Mohammed bin Salman Headlines

  • Saudi Arabia's ambitious new crown prince is reportedly hiding out on his superyacht, 'fearing for his security'

    While he's been heralded as an ambitious reformer, many of Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman's policies at home and abroad have generated frustration inside the kingdom — he's reportedly worried about backlash.
  • For the first time ever, a woman anchored the nightly news in Saudi Arabia

    Weam Al Dakheel just became the first woman to deliver the nightly news on television in Saudi Arabia. Al Dakheel appeared alongside a male co-host on the state-run channel Thursday night. "Jumanah AlShami was the first woman to present morning newscasts in 2016. Today history repeats itself as Weam Al Dakheel becomes the presenter of the main nightly newscast, setting a precedent in a historic first for Saudi TV 1," the channel posted on its Twitter account. Her appearance drew plaudits on...

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  • Saudi Aramco CEO can't say whether IPO will happen by 2020

    Saudi Arabia remains committed to listing shares of state-owned oil giant Aramco on the stock market, but CEO Amin Nasser says he can no longer offer a timeline for the initial public offering.

  • Saudi Arabia's ambitious new crown prince is reportedly hiding out on his superyacht, 'fearing for his security'

    Mohammed bin Salman, the 32-year-old crown prince of Saudi Arabia, has been touted as a reformer and embraced by the US. But Salman's policies at home and abroad have reportedly angered people inside the kingdom. Amid what is reported to be growing ire with the crown prince, he is said to be spending more time on his superyacht for security. Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman's elevation to crown prince in 2017 set the stage for him to pursue aggressive policies that included...

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  • Saudi fund puts $1 billion in Bay Area electric car firm (no, not that one)

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund invested over $1 billion Monday in a Bay Area electric car manufacturer just weeks after Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier claimed the kingdom would help his own firm go private. The Saudi Public Investment Fund said it would invest the over $1 billion in Lucid Motors, an 11-year-old Newark company that has yet to bring a vehicle to market. Tesla stock dropped briefly Monday in reaction to the news, which came the same day that the...

  • Saudi stock exchange will continue to develop its markets for Aramco IPO, stock market boss says

    The chief executive of Saudi Arabia's stock exchange told CNBC Wednesday that it is well-placed to cope with the pressures of the world's largest ever initial public offering (IPO).

  • Saudi Arabia hatch BIZARRE plot to turn rivals Qatar into ISLAND with HUGE canal

    A SENIOR Saudi official today appeared to confirm local media reports the kingdom is considering digging a canal to separate the Qatari peninsula from the mainland and turn it into an island, amid a year-long dispute between the neighbours.
  • Saudi Arabia commercial banned by UK TV body for promoting reform agenda

    When Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited the U.K. for three days in March, the Saudi government ran a 1-minute commercial on British cable TV promoting the kingdom's reform agenda, "Vision 2030."

  • Saudi Arabia banned from advertising reform agenda on British TV

    Ofcom says ad shown during crown prince’s visit broke rules on paid political advertising Saudi Arabia has in effect been banned from paying to promote its reform agenda on British television after a ruling by the media regulator. The kingdom had paid to air a minute-long advert – which included images of women driving, cinemas being reopened and members of the Saudi royal family – during this year’s visit to the UK by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Saudi government said the advert, which...

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  • Saudi king tipped the scale against Aramco IPO plans

    The planned listing was to be the cornerstone of the kingdoms promised economic overhaul and, at a targeted $100 billion, the biggest IPO ever.