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  • The Silencing of James Woods

    You'll never guess the stupid reason why he was suspended by Twitter.

  • The problem with playing with LeBron James

    Will LeBron’s outsized presence help or hurt a young Lakers core still finding itself in the NBA? One of the plays that most excited me during the Lakers’ preseason happened when LeBron James and Lonzo Ball connected for an alley-oop against the Warriors. James held the ball on the left wing and tossed it up for his teammate after Ball ran his defender into a Kyle Kuzma pick. It was their first action together — Ball had been out for 105 days with an injury — and an exciting glimpse into what...

  • Jim James: Uniform Clarity

    In some respects, the fact that

  • James Woods locked out of Twitter

    Actor James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account due to his refusal to delete an Internet meme about a false campaign encouraging men stay at home during the midterm elections.

    Washington Examiner
  • Kevin James Signs With UTA

    Comedian and actor Kevin James has signed with UTA. James most recently was seen in his Netflix stand-up special Never Don’t Give Up, which he also wrote and executive produced. On the television side, James is known for his starring role on Kevin Can Wait, which ran for two seasons on CBS, as well as hit comedy series The King of Queens, which he helmed for nine seasons. The long-running CBS comedy which successfully runs in syndication, was executive produced by James…

  • James Middleton spotted on the London Underground

    James Middleton, 31, was seen on the London Underground before getting off at South Kensington station, prompting rumours he will be at Princess Eugenie's wedding tomorrow.

    Mail Online
  • James Milner could be out until November with a hamstring injury

    Liverpool’s vice-captain has arguably been the club’s outstanding player so far but he was forced off after 26 minutes with hamstring damage and his presence was missed during the 0-0 draw with Manchester City.

    Mail Online
  • James and Ball are idle, and so is Lakers offense

    ANAHEIM, Calif.–LeBron James, with his hands in his purple sweat pants and a serious look on his face, eased his way onto the Honda Center court to thunderous cheers and camera phones flashing as he joined his Lakers teammates in the huddle Saturday night.

  • ¿Vuelve James al Real Madrid?

    News from around the web.

  • James Comey: The F.B.I. Can Do This

    COMEY: DIG DEEPER! (Top headline, 4th story, link) Related stories:Supreme Court Opens New Term Without Ninth Justice in Place...LA TIMES PAGE ONE SUNDAY: Kavanaugh testimony may save his nomination, but undercut expectations for impartiality...FBI contacts Yale classmate...White House denies 'micromanaging' inquiry...VIDEO: FLAKE, COONS SIT FOR JOINT '60 MINS' INTERVIEW...DC Braces for More Battle...Republicans fear fallout...Many women line up in support of Brett...ACLU...

  • Zendaya is Meechee, and LeBron James is Gwangi

    Danny DeVito is Dorgle. (Please subscribe.) Jimmy Butler has reportedly fallen for the Miami Heat, and the feeling is mutual. The weird upshot is that Miami is pretty capped out, so it would likely take a painful salary-cutting trade or two for the Heat to clear the space to sign Butler as a free agent in the summer. As such, trading for him now — or at least before February’s trade deadline — would make matters cleaner. It also prevents Butler from getting traded somewhere else and falling in...

  • James Ricketson set to leave Cambodia

    Australian filmmaker and convicted spy James Ricketson has been pardoned, and will be leaving Cambodia on Saturday, headed back to Australia.Cambodian King...

    Mail Online
  • LeBron James Is Already Winning Hollywood

    As he prepares to debut with the L.A. Lakers, the NBA’s biggest star has emerged as one of the town’s hottest producers, setting up a dozen film and TV projects and starring in a new ‘Space Jam’ as he sounds off on Serena Williams (“I feel that struggle”) and becoming a Trump Twitter target: "What bothers me is that he has time to even do that."

    The Hollywood Reporter
  • There is life after LeBron James, says Kevin Love

    He may wear size-19 sneakers, but Kevin Love still has some big shoes to fill.

  • The Lakers Are the Most Quintessentially LeBron James Team Yet

    Nathaniel Friedman on the creative possibilities LeBron has created for himself throughout his career.

  • James Comey and the Unending Bush Torture Scandal

    Appalling U.S. government abuses under Comey

  • James Antle is New Editor of The American Conservative

    He's been a consistent voice for limited government, liberty, and thoughtful conservatism since 2003.

    The American Conservative
  • James Comey And The Unending Bush Torture Scandal

    Authored by James Bovard via The Future of Freedom Foundation, The vast regime of torture created by the Bush administration after the 9/11 attacks continues to haunt America. The political class and most of the media have never dealt honestly with the profound constitutional corruption that such practices inflicted. Instead, torture enablers are permitted to pirouette as heroic figures on the flimsiest evidence. Former FBI chief James Comey is the latest beneficiary of the media’s “no...

    Zero Hedge