Nassim Taleb Headlines

  • Skin in the Game by Nassim Nicholas Taleb review – how risk should be shared

    Hawkish politicians and reckless bankers never face the consequences of their actions – but they should, according to this arresting but flawed book Skin in the Game is Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s fifth book. He presents it sometimes as part of a triptych with his earlier works The Black Swan and Antifragile, and at other times as a continuation, each book “just as Eve came out of Adam’s ribs”, seeding the central idea of the next. The Black Swan, a soaraway success praised for its prophetic power...

    the Guardian
  • Nassim Taleb On XIV: "Why People Who Make Money Are Usually Wrong"

    Echoing Mark Spitznagel's insights into how 'naiveté' led to the epic losses experienced by many 'nickel-picker-uppers' this week in the short-vol game, Nassim Taleb takes to YouTube to provide some more color on the fallacy of forecasting and what destroyed XIV traders. Taleb begins by noting that "many people attempted to profit by forecasting volatility [would drop] and from the fact that  the contract [in this case XIV] was poorly constructed... they were right, until they were...

    Zero Hedge