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  • Story of woman who accidentally started the 'incel' movement resurfaces

    "I can't uninvent this word, nor restrict it to the nicer people who need it."

  • Alexa, make my kid polite: Echo to get child-friendly update

    Alexa's new missions: encourage kids to ask questions more politely, and get them to bed on time. The voice assistant that lives inside Amazon's Echo speakers will soon thank kids for shouting out questions "nicely" if they say "please." The new response is part of a kid-friendly update...

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  • Parents of sick toddler Alfie Evans make new court challenge

    Lawyers battled in a London court Wednesday over the fate of Alfie Evans, a terminally ill British toddler whose case has drawn support from Pope Francis and sparked an international debate about the competing rights of the child his doctors and his parents. The 23-month-old boy suffers...

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  • Police: 9-year-old found in Maine river, brother missing

    Police in Maine say a 9-year-old boy who fell into a river along with his younger brother has been found and is in critical condition. Rescuers are searching for his 5-year-old brother. Police said the boys were playing along the Androscoggin River, near a park in Auburn, Maine, on Tuesday...

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  • Melania and President Trump Reach Hand-Holding Peace Treaty

    Melania Trump pulled a France -- appropriately before her first State dinner -- and fully surrendered her right hand to President Trump. Vive la France! The First Lady and POTUS posed for pics Tuesday night before breaking baguettes with French Prez…

  • Ask the Relationship Expert: 'My Partner Works a 9-to-5 Job and He Doesn't Understand Why I Take Business Risks'

    How do you balance your need for risk with your partner's need for stability?

  • Prince's Ex-Wife Mayte Garcia Slams Sinead O'Connor for Violence Accusations

    Prince's ex-wife doesn't buy Sinead O'Connor's claims he was violent toward women and abused hard drugs ... because she never saw a shred of evidence to support that. Mayte Garcia -- who was married to Prince from 1996 to 2000 -- tells TMZ he was…

  • 8 ways being too nice at work can backfire

    David Goehring/Flickr Being nice at work seems like a no brainer, right? Well, if you're too friendly, you might end up holding yourself back in the workplace. Don't ever let people take advantage of your kindness in the office. From a young age we're taught to play nice with others and treat people as we'd like to be treated. As we get older, this mindset translates into how we behave at work. But is it possible to be too nice in the workplace? Quora users discussed this question in the 2014...

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  • Truly likable people all share the same trait — here are 9 ways to know if you're one of them

    Charismatic people have certain traits and behaviors in common that make them likable. Above all, they focus on other people instead of themselves. For example, they ask lots of questions in conversation, show empathy, and nod attentively. Everyone worries from time to time. Maybe you walked into a roomful of coworkers whispering and assumed they were gossiping about you. Or maybe your friends forgot to include you on the email chain for an upcoming getaway. Our advice? Relax. You're probably...

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  • UK judge holds new hearing over sick toddler Alfie Evans

    A British judge heard a new appeal Tuesday from the parents of a terminally ill British toddler who want to take him to Italy for treatment — something British courts have ruled isn't in the child's interest. The Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the parents of 23-month-old Alfie...

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  • Derek Fisher Proposes to Gloria Govan, She Said 'Yes!'

    Good news for Derek Fisher ... the ex-NBA star popped the question to his girlfriend, Gloria Govan -- AND SHE SAID, "YES!" We've learned ... 43-year-old Fisher got down on one knee during a small shindig at their Los Angeles-area home on April…

  • Donald Trump's Attempt to Hold Melania's Hand Is Sad

    Donald Trump really wanted to get Melania to hold his hand at a White House event honoring French President Emmanuel Macron ... but man, he had to work for it.  Trump was standing next to his wife in the Rose Garden when he tried to slickly…

  • 7 awkward questions you should ask on a first date — and 3 you really shouldn't

    nd3000 / Shutterstock There is a lot of debate around what you can and cannot ask on a first date. Some people say you shouldn't go in too hard with the interrogation because it'll make your date think you're desperate. Others say the probing questions help you really learn about each other. Ultimately, it's hard to know what to do. According to Erika Ettin, dating coach and founder of dating site A Little Nudge, it's best to keep things light the first time you meet someone. "A lot of people...

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  • Forget ghosting: now "orbiting" is here to mess with your love life

    Shutterstock "Orbiting" is a new dating trend. It's when a person doesn't completely ghost but keeps involved with you from a distance. For instance, a person might ignore your texts yet views your Instagram stories. Orbiting might be a manifestation of the fear of losing out on a potential dating opportunity. You might know orbiting as the thing that the moon does around the earth. You might also know Orbit as a brand of gum. But there's a new meaning to the word, and you probably won't like...

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  • People can't stop talking about how Melania Trump seems to avoid holding the president's hand — here's what it might say about their relationship

    REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Melania Trump appeared to avoid holding the president's hand during a recent photo op with the French president and his wife. This isn't the first time they've had an awkward handholding interaction in public. Experts say public handholding can be a sign that you're a close couple — though some political couples avoid any kind of PDA. Donald and Melania's hands are once again drawing eyes all over the world, after yet another botched attempt at a public display of...

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  • 6 lies movies told you about what dating is really like

    Lionsgate Dating can be frustrating, especially when Hollywood films portray picture-perfect dates and relationships that make most of us expect the same. When perfection doesn't happen, we can't help but ask: "What's wrong with me?" Perhaps the right question is: "What's wrong with movies?" Because experts refute many relationship myths perpetuated by Hollywood. Read on for six ways that dating is different on the big screen.Love at first sight happens all the time. 20th Century Fox Movies...

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  • Keshia Knight Pulliam Wins Custody in Adultery Divorce Trial

    Keshia Knight Pulliam is now a single woman ... her divorce was just made final. Under the terms of the divorce, she gets primary custody of their one-year-old daughter, Ella Grace. Ed Hartwell gets visitation rights. They had a fight over the…

  • Kendrick Lamar Hits Vatican City w/ Fiancee

    If you're gonna thank Jesus for helping you win a Pulitzer prize ... might as well do it at the Vatican ... like Kendrick Lamar.  The rap god hit up the Pope's house in Vatican City with his fiancee, Whitney Alford ... and the SINGLE…