Recession Headlines

  • The Source of the Next Recession

    The Trump administration is delivering on its promise of financial deregulation. Mick Mulvaney has eroded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since being installed as acting director in November. The agency’s new strategic plan says it will “fulfill the Bureau’s statutory responsibilities, but go no further.” In practice this has meant freezing or dropping investigations against miscreant financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Equifax; delaying new rules regulating high-cost payday...

    New Republic
  • What Will Cause The Next Recession?

    Authored by Daniel Lacalle via The Mises Institute, The most recent consensus estimates for global Gross Domestic Product growth show a healthy “synchronised” development in most economies. Expectations for the major economies are much stronger than what economists expected at the end of 2016 for the next three years. Seems all concerns about a global slowdown and subsequent recession have disappeared. What has changed? China The first major driver of this newfound optimism is China....

    Zero Hedge
  • When School Kids Lose Their Recess Time

    When Donna James' fourth-grade son told her his teacher was taking his recess time away, the Fort Wayne, Indiana, dispatcher assumed this was so he'd have extra time to finish his assignments. "I was OK with it," she says. "Then one day I asked him, 'So what did you get done during recess?' And he said, 'Nothing.'" Why not? "Because she makes me stand against the wall," he answered. Welcome to the wonderful world of recess withholding. Most child development experts believe that kids need some...
  • Ray Dalio: 'Risks of a recession' are rising

    Ray Dalio says in a LinkedIn blog post the Federal Reserve's response to better than expected economic data may lead to an economic slowdown.

  • LIVE MARKETS-No "cleansing recession" in store

    Feb 12 (Reuters) - Welcome to the home for real time coverage of European equity markets brought to you by Reuters stocks reporters and anchored today by...

    Mail Online
  • The Next Recession Is Really Gonna Suck

    The extra help unemployed people got during the Great Recession has emboldened states to mistreat them.