Rodrigo Duterte Headlines

  • Australian who irked Duterte wins appeal, still faces ouster

    The Philippine justice secretary has invalidated an immigration expulsion order for an Australian nun who irked the Philippine president by joining political rallies but she still faces possible deportation.

    Washington Post
  • Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

    A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves:

    Washington Post
  • Philippine lawyer finds unlikely ally in Duterte in fight to legalise gay marriage

    Jesus Falcis has taken his battle to the supreme court, backed by a president who regularly clashes with the Catholic church In the Philippines, where Catholicism is dominant and divorce is still illegal, a young atheist, openly gay lawyer is leading a historic fight for same-sex marriage. Jesus Falcis, 31, will face the supreme court on Tuesday to argue that a law limiting marriage to a man and a woman violates the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which he said doesn’t make gender specifications...

    the Guardian
  • Duterte warns of possible violence if poor seize houses

    The Philippine president has warned a pro-poor group not to take over a government housing project and said he will deploy police commandos to remove them instead of tolerating the move, as he did in a similar case last year. President Rodrigo Duterte ordered Kadamay and other groups to...

    ABC News
  • Philippines delays rebel talks but says 'breakthroughs' near

    The Philippine government is delaying a resumption of peace talks with communist guerrillas to allow public consultations, an official said Monday, adding that efforts to end one of Asia's longest rebellions were "now at the cusp of some major breakthroughs." Presidential adviser Jesus...

    ABC News
  • Philippines delays rebel talks but says ‘breakthroughs’ near

    A Philippine official says the government is delaying the proposed resumption of peace talks with communist guerrillas this month to allow public consultations.

    Washington Post