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  • Senate Democrats Still Divided on Assault Weapons Ban

    The renewed push for an assault weapons ban got a boost this week when President Trump seemed to endorse it at a White House meeting with members of Congress. After the bill’s sponsor, California senator Dianne Feinstein, touted the measure, the president encouraged her to “add what you have” to an underlying gun control bill. The California Democrat reacted with a look of pure glee.

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  • Politicians Should Face Hard Questions on Tough Issues. All Politicians.

    Florida senator Marco Rubio was grilled about his views on gun control before a stadium-sized live audience on CNN on Wednesday night. Some of the questions and comments were tough and smart; others were viciously ad hominem and stupid. But Rubio stood there and articulated why he opposed the federal assault weapons ban and explained where he was willing to revisit gun laws. Rubio said he's open to limiting the size of magazines to marginally reduce the death toll of massacres, backs...

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  • If Gun Control Advocates Are Serious, They Must Primary Democrats

    In the wake of the Florida school massacre that left 17 innocents dead, there’s been a push to renew the Assault Weapons Ban. “Courage and conviction led to an assault weapons ban once before. Let’s do it again,” tweeted Bill Clinton, who signed the Assault Weapons Ban into law in 1994. The federal law—which banned a number of semi-automatic weapons by name, as well as any semi-automatic weapon with certain features and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition—wasn’t renewed in 2004...

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