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  • Kavanaugh’s fate rests with Sen. Collins

    Fate rests with Sen. Collins? (Third column, 7th story, link) Related stories:KAVANAUGH DEFIANT: Lifelong record of promoting dignity...'I was a virgin'...Never Been Involved In Gang Rape...'I have faith in fairness of American people'...LIMBAUGH TO REPUBLICANS: CONFIRM OR LOSE MIDTERMS!MCCONNELL: FLOOR VOTE NO MATTER WHAT...BUCHANAN: Huge stakes of Thursday's confrontations...WASH POST PAGE ONE: Fight takes on symbolism in divided era...YALE cancels classes to accommodate...

  • Meghan McCain Honors Late Father John Nearly 1 Month After His Death: 'I Love You'

    It’s been nearly a month since the death of John McCain and his daughter Meghan is trying her best to adjust to life without him. On Monday, Meghan, 33, shared a sweet photo of herself sitting alongside her dad with the view of Cornville, Arizona in front of them. “1 month tomorrow. I love you,” Meghan captioned the heartwarming photo. The tribute comes just a few days after Meghan posted another memory of the late senator. “Old screenshot from one of our Sunday calls I found on my phone,”...
  • Grief-Stricken Meghan McCain Posts Heartrending Tribute To Dad John 1 Month After His Death

    It's been nearly one month since Sen. John McCain died of complications from brain cancer. His daughter Meghan has just posted the sweetest message in his memory as she continues to mourn his sad passing.

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  • The Hill's Morning Report — Ford, Kavanaugh to testify Thursday as another accuser comes forward

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  • White House considers draft order to look into Google, Facebook

    The White House is considering a draft executive order for President Trump that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open probes into the practices of Google, Facebook and other social media companies. Bloomberg News obtained a draft of the order, which a White House official said was in its early stages and hasn't been reviewed by other government agencies. Separately, Lindsey Walters, deputy White House press secretary, said in an email that the document isn't the...

  • Trump hits McCain on Obamacare vote

    President Trump attacked the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) at a campaign rally Friday in Missouri for his vote last year against repealing the Affordable Care Act."We had it defeated, unfortunately we lost a cert...