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  • MCDONALD's Worker Charged In Bacon Attack On Manager...

    MCDONALD's Worker Charged In Bacon Attack On Manager... (First column, 13th story, link) Related stories:Woman injured in SPAGHETTIO assault...Inmate captured at IHOP after escaping jail with help from mom... Advertise here

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  • His run of robberies ended when KFC and McDonald’s employees weren’t having it, BSO says

    A serial armed robber’s story ended when a KFC crew member and a McDonald’s manager, respectively, stood up to him and took him down Saturday afternoon, Broward Sheriff’s Office said. … Click to Continue

  • Crazed Woman Attacks McDonald's Manager Over Ketchup!

    Ketchup is not a joke in Santa Ana! As has learned, a crazed McDonald’s customer attacked a store manager after a wacky dispute over ketchup. PHOTOS: Jessa Duggar Eats Fast Food As She Gives Into Pregnancy Cravings Alongside Hubby Ben Seewald A newly-released police video from the California fast food shop shows the assault, Read More

  • WATCH: Fast food manager attacked by woman over ketchup

    Police say they are searching for a McDonald's customer caught on surveillance video attacking two employees last month at a restaurant in Santa Ana, California.

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  • McDonald’s customer punches, chokes manager because she wanted ketchup

    According to the Santa Ana Police Department, the woman entered the restaurant through an employee back door entrance and asked for some ketchup.

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  • Seniors are replacing teenagers at fast-food restaurants

    The sullen teenager grinding through a restaurant shift after school was once a pop culture cliche - as American as curly fries. Nowadays, Brad Hamilton, the teen played by Judge Reinhold in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," would probably be too young to work at the fictional Captain Hook Fish and Chips. That's because senior citizens are taking his place-donning polyester, flipping patties and taking orders. They're showing up at casual dining chains such as Bob Evans and fast-food operators...

  • In Russia, McDonald’s Serves Local Fries and a Side of Realpolitik

    Once an ambassador of American culture in post-Soviet Russia, McDonald’s is now navigating rising U.S.-Kremlin tensions. To stay above the fray, the chain is taking a new tack: Go Russian.

  • I tried McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks, and now I’m full of syrup, butter and shame

    The new line of breakfast sandwiches is best consumed late at night, when you're least likely to remember what you ate.
  • Thanksgiving Come Early! Pumpkin Pies Have Returned to the McDonald's Menu

    Thanksgiving dessert has arrived early at McDonald’s. The fast food chain’s famous rectangular apple pies are getting a seasonal counterpart with the return of their cinnamon pumpkin pies. The treats are in the shape of the chain’s turnover-style pies, but the flaky crust is packed with smooth pumpkin filling and dusted with cinnamon-sugar. McDonald’s also notes that the pies are “baked daily in restaurants” will be available only at select participating locations across the country. In 2015,...
  • Forget teenagers: Fast food joints across the US are hiring senior citizens, and it's thanks to 2 major demographic trends

    Fast food restaurants across the US are starting to hire senior citizens instead of teenagers, as Bloomberg reported. This shift in recruiting is thanks to two major demographic shifts. The current labor shortage means there are more jobs available than workers to fill them. In addition, Americans are continuing to work longer than ever to boost their sometimes insufficient retirement savings. Fast food joints used to rely on a steady stream of teenagers to fill positions, but now they're...

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  • Kanye West says his favorite restaurant is McDonald's, but he bought the rights to open locations of 2 other fast-food burger chains (MCD)

    Kanye West tweeted "McDonald's is my favorite restaurant" this weekend.  West has a long history of fast-food obsession, name-dropping chains including McDonald's, Chipotle, and Ruby Tuesdays in songs.  However, West has made investments in McDonald's rivals, buying the rights to franchise Fatburger and — as a wedding president to Kim Kardashian-West — Burger King. Kanye West's favorite restaurant is McDonald's, according to the rapper. But, West's obsession with fast food goes far beyond a...

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  • We asked people living on SF's streets, 'What's the best thing that happened to you last week?'

    Two out of the 17 people asked this question said their lives are too hard to see any good.

  • McDonald's adds new perks for employees as fast-food chains battle for workers (MCD)

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images McDonald's is debuting new career and academic advising tools for workers, the fast-food giant announced on Tuesday.  The move follows McDonald's announcement earlier this year that it plans to triple employee tuition assistance.  Fast-food chains are looking for creative solutions to win over workers as competition for labor heats up.  McDonald's is adding a new perk for employees as fast-food chains battle to win over workers.  On Tuesday, the fast-food giant...

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  • 'Hero' dad eating with sons kills masked man who opened fire inside McDonald's

    The father and one of his sons were both shot.

  • 'Hero' dad eating with sons kills masked man who opened fire inside McDonald's

    The father and one of his sons were both shot.

  • Fight for $15 campaign is a comeback for labor movement's role in elections

    Campaign to increase the minimum wage has boosted its efforts ahead of elections, targeting low-income communities of color When Zach Wiita’s mother suffered a stroke and became disabled in 2012, he got a second job at a local movie theater to help cover her living costs. He lives outside of Washington DC, in Montgomery County, Maryland, one of the counties in the United States that has begun implementing their own minimum wage increases “It’s really hard to support yourself and someone you love...

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  • McDonald's McRib Is Returning to 9,000 Stores—But Only for a Limited Time

    The McRib is McBack—but it’s not forever. McDonald’s announced on Thursday that the barbecue-smothered sandwich is making a comeback at over 9,000 stores in the United States. “While McDonald’s has ushered in many new items this year – such as fresh beef in our quarter-pound burgers – we know our fans love this limited time classic,” McDonald’s Manager of Culinary Innovation Chef Mike Haracz said in a press release. “That’s why we wanted to bring the McRib to as many fans as possible this...
  • McDonald's New Breakfast Sandwiches Have Triple the Meat

    McDonald’s is tripling down on their breakfast sandwiches. The company announced on Tuesday that they will add three new morning menu meals with the introduction of the Triple Breakfast Stacks.  Not only are there three new mega sandwiches, but each one includes three times the amount of meat as a regular Egg McMuffin, breakfast biscuit, and McGriddle. The Triple Breakfast Stacks come made with your choice of McMuffin bun, buttery biscuit, or a sweet McGriddles cake, and layered with American...
  • McDonald's Is Ramping Up the Triple Breakfast Stack

    More meat than ever before.

  • Stocks mostly recover from early plunge on Wall Street

    A turbulent day on Wall Street ended Tuesday with stocks climbing nearly all the way out of a steep, broad sell-off that at one point erased more than 500 points from the Dow Jones industrial average. Even with the late-afternoon rebound, stocks extended the market’s recent string of declines, giving the benchmark S&P 500 index its fifth straight loss. Bond prices rose, sending yields lower, as investors sought safer investments. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index sank 3.1 percent. European markets...

  • After straws, McDonald's sets its sights on plastic lids

    McDonald’s is working on plans to end the use of plastic lids in its UK outlets, but a global seaweed shortage is constraining the rollout of other green initiatives such as biodegradable sauce sachets.

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  • Higher Prices for Burgers Help McDonald’s Sales

    McDonald’s is still struggling to attract more U.S. customers but it eked out higher sales this quarter by charging more for its food.

  • McDonald's quietly killed its best deal as fast-food chains battle to win over budget shoppers (MCD)

    Hollis Johnson McDonald's cut the Happy Meal from its $1 $2 $3 menu.  Previously, the $3 Happy Meal was one of the best deals you could get at McDonald's, representing a discount of up to 25%.  The change comes as McDonald's and fast-food rivals grapple with how to best win over budget-conscious customers. On Tuesday, McDonald's announced plans to debut a new "classic meal" deal option, following the success of a 2-for-$5 Mix and Match Deal. McDonald's has quietly removed one of the best deals...

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  • TMZ Live Kendall Jenner More Stalker Problems

    ON TODAY'S SHOW Drake: McDonald's Nightclub Surprise!  Bieber: Interested In Demi Lovato's OD House  'Love & Hip Hop' Star: Arrested Twice In 24 Hours!  Harvey Weinstein: Investigation Bombshell