Junior Engineering Technical Society Headlines

  • The most important engineers at Facebook

    Out of Facebook's legions of engineers, who are names you absolutely need to know? Business Insider has tracked down 16 of the most important engineers at the company, from those maintaining its core products of today, to those leading the charge on its most ambitious moonshots. These are all people that work directly in engineering roles for specific products and areas; they might not be guiding product strategy or calling the shots at the end of the day — but they are the figures who are...

    Business Insider
  • Can Society Scale?

    The growth, challenges and splintering of a Facebook group about urbanism and public transportation is the story of us all.

  • How and Why the State Destroys Society

    Why civilizations throughout history have fallen

  • Why is Society Normalizing Mental Illness?

    The age of emotional incontinence.

  • How engineering the climate could mess with our food

    This story was originally published by Wired. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. On June 15, 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines blew its top in an eruption of staggering proportions. It sent an ash cloud 28 miles high, filling surrounding valleys with deposits 660 feet thick and destroying almost every bridge within 18 miles. Over […]

    Mother Jones
  • Report from an almost cashless society

    Life carries on and has got a little quicker without people fumbling with loose change.

  • Easter Island's society might not have collapsed

    You probably know Easter Island as "the place with the giant stone heads." This remote island 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile has long been seen as mysterious—a place where Polynesian seafarers set up camp, built giant statues, and then destroyed their own society through in-fighting and over-exploitation of natural resources. However, a new article in the Journal of Pacific Archaeology hints at a more complex story—by analyzing the chemical makeup of the tools used to create the big stone...

  • Swarm robots for airplane engine maintenance

    Rolls Royce and Harvard University are exploring how tiny swarm robots could someday crawl through an airplane engine for mechanical check-ups and maintenance. Each robot measures around 10mm in diameter which would be deposited in the centre of an engine via a ‘snake’ robot and would then perform a visual inspection of hard to reach areas by crawling through the engine. These robots would carry small cameras that provide a live video feed back to the operator allowing them to complete a...

    Boing Boing
  • When Twitter Engineers Speak Out, @Jack Listens

    Silicon Valley engineers have the power to shape products and companies—both of which have enormous impact on our society.

  • Technical fault on flight between Glasgow and Belfast

    The Flybe service landed safely in Belfast, where it was met by emergency crews.

    Mail Online
  • German engineering orders surge in June

    BERLIN, Aug 6 (Reuters) - German engineering orders jumped by 13 percent in June from the previous year due to stronger demand from both domestic and...

    Mail Online
  • See how robotics engineers were inspired by fish

    The brainiacs at Festo Corporation have done it again. See the newest addition of their animal-inspired robots navigating a pipe system with silicone fins.

  • Summer camp teaches children about engineering

    This is not your ordinary summer camp.

  • At Target, engineers drive IT decision making

    Target CIO/CDO Mike McNamara says the retailer's decision to move to the Google Cloud Platform was based largely on the preferences of its engineering team. [Cloud TV]

  • Overdoses Put 911, Engine 4 To The Test

    One person collapsed on the Green. Then another. Then another. More help was needed fast. Meanwhile, a man went on Facebook Live to announce he was jumping off East Rock. A Cedar Hill building started collapsing. A fire broke out in the Annex.

    New Haven Independent
  • Whitelock lauds Aussie locks' big engines

    All Blacks lock Sam Whitelock has lauded the big engines of his Wallabies counterparts, as he prepares to enter his proud rugby nation's record books when he...

    Mail Online
  • Inside the Ring: China's Ukrainian jet engines

    China has deployed one aircraft carrier and has plans for at least three more of the strategic power projection platforms as part of Beijing's large-scale military buildup. As part of its carrier operations, state media announced on Tuesday the roll out of a new jet trainer, the JL-10, that Chinese ...

  • How The Great Society Made a Mess of Higher Education

    LBJ's federal interventions created a system in which students are the greatest losers.

    The American Conservative
  • High school junior Bassett signs with Rapids

    The newest Colorado Rapids player is high school junior Cole Bassett, signed to a Homegrown contract on Friday.Bassett, 17, is the eighth player to join the...

    Mail Online
  • Incredible discovery of 44 exoplanets after technical fault

    "The investigation of other solar systems can help us understand how planets and even our own solar system formed."

  • Coinbase Poaches AWS Exec to Lead Engineering

    The hiring parade continues.

  • Foden´s rise comes as no surprise to junior team

    The much-vaunted 18-year-old impressed during Sunday´s Community Shield win over Chelsea.

    Mail Online
  • Ten best UK universities to study engineering

    A degree in engineering can lead to a huge variety of exciting and well-paid careers in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and construction to IT and science.

    The Telegraph
  • Ben Heck reverse-engineers a zip drive

    Tragedy has befallen Ben Heck: Once upon a time he created some awesome levels for Doom. Now he wants to revisit them, but he cannot! They reside on an ancient and old media type called zip disks, drives made by Iomega that came in various sizes...