Momo Headlines

  • Biggest Short Squeeze In 11 Months Sends S&P 500 Surging Above 2,600

    Equity investors, corporate boards, and momo machines are panic-buying stocks this morning, sending the S&P 500 above 2600 for the first time ever... as the yield curve crashes to decade flats... VIX down, Stocks Up... While USDJPY momo is helping, stocks are quite decoupled... And so are bonds... But it's all about the squeeze... the biggest short squeeze since December...

  • Dow Drops To 3-Week Lows

    Well that escalated quickly as the USDJPY ramp momo ignition failed... VIX pushed up to itshighest in 3 weeks as stocks tumbled below yesterday's lows to 3-week lows... All major indices red for November The question is... are HY bonds the canary?

  • VIX Tops 12 As Dow Erases Yesterday's Opening Ramp Gains

    Deja vu all over again? Hold your breath for the USDJPY momo ignition in 3...2...1...