Mark Tuitert Headlines

  • Mark Sanford: What Might Have Been

    If only liberty Republicans rather than neocons were the face of 'Never Trump.'

    The American Conservative
  • Charles Krauthammer's mark

    During his first year at Harvard Medical School, Charles Krauthammer dived too-deep into a too-shallow swimming pool, hit the bottom with his head at the exact wrong angle, and severed his spinal cord at the fifth cervical vertebrae. He was paralyzed instantly.

    Washington Examiner
  • Mika: Again Ivanka Trump misses the mark

    The Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy on immigration is leading to mother's being separated from their children at detention centers, according to reports. Mika Brzezinski discusses and calls for Ivanka Trump to fix the policy.
  • Graphene makes its mark on gas separation

    Graphene Flagship researchers overcame the theoretical limiting performance of membranes in gas separation. This collaborative research from Graphene Flagship partners CNR, University of Bologna and Graphene-XT has potential applications in hydrogen purification and carbon capture and storage.
  • Nats transfer ownership to Mark Lerner

    The Washington Nationals named Mark D. Lerner their managing principal owner on Thursday, transferring the role over from his father, Theodore N....

    Mail Online
  • 'Tag' has its moments but doesn't leave much of a mark

    "Tag" is, improbably, "inspired by" a true story, which adds zest to this screwball comedy. The creative liberties, however, quickly begin feeling less and less tethered to reality, yielding sporadic but diminishing bouts of just-okay fun that ultimately don't leave much of a mark, as the idea lacks the heft to sustain a whole movie.