Michael Schmitt Headlines

  • WATCH: Who is Michael Cohen?

    Trump's legal team has tried to discredit Cohen and distance him from the president.

    ABC News
  • Keeping up with Michael Avenatti

    It's a challenge keeping up with even an uncaffeinated Michael Avenatti.Now a virtual cable news fixture, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels had just gotten in the nation's capital for a recent trip when ITK speed-hustl...

  • Who Wants Michael Bloomberg?

    Since the Times of London reported last week that Michael Bloomberg, the smol ex-mayor of New York City, was planning a run for president, the question that has thrilled politics watchers is: What? Him? Why? Today, the New York Times has the first extended interview with Bloomberg on the matter since the news broke, and we are no closer to answering those questions.

  • Why is Michael Kors buying Versace?

    What will change now that the fashion brands are under one roof?

    Mail Online
  • How Michael Moore Lost His Audience...

    The films of Michael Moore have been faltering at the box office for several years now. This weekend, though, the lackluster performance of his latest truth-to-power opus, “Fahrenheit 11/9,…

  • Michael Cohen flips on Trump

    President Trump’s former lawyer and longtime “fixer” Michael Cohen has officially flipped. Sources who spoke with ABC News Thursday afternoon said Cohen, who pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges in August, has spoken with Special Counsel Robert Mueller multiple times over the past month, for several hours each time. The sources said the men discussed […]

  • Michael Moore: How the f*** did this happen?

    Filmmaker Michael Moore joins Chris Hayes in Flint, Michigan to talk about his anticipated new movie, Fahrenheit 11/9, which explores how we got President Trump and what the stakes are this November.

  • How Michael Jackson Made a Song

    In Michael Jackson’s transition from child singer to the electrifying King of Pop, Evan Puschak argues that Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough from Off the Wall marked an inflection point. The song was a combination of the 70s sounds of funk & disco but mixed with other elements to make a pop hit that culturally belonged more to the 80s. Tags: Evan Puschak   Michael Jackson   music   video

  • Michael Avenatti denies being fooled by 4Chan

    "None of that happened. It's a complete fabrication."

    Global News
  • Five things to know about Michael Kors

    Global fashion giant Michael Kors announced Tuesday that it had agreed to buy Versace, signaling an intention to move deeper into the international big...

    Mail Online
  • Michael Kors Owns Versace Now

    Today, Michael Kors's holding company ponied up $2.12 billion for the iconic Italian house Versace. Here's what you need to know.

  • Michael Collins is in France ... what could go wrong?!

    Golf mania shifts from the Tour Championship in the States to Ryder Cup in France, and our own Michael Collins is taking it all in. Ready to take a ride along with America's Caddie?

  • Wait, Is Michael Kors Buying Versace?

    Find out all of the details on the reported $2 billion purchase.

  • Every Michael Moore Movie, Ranked

    “One of the mosquito-bite irritations of being on the left is finding your ideals represented in public by Michael Moore.” That quote from Vogue film critic John Powers, written about Moore’s Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine, encapsulates all that’s great and troublesome about the celebrated, divisive filmmaker. More often than not, ... More

  • Is Michael Kors buying Versace for $2bn?

    On Friday night, the world's fashion press gathered in Milan to watch the latest Versace catwalk collection.

    The Telegraph
  • Versace on verge of sale to Michael Kors

    MILAN (AP) - An Italian newspaper reports that the Versace group is on the verge of announcing its sale to an American company for 2 billion euros ($2.4...

    Mail Online
  • Why Michael Kors Is on the Verge of Buying Versace

    The legendary fashion house is valued at $2 billion.

  • Michael Moore bellyflopping at the box office

    Bad times for leftwing film maker Michael Moore, whose audience seems to have moved away from him like a bad smell.