is the Wrong Solution

    Jeff Bezos' pledge to send Dreamers to college sounds great, but Amazon's poor treatment of its workers, his outlandish wealth are bigger problems.

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  • After What Jeff Sessions Just Said, He Should Be Forced to Resign

    Well, it’s beginning to look as if Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have no choice but to quit stalling, tender his resignation, and cut a plea deal against Donald Trump in order to avoid going to prison for the crimes he committed in relation to the Russia scandal (lying under oath, obstruction of justice, etc.) Knowing how stubborn he is, he likely won’t do any of the above until he absolutely has to, but based on one of his latest public comments, that time could be much nearer than some...

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  • Rest In Peace, Conservative Activist Jeff Bell

    Roger Stone commemorates American patriot.
  • Jeff Sessions Said the Quiet Part Loud Again

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions praises sheriff's offices as "a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement."

  • Brendan Cox was once reported to police over groping claim

    The woman reported Brendan Cox to American police in 2015, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University – although Mr Cox strongly denies the allegation.

    Mail Online
  • Brendan Cox was once reported to police over groping claim

    The woman reported Brendan Cox to American police in 2015, claiming he assaulted her late at night at Harvard University – although Mr Cox strongly denies the allegation.

    Mail Online
  • Cox eyes first Aussie Games gold

    Britt Cox says that competition day is her favourite day.And not just as a one-off.They're the words she offers like a mantra almost every time she...

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  • President Trump, Fire Jeff Sessions And Start Over

    Let’s talk about the debacle that is the current Department of Justice. In all fairness, the state of the DOJ is not the fault of the current administration. We do have ample reason to believe that it has been allowed to become politicized under prior administrations. However, the current state of the Department seems at times to be damn near rebellion against the President of | Read More

  • My ex-boss Jeff Klein, an alleged harasser

    Earlier this month, my first boss in politics, state Sen. Jeff Klein, was accused of forcibly kissing a female staffer named

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