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  • The best new LGBTQ artists are out, loud and proud

    For years, the LGBTQ community has danced, partied and prayed at the altar of straight divas. With all due respect to Diana, Madonna and Britney, consider adding these LGBTQ artists to your party playlist this Pride season. They’ll have you dancing faster than you can say yaaaaas! Lizzo Lizzo doesn’t really do labels. Her music?...

    New York Post
  • France’s presidential palace hosts electronic music show

    The courtyard of the French presidential palace was converted into a giant dance floor for one evening on the country’s Music Day.
  • Kylie Minogue: Being a gay icon ‘feels natural’ to me

    The gay community’s longtime affection for singer and actress Kylie Minogue is apparently a case of love at first sight, to borrow the title of one of her hit songs. Yet the Melbourne, Australia, native is hard-pressed to say how it feels to be a gay icon. “I’m asked about it a lot, and don’t...

    New York Post
  • The Monkees' Michael Nesmith Hospitalized, Tour Canceled

    Michael Nesmith, guitarist for The Monkees, fell ill while preparing to hit the stage for a concert in Pennsylvania ... TMZ has learned. We're told 75-year-old Nesmith collapsed to the ground during the band's soundcheck Thursday afternoon at the…

  • How Public Enemy battled racism with their best album

    When Public Enemy set out to make “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” — their 1988 tour de force of funk and fearlessness — they firmly believed in their own self-hype. “I had just come off of our first international tour,” recalls PE leader and lyricist Chuck D, “and I told...

    New York Post
  • Review: Dawes’ ‘Password’ dips angst deep in ‘70s folk-rock

    Dawes, “Passwords” (HUB Records)