Sexual harassment Headlines

  • Gaslighting: is an apology necessary to heal after you’ve been abused?

    Restorative justice is an approach to healing. But how is it possible with sociopaths, pathological liars, black-out drinkers who rely on fractured memory for truth? For anyone who has had legitimate anger disavowed, who has had to sublimate feelings in order to appease, who has had to tamp down their rage as a means to function and questioned whether their experience of trauma was really that bad, the Kavanaugh hearings and subsequent confirmation unleashed a pyroclastic cloud of salty ash into...

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  • 'There's no escape': Weinstein accusers on hope and despair in the #MeToo era

    A year after their allegations against the Hollywood mogul helped fuel a global movement, five women reflect on their ordeals and what lies ahead In the hours after Harvey Weinstein was finally outed as a serial sexual harasser and abuser last October, Zoë Brock received link after link to the bombshell New York Times coverage from the friends she had told of her own Weinstein experience. When he denied the accusations against him, the former model and writer from New Zealand decided she had to...

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  • Indian Minister at Center of #MeToo Case Calls Abuse Accusations ‘Wild and Baseless’

    M. J. Akbar, a high-ranking lawmaker at the Ministry of External Affairs, said he would take legal action against the women who had made the accusations.
  • California chef in sexual misconduct scandal criticised for 'dunk tank' plan

    Oakland restaurateur Charlie Hallowell is inviting anyone to ‘come and take a shot’ as part of his reform efforts An embattled California chef accused of sexual harassment is facing renewed backlash after announcing he would sit in a “dunk tank” as part of his efforts to reform himself and make women “feel safe” in his restaurants. Charlie Hallowell, an Oakland restaurateur who faced misconduct allegations from more than 30 employees over the last year, has released an “open letter” and...

    the Guardian
  • news analysis: Women Don’t Think Alike. Why Do We Think They Do?

    Conservative supporters of the president and Brett Kavanaugh aren’t betraying their gender — they’re sticking with what they believe.
  • Where Is Architecture’s #MeToo Moment?

    Seven months after women accused Richard Meier of sexual harassment, too little has been done to change the profession.
  • Writer Who Appeared on ‘Media Men’ List Sues Its Creators

    Stephen Elliott has filed a lawsuit against the people behind a crowdsourced document that listed men said to be guilty of harassment and assault.
  • Harvey Weinstein Gets One Charge Dismissed in Sexual Assault Case

    The charge against the film producer was dropped after prosecutors found inconsistencies in statements by a woman who accused him of assault. Five charges remain.
  • The EEOC has been busier than ever. Can you guess why?

    In short, the theme – to no one’s surprise – has been all about sexual harassment this year In the age of Donald Trump, deregulation and anti-labor, you would think that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – the five-member group of outsiders appointed by the president whose task is to enforce the federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or employee – would be kind of dormant. Not so. The EEOC has been as busy as ever, and if you are running a business...

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  • Anita Hill: Kavanaugh confirmation hearing 'disservice to the American public'

    Professor said Senate committee response to Christine Blasey Ford mirrored her experience testifying against Clarence Thomas Anita Hill said Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was a “disservice to the American public”, in her first public remarks since he was confirmed to the supreme court on Monday after one of the most narrowly won confirmation proceedings in history. Hill said the Senate judiciary committee’s response to Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation of sexual assault against...

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  • White Male Victimization Anxiety

    Trump represents all the white men who feel they’re losing ground.
  • Fox News/Roger Ailes movie dropped by production company: report

    Annapurna Pictures dumped an untitled movie about former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes two weeks before production was to start, according to ...

  • #MeToo Leaders Thank Christine Blasey Ford: ‘Your Sacrifice Was Not Made in Vain’

    In an open letter to Dr. Blasey on Wednesday, #MeToo activists called her a “hero” and promised that her words would have a lasting impact.
  • CNN's Brooke Baldwin Won't Let Anyone Call a Throng of Rabid Leftists a 'Mob'

    On CNN Tuesday, as pundits discussed the upcoming midterms in light of last week’s madness surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation, host Brooke Baldwin made sure to protect the Left’s reputation…to whatever degree such a thing might be possible. She didn’t want anyone on the show to refer to the chanting, please-arrest-me crowd proclaiming all kinds of craziness at the Capitol — or the leftist | Read More

  • Cory "Spartacus" Booker: Post-Midterms, Kavanaugh Impeachment is Totally Possible

    If you’ve been paying attention — especially if you’ve been paying attention to people who don’t know what they’re talking about — you know that evil triumphed over good Saturday with the confirmation of sexually-accused Brett Kavanaugh, who has no business sitting on the judicial bench because we must #BelieveAllWomen, aka proclaim as guilty all men who are falsely charged. #ConvictAllInnocentMen therefore #RageAgainstJustice | Read More

  • Brett Kavanaugh's ugly confirmation fight may reverberate for years inside supreme court

    Law scholars warn the supreme court could face years of bitter dispute over Kavanaugh’s unresolved sexual assault allegations and his highly partisan testimony Leading law scholars are warning that the US supreme court faces months or even years of bitter dispute over whether its new recruit, Brett Kavanaugh, should recuse himself from cases involving sexual violence and party-political partisanship. Kavanaugh finally took his seat on the country’s highest court on Tuesday with sexual assault...

    the Guardian
  • A Mom’s #HimToo Tweet Ignites a Viral Meme, and Her Embarrassed Son Clarifies

    Pieter Hanson, a 32-year-old Navy veteran, entered a firestorm when his mother tweeted that he “won’t go on solo dates due to the current climate of false sexual accusations.”
  • Legislating from the Bench: Horrified CNN Pundit Warns Kavanaugh Will 'Change the Law of the Land'

    On CNN’s Inside Politics Tuesday, legal analyst Joan Biskupic fearmongered up a nice one. Biskupic served the doozie of newly-confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh “changing the law of the land” for the next two decades. The law of the LAND! The whole land!!!! To the horror of the Left, Tuesday marked Kavanaugh’s first day of hearing cases. Joan was most certainly terrified: | Read More

  • Hillary Clinton Explains: Bill's Sexual Misdeeds vs Sinister Trump's? 'Very Significant Difference'

    The idea of Hillary Clinton speaking out against Donald Trump — or any man — concerning issues of sexual impropriety is just… …well… I can’t decide if it’s aggressively hilarious or just neutrally perplexing. Maybe I’ll jet to the middle and say mildly amusing. Hillary’s got a shady history related to Bill’s sneakin’ around, having been accused of intimidating his purported victims (see | Read More

  • The Architect Richard Meier Steps Down After Harassment Allegations

    Seven months after taking a leave of absence, Mr. Meier, one of the world’s “starchitects,” is departing from the leadership of his firm.
  • After a Long Wait, India’s #MeToo Movement Suddenly Takes Off

    To the surprise of many in the country, an eruption of sexual harassment allegations against men in entertainment and journalism has had quick results.
  • Justice Kavanaugh’s Law Clerks Are All Women, a First for the Supreme Court

    Brett M. Kavanaugh’s hiring of four women law clerks means that more than half of the Supreme Court’s law clerks will be women for first time in American history.
  • India has #MeToo moment as claims of sexual misconduct reach government

    Entertainment and media industries rocked by accusations against prominent men, including a minister India’s media and entertainment industries have been rocked by accusations of sexual misconduct against prominent men that activists are hailing as the belated arrival of the country’s #MeToo moment. Senior journalists are stepping aside, a film production studio has closed, and one of India’s bestselling authors has issued a public apology after a flood of women named men on social media whom...

    the Guardian
  • One in four Save the Children staff 'suffer discrimination or harassment'

    Employees reported being ignored, humiliated or ridiculed, in a review commissioned by the charity in the wake of sexual harassment scandals Twenty eight percent of Save the Children UK employees say they have experienced either discrimination or harassment in the past three years, an independent review has found. The review, commissioned by Save the Children in the wake of sexual harassment scandals, warned the charity must do more to build trust in its investigation processes. Continue...

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