Price Action Headlines

  • Two weeks after Trump unveiled plan to lower drug prices, two cancer drugs got a $1,000-per-month price hike

    Dozens of companies increased drug prices in May.
  • Action Point

    If only the movie itself was random and giddily stupid enough to serve the expectations of Jackass fans.
  • Socialism in Action

    It’s difficult to quantify how upset progressive America was in the wake of Donald Trump’s winning the presidential election, but one reliable measure of that anguish is $7.3 million. That’s how much money 161,000 Americans donated to the Green party presidential candidate after she promised to spearhead a recount effort in swing states that would ostensibly prove Donald Trump had not, in fact, won the election.

    The Weekly Standard
  • Oil prices up Tuesday

    Petroleum companies have implemented minimal price increases on fuel products today due to the weakening of the peso against the dollar. by Danessa Rivera
  • FIBA 3x3: Where the action is

    The FIBA 3x3 World Cup revealed many things about the status of the game in the Philippines. by Bill Velasco
  • except for the house prices

    When the McCartney family moved to 20 Forthlin Avenue, it sat in a neat council estate in a respectable suburb.

    Mail Online
  • Harvard University and Affirmative Action

    The only way to end racial discrimination is to end racial discrimination, and that means that Affirmative Action has to be ended. The post Harvard University and Affirmative Action appeared first on RedState.

  • What is bitcoin, how does it work and what affects its price?

    Few technologies have the ability to stir passionate online debate and baffle the vast majority of the population as bitcoin.

    The Telegraph
  • Trump: 'Oil Prices Are Too High'

    Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning in an apparent attempt to talk down the price of oil.

  • SSD prices continue to fall

    Tom’s Hardware notes the OEM Micron 1100 as an example of an SSD with a volatile price, one that seems to rise and fall every day. The publication writes that it found the 2TB version selling for just $200 on several occasions—a result of Micron trying to sell off its...

  • Starbucks Quietly Raises Prices—Again

    This is the third time in three years.

  • "Free" College Comes At A Price

    Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, When governments subsidize goods and services - or provide them directly through government-owned institutions - the effect is to lower the price to consumers, thus increasing demand. Put another way: if the price of, say, a college education is near-zero to the consumer, then consumers are likely to demand a college education in much higher numbers than if the price were higher. The same principle, of course, holds in health care or any other...

    Zero Hedge
  • Yi Lite Action Camera

    This affordable and reliably smooth Full HD action camera can't resist a flirt with 4K.
  • No action for Shrewsbury MP over 'coffee date'

    Daniel Kawczynski is told he faces no action over claims he acted inappropriately towards a researcher.

    BBC News
  • Bitcoin futures could be hurting bitcoin's price

    Bloomberg TV Fundstrat cofounder Tom Lee says bitcoin futures contracts could be linked to the cryptocurrency's "gut-wrenching" decline. Futures were launched in December and bitcoin has fallen from $20,000 to $6,500 since then. There are concerns that bitcoin futures could be easily manipulated given the low liquidity on many key exchanges. LONDON — A Wall Street analyst known for his bullish stance on bitcoin has flagged the possibility that bitcoin futures contracts could be hurting the...

    Business Insider
  • See the CNET Smart Garden in action

    We task smart sprinklers, cameras and lights with helping our garden grow.

  • Why Affirmative Action Is Complicated for Asian-Americans

    Asian-Americans have been among the most vocal opponents of affirmative action. But national surveys show that most favor it.
  • Biological light sensor filmed in action

    Using X-ray laser technology, a team led by researchers of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI has recorded one of the fastest processes in biology. In doing so, they produced a molecular movie that reveals how the light sensor retinal is activated in a protein molecule. Such reactions occur in numerous organisms that use the information or energy content of light – they enable certain bacteria to produce energy through photosynthesis, initiate the process of vision in humans and animals, and...