Moving Averages Headlines

  • Separated immigrant children move people's hearts, but will it move their votes?

    The cries of children separated from their parents are difficult for most people to hear. The recent images of children being kept in chain-linked fences are difficult for many to see.

  • Tottenham Lining Up Move For Barcelona's Rafinha After Planned Inter Move Appears to Stall

    News from around the web.
  • The long-take action shot has moved from an auteur move to a special-effects showcase

    Extended, single-take shots are like a magic trick. As moviegoers, our eyes have grown so accustomed to jump cuts and other editing techniques that when a single take goes on for more than 60 seconds, we become a bit mesmerized. For the first time, the film is reflecting what it’s like to experience the world through our eyes—in one long, uncut shot. We no longer have to fill in any gaps in information. For a long time, these types of shots were the hallmark of auteurs, with Orson Welles’ Touch...

  • 2018 NBA Draft trade rumors: Mavericks move up to take Luka Doncic, Hawks moving down for Trae Young

    Luka Doncic, the EuroLeague MVP, is reportedly heading to Dallas
  • Where to move for... surfing

    The sport has so exploded in Britain in recent decades that even last resorts now have dedicated communities I once did a double-take to spot surfers on a river in Munich; hours from the sea, it is not somewhere overly familiar with rip curls. Conclusion? You could probably surf in Coventry, if you put your mind to it. As Alf Alderson puts it in his book Surf UK, surfing has so exploded in Britain in the past few decades that even “last resorts” – Lincolnshire, by the way – have dedicated...

    the Guardian
  • Where to move for… cycling

    Inspired by Bradley Wiggins? A Mamil in the making? This is where you should be parking your bike In his 2017 book Velotopia, Steven Fleming describes his perfect cycling town. No ring roads or dual carriageways. In fact, no cars. Fleets of “taxi-carts” or “pedi-cabs” service its streets. No bigger than 15km across (so everywhere’s less than 30 minutes’ ride away). No cycle lanes; every inch is cycle-able. Anyway, back to reality. You might spy Velotopia in parts of Denmark or the Netherlands,...

    the Guardian
  • How stem cells move

    Scientists from Newcastle University have shown that human embryonic stem cells move by travelling back and forth in a line, much like ants moving along their trails.
  • Help move womankind forward

    Reports of abuse against women and girls around the world are discouraging. But organizations are fighting back. From ending child marriage to stopping violence -- from education rights to gender equality, here are some of the groups standing up for women that you can be part of.

  • What Is the Average Model Height Anyway?

    We did some research to figure out the average model height based on the biggest names today. See our calculations here.

    Who What Wear
  • NBA Moves Into E-Sports

    E-sports has doubled in size in the last three years and professional athletic associations are now getting more closely involved.
  • Early Addition: Let's All Move To Athens

    Because Athens is a city on the rise again, check out today's midday links: Koch Brothers killing public transit projects, black Brooklyn renaissance, Junot Diaz investigation, Colbert has Devil defend Trump child separation policy, and a pizza spirit animal. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

  • Video: Drier air moves in

    Get the latest Boston-area weather forecast.

  • Move over, cronuts: the donug has arrived

    The latest hybrid food is a developmental leap in chicken nugget history – or an abomination against patisserie, depending on your tolerance for deep-fried novelty snacks Name: Donug. Age: Very new. Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • Veteran unemployment rates above average

    In the first 10 months of moving into civilian life, eight per cent of veterans are unemployed, Veterans Affairs Minister Darren Chester has told...

    Mail Online
  • Somerville moves from NSW to Auckland

    The offspin bowler will attempt to follow in the footsteps of Luke Ronchi by attempting to qualify for New Zealand via a new contract with the Auckland Aces
  • Bennett shoots down Eels move

    Speculation that Wayne Bennett may be headed to Parramatta has been dismissed by the Brisbane coach.Bennett has shot down a Nine Network report claiming the...

    Mail Online
  • Teaching robots how to move objects

    With the push of a button, months of hard work were about to be put to the test. Sixteen teams of engineers convened in a cavernous exhibit hall in Nagoya, Japan, for the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge. The robotic systems they built were tasked with removing items from bins and placing them into boxes. For graduate student Maria Bauza, who served as task-planning lead for the MIT-Princeton Team, the moment was particularly nerve-wracking.
  • What moves should the Pistons make now?

    The big offseason addition for the Detroit Pistons occurred in early June with the hiring of former Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey. Because of how this roster is set up for next season, Casey and a new front office will be the likely headliners when it comes to how the Pistons improve (along with a full season of Blake Griffin) for next season. Let's look ahead to the free agency, draft and trade decisions facing Detroit this offseason. ...

    ABC News
  • Hurricanes are moving more slowly than they used to

    Record shows a trend that could mean higher storm rainfall totals.
  • What if the Colts never moved to Indianapolis?

    Robert Irsay’s relocation of the Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis had a huge impact on the NFL future of several cities. In the middle of a March night in 1984, the Colts packed 12 Mayflower trucks with all the team’s belongings and left Baltimore for Indianapolis. The relocation didn’t just devastate Baltimoreans — it left a few other cities disappointed, too. Prior to the move, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Phoenix were all courted as the potential next home of the Colts. In the...
  • Move over McGruff. It's the digital age.

    Specially trained dogs can sniff out child pornography and other crimes recorded on storage devices.

  • Trump court move on Obamacare

    The Trump administration's decision not to defend key provisions of the Affordable Care Act could deal Democrats a sizable win going into the midterm elections, handing a party already prepared to run on health care a cudgel to use against vulnerable Republicans. Voters, both in interviews and a series of polls, have consistently said that health care is the issue they care the most about going into the midterm elections and Democratic candidates have responded by making it the cornerstone of...

  • Video: Milder air moves in

    Milder air is moving in to end the week.

  • NSA ‘Systematically Moving’ All Its Data to The Cloud

    NSA Moving All Its Data to Top Secret Cloud... (Second column, 2nd story, link) Advertise here