Shears Headlines

  • NASA finds wind shear affecting Tropical Storm Paul

    Infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite showed that newly developed tropical storm Paul in the Eastern Pacific is dealing with wind shear.
  • NASA finds wind shear slamming Tropical Cyclone Lane

    Infrared satellite imagery shows scientists where the coldest cloud tops are located in a tropical cyclone and can give a clear picture of wind shear's effects. NASA's Aqua satellite data showed wind shear was pushing Tropical Depression Lane's strongest storms east of its center. Despite the wind shear, Lane strengthened back into a tropical storm on Aug. 27.
  • Universal Television Promotes Comedy Executives Jim Donnelly & Dan Shear

    Universal Television has given title bumps to its two senior comedy development executives. Jim Donnelly has been promoted to EVP, Comedy Development, and Dan Shear to SVP, Comedy Development. Shear joined Uni TV as VP Comedy in 2014, Donnelly came on board as SVP in 2015. Donnelly has headed the studio’s comedy department for the past couple of years. "The talent level at our studio is second to none and the promotions of Jim and Dan are reflective of the work they have…

  • NASA infrared imagery reveals wind shearing Tropical Depression Joyce

    NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at Tropical Depression Joyce and found wind shear was pushing the bulk of clouds and showers to the east of the center.
  • NASA finds wind shear pushing on Tropical Storm Isaac's center

    NASA's Aqua satellite provided an infrared look at Tropical Storm Isaac that revealed its circulation center was displaced from the bulk of clouds and precipitation. That's an indication that wind shear is affecting the storm.
  • Wind shear affecting Tropical Storm Joyce in NASA-NOAA satellite image

    NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over the eastern Atlantic Ocean and saw that Tropical Storm Joyce is battling wind shear. Winds are pushing thunderstorm development northeast of the center.