Sexual harassment Headlines

  • Asia Argento, Who Accused Weinstein, Made Deal With Her Own Accuser

    The actress and director Asia Argento, among the first women to publicly accuse Harvey Weinstein, arranged to pay an actor after he said she sexually assaulted him when he was 17, documents show.
  • Two-thirds of women worry about sexual harassment at festivals – survey

    Durham University study reveals 30% of women said they had been sexually harassed and 10% sexually assaulted Concerns have been raised over the safety of women going to music festivals after a survey found that almost seven out of 10 women were worried about sexual assault and sexual harassment at such events in the UK. A further 30% of women said they had been sexually harassed and 10% had been sexually assaulted, the study by Durham University showed. Continue reading...

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  • Big City: The Dangerous Intimacy of Grad School: Was the N.Y.U. Harassment Case Inevitable?

    For Nimrod Reitman and others like him, an adviser’s approval can make the difference when it comes to finding a job, creating an outsize sense of dependency.
  • UN accused of hindering inquiry into alleged sexual assault by India official

    Contractor who claims senior UN population fund official sexually harassed her says agency has prejudiced criminal investigation The UN has been accused of obstructing a police investigation in India following claims of sexual assault against one of its senior officials. Prashanti Tiwari, who says she was sexually harassed and groped while working for an organisation contracted by the UN population fund, UNFPA, said the agency had tried to block a criminal investigation by claiming immunity for...

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  • It's time for #MeToo in the Catholic church

    Predator priests will only face justice when those they abused find the courage to speak up “It’s all about the bishops.” That’s the single most damning line from a new, 1,300 page report, released by the Pennsylvania supreme court on Tuesday, which found that 300 predator priests in the state had abused more than 1,000 children since 1947. It’s the latest scandal in the Catholic church’s continuing child abuse crisis. The two-year investigation, conducted by Pennsylvania’s attorney general and...

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  • US women’s rights campaigner accused of sexual harassment

    Eminent sociologist Michael Kimmel steps down from board of gender equality campaign group An eminent sociologist and high profile women’s rights campaigner has stepped down indefinitely from the board of a gender equality group following allegations of sexual harassment. Michael Kimmel, distinguished professor of sociology at Stony Brook University in New York, has resigned from the board of Promundo, an initiative that promotes gender justice by engaging men and boys. Continue reading...

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  • Camilla Cleese on her dad John: 'He's not my favourite Python!'

    The comedian is doing a show about her father in Edinburgh. She talks about the sexist LA standup scene, her reconciliation with her dad – and doing jokes about his ex-wives With just a hint of a smile, Camilla Cleese admits that the name of her Edinburgh fringe show is “the ultimate, shameless nepotism”. It’s called Produced by John Cleese, even though it isn’t produced by him at all. But she is. “I don’t think he would put money into something as un-lucrative as this,” says the daughter of the...

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  • Is Harvey Weinstein a Sex Trafficker? Judge Says It’s O.K. to Ask

    In a novel decision, a federal judge on Tuesday ruled that the movie producer can be sued under a federal sex-trafficking statute.
  • British MP among men alleging harassment by senior UN adviser

    Politician says he complained about Ravi Karkara in earlier role, as two more men claim sexual misconduct by UN Women official A British MP who claims he was harassed by a UN official under investigation for sexual misconduct, says Ravi Karkara should never have been given a senior adviser role working with young people because concerns had already been raised about his behaviour. Lloyd Russell-Moyle worked with Karkara during his time as vice-president of the European Youth Forum and later as...

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  • Jocks Rule, Nerds Drool

    It’s time to update our stereotypes.
  • United Failed to Act After Pilot Posted Racy Photos of Flight Attendant, U.S. Says

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has sued the airline, accusing it of discrimination. United Airlines disputes the allegations.
  • 11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

    Don’t ask Paul Ryan about President Trump anymore. How two cyclists lost their lives in Tajikistan. We’re not prepared for global warming. Why the songs of summer sound the same. And more.
  • Director of Jessica Chastain thriller steps down after backlash

    Matthew Newton exited Eve after outrage aimed at Chastain for signing on to work with a man accused of physical violence Matthew Newton has stepped down as the director of upcoming action film Eve, starring Jessica Chastain, after backlash related to his history of violence. Related: Jessica Chastain accused of hypocrisy for working with Matthew Newton Continue reading...

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  • Ex-Employees Sue Nike, Alleging Gender Discrimination

    Two women have filed a federal lawsuit seeking class action status, claiming a culture of sexual harassment and gender bias at the sports apparel company.
  • UN must not lose credibility over sexual harassment, alleged victim warns

    Steve Lee, who has accused UN Women adviser Ravi Karkara of misconduct, calls on member states to fund urgent reform A policy advocate who made allegations of sexual misconduct against a senior UN adviser has urged member states to fund efforts to stamp out harassment and bullying at the organisation. Steve Lee said that, in making his claims against Ravi Karkara public, he hoped to highlight an urgent need for resources to overhaul a broken system designed to protect the UN brand rather than...

    the Guardian
  • How the Willow Creek Church Scandal Has Stunned the Evangelical World

    The resignation of Willow Creek’s top leaders is causing some evangelicals to talk about turning the episode into a teaching moment for churches.
  • Has Anything Changed in Post-#MeToo Hollywood?

    The silence surrounding Leslie Moonves shows that even now, entertainment executives aren’t ready to give up their perks without a fight.
  • Illinois: church leadership steps down after sexual harassment allegations

    Willow Creek church’s board also apologized to the women who accused founder Bill Hybels of harassment The leadership of a massive Chicago-area evangelical church is stepping down and has apologized to women who accused the megachurch’s founder of sexual harassment. The board of elders of the Willow Creek Community Church announced Wednesday they will all leave by year’s end. Continue reading...

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