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  • White House considers draft order to look into Google, Facebook

    The White House is considering a draft executive order for President Trump that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open probes into the practices of Google, Facebook and other social media companies. Bloomberg News obtained a draft of the order, which a White House official said was in its early stages and hasn't been reviewed by other government agencies. Separately, Lindsey Walters, deputy White House press secretary, said in an email that the document isn't the...

  • WATCH: GOP strategist on allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

    George Stephanopoulos interviews Sara Fagen, a Republican strategist who has said she's known Kavanaugh for 20 years and doesn't "believe he would harm" anyone.

    ABC News
  • Are you sick to your stomach? Yes, .MeToo

    Washington The Capitol is covered in mud. Again. Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind, I can recall a time when the sight of that white dome thrilled me. I can also vaguely remember a time, back before the travesty of Bush v. Gore, when I felt awe walking past the Supreme Court. And if I try really hard, I can summon the lost sensation of pride in covering the White House. But all that is utterly changed. It was wrenching to watch the futile Iraq War unfold. It is jarring to think I could...

    Times Union
  • Democratic candidate gets six of his Republican opponent's SIBLINGS to bash him in campaign ad

    The trio of ads show six of Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar's siblings encouraging Arizona voters to vote for his Democratic challenger, Dr. David Brill, in the upcoming midterms.

    Mail Online
  • Top political donor to GOP says he's no longer a Republican

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The billionaire CEO of the Ohio-based company behind Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works is no longer a Republican.L Brands founder...

    Mail Online
  • Republican Minnesota rep quits election campaign as daughter claims he inappropriately touched her

    Jim Knoblach, 60, ended his re-election bid Friday as daughter Laura Knoblach, 23, said the Minnesota state rep would kiss, lick and bite her. She says the behavior lasted until she was 21.

    Mail Online