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  • Bella Thorne sets boyfriend Mod Sun ablaze while directing new music video for his song Burning Up

    The singer/actress made time to get behind the camera too, directing boyfriend Mod Sun's music video for the track Burning Up. In the incendiary song's equally rad video.

    Mail Online
  • Swearin': Fall Into The Sun

    Swearin’ frontwoman Allison Crutchfield
  • Why do some people sneeze in the sun?

    I thought everyone sneezed when they walked out of a building into the bright sun. But it turns out only one in ten people have the genetic condition called "photic sneeze reflex." In this video, we learn more about photic sneeze reflex and why some of us sneeze in the sun. The current hypothesis is that the brain of people who have photic sneeze reflex misinterprets bright light as an irritant in the nose, which triggers a sneeze. Read the rest

    Boing Boing
  • Video: Warm with sun

    It's a warm and sunny Wednesday for Boston.

  • Chicago Sun-Times

    Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks was ejected from Sunday's game for pushing an official.

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Chicago Sun-Times

    One of Carl Dahlstrom's biggest competitors for the seventh blue-line spot is defenseman Brandon Davidson.

    Chicago Sun-Times