Recession Headlines

  • Wall Street experts are crying foul on an overlooked yet dangerous signal that a market meltdown is near

    Wall Street experts are increasingly sounding the alarm on a troubling situation that's been building in the US market — one that could threaten the current market cycle. Also complicating matters is the degree to which investors seem willing to ignore these mounting headwinds and keep their existing holdings. It seems like every time Joseph Harvey opens the Wall Street Journal, he's presented with a fresh batch of signals that the current market cycle is nearing its conclusion. Speaking at...

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  • The Fed's new interest-rate path could have the US staring at a recession by the end of next year

    Bloomberg The Fed hiked rates Wednesday and said it sees two more increases this year, for a total of four. It also sees three rate hikes in 2019. The central bank assumes the unemployment rate will fall to 3.6% and that the assumed long-run sustainable unemployment rate is 4.5%. There are two problems with those calculations that could lead to a US recession by the end of 2019. There were few surprises in the Federal Reserve's decision on interest rates Wednesday. As had been widely...

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  • The party may end soon: Economists predict a recession by 2020

    By many measures, the economy is in the best shape since the financial crisis. And yet, economists predict a recession by 2020, USA Today reports.

  • The next stock market crash will simply be a warm-up for an even bigger issue facing Main Street

    When the next market crash occurs, Americans on Main Street will have much bigger problems on the horizon than stock losses. Multiple experts agree that one particularly troublesome development could destabilize the current economic environment if a bear market unfolds. When the next bear market hits stocks, Wall Street will feel the pain, as it always does. Hedge funds will take deep losses, trading desks will flail, and the volatile environment will make it more difficult for companies to...

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