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  • The Mystery Of Michael K. Williams' Former Solo Character Has Been Revealed, Thanks To Michael K. Williams

    By now, most of us have heard the wild story of how Michael K. Williams got replaced by Paul Bettany in Solo. A Star Wars Story. Two directors got fired, a new one was hired, reshoots happened immediately... it was all a big mess. What you may not have heard, though, is Williams talk specifically about his character's role in the film. If even part of his story remains in the film through Bettany, it should be very interesting. More

  • raceAhead: Michael Ferro Out At Tronc

    The publishing mogul has stepped down from his post before allegations of sexual assault went public.

  • Missing: Michael Jarem Junior

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — FOX 8 is relaunching our missing persons segments with the help of Amanda Berry. We hope the segments will help loved ones reunite with their missing family members. Michael Jarem Junior, 27, was last seen March 9 on the east side of Cleveland. He was wearing jeans, a maroon Cavs hat and black cargo pants. He is on several medications and doesn’t have any with him. He is 5’9″ tall and has a beard with a moustache, a […]

  • Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech: It's Over!

    Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech always seemed like a perfect couple. They're both young celebrities and both unreasonably attractive, and they've been dating for two years. Yesterday, a report came out that Brielle and her boyfriend had broken up. Now, Brielle has confirmed the news. You might be thinking that anyone would have to be an idiot to break up with Brielle Biermann, whose beauty and curves have made her an Instagram powerhouse and a must-watch reality star. Honestly,...

  • Rise: "Pilot" -Margaret/Michael

    From MRC Culture

    CNS News
  • Michael O´Neill clarifies concerns on...

    Northern Ireland´s manager sparked a row last week by suggesting the FAI targets Catholic players for the Republic.

    Mail Online
  • Michael Carrick to retire after this season

    Former England midfielder is set to join the coaching staff at Manchester United.

    Mail Online
  • Michael Caine: ‘Boy, did we have fun…’

    As his documentary about the 1960s opens, the veteran actor talks working-class culture, Woody Allen and why he never liked drugs Now 84, Michael Caine has appeared in 127 films, including Zulu, Alfie and The Italian Job, and been Oscar-nominated six times, winning twice. Caine is the narrator, co-producer and star of new documentary film My Generation, about his journey through 1960s London. What inspired you to make My Generation?Simon Fuller [Spice Girls/Pop Idol svengali] and I are friends,...

    the Guardian
  • Michael Wolff is crumbling before our eyes

    He claims an audio problem when fielding a question about his reporting regarding Trump and marital fidelity.

    Washington Post
  • Mourning heroic firefighter Michael Davidson

    Heroic firefighter Michael Davidson gave his life Thursday night while responding to a fire at the set of a movie in Harlem — yet another devastating reminder that first responders truly risk it all to protect this city. Davidson, 37, was nozzleman for the crew that headed into the fiery building after actor/screenwriter Edward Norton...

    New York Post
  • Michael Isikoff On Trump's Alleged Affairs

    NPR's Noel King talks about the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal affairs with Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News. Isikoff broke the scandal surrounding Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

  • What is Michael Sheen’s net worth?

    Actor Michael Sheen’s net worth is big, but his heart may be even bigger. The actor recently launched a new campaign against payday lenders. Here's all you need to know about him.

    Mail Online
  • Michael Barone: Women against free speech?

    Sometimes, for those of us who are constantly reading statistics and poll results, something stands out that you didn’t expect to see — a number that makes you think the future will not be what you have been expecting.

    Washington Examiner
  • Why Michael Jordaan prefers working to retiring

    Former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan is not slowing down.

  • My Generation review – Michael Caine on what the 1960s were all about

    Twiggy, Joan Collins and Paul McCartney reminisce with the Alfie actor about a decade of smiley hippies and grumpy people in bowler hats The enduring mystery of what Michael Caine is thinking and feeling remains intact during his watchable, if somewhat exasperating docu-reminiscence of 1960s swinging London. It certainly doesn’t say anything revealing or new about the man itself. With many images of smiley hippies and apoplectic people in bowler hats, the film is narrated by Caine in his...

    the Guardian
  • Michael Cera reportedly gets married

    He was spotted with a gold band on his left ring finger.

    Page Six
  • What is the worst case scenario for Michael Cohen?

    What was Michael Cohen when he was trying to protect Trump?, law professor Jonathan Turley asks in a new USA Today column. Turley, Heidi Przybyla, NYT writer Jim Rutenberg and Michael Schmidt join Morning Joe to discuss Cohen and new reporting on...

  • Fanatics owner Michael Rubin after Panthers

    Another bidder has emerged in the race to buy the Carolina Panthers: Fanatics owner Michael Rubin. Sources say Rubin, whose primary residence is in Pennsylvania and who currently owns a stake in the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils and the Premier League team Crystal Palace, is considered a serious bidder in the race to buy the first NFL team up for sale in three and a half years. When reached on Sunday morning, Rubin declined comment. Rubin enters the fray with formal...

    ABC News
  • Michael B. Jordan is a recovering pyromaniac

    “I had my fair share of whoopings,” he quipped about burning plastic shower curtains.

    Page Six
  • What happened in the Hungerford massacre and who is Michael Ryan?

    It was on August 19 1987 that loner and gun fanatic Michael Ryan went on a shooting rampage in Hungerford, a market town in Berkshire.

    Mail Online
  • Warrant issued for defensive end Michael Bennett

    Authorities in Houston issued a warrant Friday for the arrest of three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Bennett, who is accused of injuring a paraplegic woman as he tried get onto the field at last year's Super Bowl to celebrate with his brother. The Harris County district attorney's office said a grand jury indicted Bennett, 32, acquired this month by Philadelphia from Seattle, on a felony count of injury to the elderly. Bennett was a spectator at the game...

  • Michael Bolton lip synching Gangsta's Paradise

    There's a new TV show where celebrities lip synch to other people's songs, and they've put out a clip of Michael Bolton uneasily mouthing Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise to offer a taste of what's in store. It's not really my cup of tea but do wake me up when Dean Stockwell goes on.

    Boing Boing
  • Player Blurb: Michael Joseph, CB, Dubuque

    NFL Draft analysis for Michael Joseph, CB, Dubuque

  • This is the slugging Michael Conforto Mets needed to see

    PORT ST. LUCIE — The results were good, the timing and feel were better and the outlook was best of all for outfielder Michael Conforto, who came away hopeful of rejoining the Mets earlier than expected after playing in a simulated game Wednesday as part of his return from left shoulder surgery. “I’m hoping,” Conforto...

    New York Post