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  • Trump is right: Canada's protectionist food policies rip the world off

    Evan Vucci/AP Images Trump is right about one thing: Canada charges the US exorbitant tariffs on dairy.  Canada's supply-management system rigs the market with centralized price-setting, allocated production quotas, and exorbitant tariffs. This drives massive profits to a small group of largely corporate farm operations, while the dairy industry has a well-funded lobby and propaganda operation. Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, won't back away from his claim that "we will always defend...

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  • Trump tariffs latest: US ambassador to Canada receives death threat and white powder as trade war looms

    Package threat 'wholly unacceptable' says foreign minister

  • US ambassador to Canada got death threats after Trump tariffs

    The U.S. ambassador to Canada was mailed a package containing a death threat and white powder on Thursday, ...

  • FIFA Prepares for a Post-Trump World

    The football association is looking toward a time when the dust has settled among North America’s three amigos.

  • The year's best US commencement speeches: from Hillary Clinton to Chance the Rapper

    Mindy Kaling, Oprah Winfrey and other luminaries urge graduates to stand up for themselves and others The best college commencement speeches delivered to students graduating this summer featured the broad themes of empowerment, community service and empathy. At least, that’s what the brochures would have said. In sunshine and in rain, names ranging from Justin Trudeau to Mindy Kaling urged tomorrow’s generation of leaders to stand up to Donald Trump (explicitly or implicitly), stand up for...

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  • Trump's bully-and-threaten approach to dealmaking is not so artful

    Donald Trump's negotiating strategy didn't serve him well in the private sector. It's serving him even less well in government and as president. There will be occasions where Trump’s tactic of hostage-taking and threatening and generally being too much of a pain to be worth fighting against will work. But on average, it will not. Donald Trump has a negotiating tactic he really likes: Threaten to do something someone else will really hate, and then offer to stop if they give you what you...

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