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  • John Kelly: Immigration 'hardass'

    The escalating immigration drama is crystallizing for some lawmakers and presidential advisers their long-held views of John Kelly, President Donald Trump's chief of staff: He's a fierce advocate for hardline policies that drastically limit the number of people entering the US. And he'll remain so, even as the government barrels toward a potential shutdown over the issue.

  • Tensions rising between Trump & John Kelly?

    Nicolle Wallace discusses tension in the west wing with NBC’s Peter Alexander & WSJ’s Eli Stokols

  • Is John Kelly risking a 'Bannon moment'?

    White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is risking a 'Bannon moment' according to a WH source quoted in a new Axios article. Is Kelly the 'great manipulator' after all? The panel discusses.

  • Joe's advice, as John Kelly, to the president

    If Joe Scarborough were WH Chief of Staff John Kelly, this is what he would have said to the president after Tuesday's bipartisan immigration meeting.

    NBC News
  • Trump lauds John Kelly after their clash on immigration

    Trump praised White House chief of staff John Kelly on Thursday afternoon after the pair publicly sparred over immigration.

    NY Daily News
  • John Kelly's hard lesson on Trump's belief on evolution

    White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says the president's view on a border wall has evolved. But according to reports, Trump was livid by the description. Is Kelly's future in the admin. in danger? Adam Jentleson & Francesca Chambers join Lawrence O...