Rooney Rule Headlines

  • If Elon Musk Violated SEC Rule With His Tweet, Donald Trump Violates The Same Rule Almost Daily

    Let's look at just a few of the times that Trump has tweeted false and misleading things which did and could have affected sales and purchases of securities.

    Above the Law
  • 'Who rules you?'

    All of us are subject to many thousands of federal, state, and local laws and regulations, many of which are needlessly oppressive. Who makes these rules, and who enforces them? And at what point are there so many rules that we are no longer free? James Madison, the principal author ...
  • It's not about impeachment, it's about the rule of law

    From the day he took office, Donald Trump has been violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution, and thus has been vulnerable to potential impeachment proceedings. And then there is the recently revealed evidence that Trump has committed massive tax fraud. And then there is the obstruction of the Russia conspiracy scandal. And then there is the Russia conspiracy scandal itself. It seems certain that when all comes out into the open, this will be known as the most corrupt...
  • The Conversation: Divide and Rule

    President Trump is operating from an ancient political playbook.
  • New Rules for Men

    In light of the new reality of constant, lifelong vulberability to unsupported accusations, new rules for men�vis-�-vis�the opposite sex are required. Here are some baseline suggestions.
  • Kavanaugh and the Rule of Law

    The fact that he knowingly gave false statements under oath should disqualify him.

    The American Conservative
  • Australian house rules

    Sydney, down 7.6%to $976,365

    Mail Online
  • Warriors, Rockets should rule West

    When you add the best player in the world and the top four rookies in the incoming class, the already superior NBA Western Conference will be great in ...

    Mail Online
  • Different rules for different folks?

    Filipinos all want to think that we are modern and progressive minded until someone makes an announcement or comment to media that proves how backward, unfair or discriminatory the system in this country can be. by Cito Beltran
  • It's time to change the rules: union

    An unemployed young electrician says casual work arrangements make it difficult to stand up for his rights.Lachlan has been looking for work for two months,...

    Mail Online
  • Rule of the intolerant lefty mob

    So it’s come to this: Employees of a major company are in open revolt because one of its top executives attended the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavan­augh, one of his oldest and closest friends. Such are the depths of intolerance and utter insanity to which the Left has sunk in this whole sordid affair. Joel...

    New York Post
  • Mob Rule Comes to America

    For the first time in history, we have a populace who will not abide by the results of our election process, and their effort to obstruct and destroy is damaging the fabric of our society and the foundation on which this country rests.
  • New Rules on Capital Gains

    Rates didn't change, but they're pegged to your income instead of your tax bracket.
  • New Rules for Mobile Deposits

    The hange is designed to address concerns that customers may deposit a check via mobile app with one bank and later deposit the original check at a second institution.
  • Inslee not ruling out 2020 bid

    Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) is not ruling out a 2020 presidential bid, saying he believes Democrats need a nominee who prioritizes the issue of climate change, ...

  • McKenzie ruled out of All Blacks Test

    Damian McKenzie will miss the All Blacks' Test against Argentina in Buenos Aires following a family bereavement.Utility back McKenzie was to return to New...

    Mail Online
  • Americans' right to self-rule

    In a stern and defiant speech earlier this month, National Security Adviser John Bolton made clear that the United States will not join the International Criminal Court, will not cooperate with it, nor provide it assistance. What will the United States do instead? "We will let the ICC die on ...
  • What are the rules for wearing sculptural heels?

    Sculptural heels look better paired with longer hem lengths.

    Mail Online