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  • Charlottesville, a year on: 'We can’t fix the whole nation. Hopefully we can fix ourselves'

    A year ago, Charlottesville was shaken by racist violence. Lois Beckett returns to a divided city and finds that, for some, historical divisions and white supremacism remain a part of daily life Five months after white supremacists staged a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the city elected its first black female mayor. Nikuyah Walker, 38, had run as an independent in a heavily Democratic city. Her campaign slogan: “Unmasking the illusion.” Walker, 38, is not interested in restoring a...

    the Guardian
  • Capitalism Fixed My Car

    All kinds of goods are improved by ‘trade-tested betterment.’

  • How to Fix the Intelligence Community

    It's easy to underestimate the duration and intensity of the rottenness.

    Faster, Please!
  • The most immediate fix for NJ Transit: manpower

    They have 335 engineers. They need 385. You can't run a railroad this way. Watch video Your rail commute is a fiasco because NJ Transit doesn't have enough engineers. No matter how you dissect it, rationalize it, or politicize it, that's the systemic imperative: Trains can't run if there aren't enough people to run them. It is infuriating enough that commuters, guided by NJT's reputation for punctuality, are getting out of bed 2 hours early - only...
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Obama could fix Chicago

    The murderous rage in Chicago is out of control. With hundreds of people killed each year and no relief in sight. Surprisingly blackonblack killings predominate, with only a few white-on-black police killings and random white killings of blacks. Mr. Obama's designated Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was assigned to reduce the ...
  • Trump celebrates himself for fixing a problem he caused

    In a Monday evening tweet, President Donald Trump took a victory lap after a judge gave his administration credit for reuniting separated border families. “A highly respected Federal judge today stated that the “Trump Administration gets great credit” for reuniting illegal families. Thank you,... The post Trump celebrates himself for fixing a problem he caused appeared first on Raw Story.

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  • Comeback kings Penrith must fix starts

    They're the NRL's comeback kings but Penrith know they must fix their slow starts if they want to be a force come the finals.Figures from across the entire...

    Mail Online
  • How one film can fix the superhero genre

    With so many superhero films dominating the box office, the so-called "superhero fatigue" has begun setting in. Is this simply because there are so many of them or is there a problem in how these stories are told? Surprisingly, there is one film that could possibly solve most of the problems in the modern superhero genre, the 1999 sci-fi masterpiece "The Matrix" by the Wachowskis. Using a narrative theory known as "The Hero's Journey", let's take a look at what made "The Matrix" such a success...

    Business Insider
  • Daniel Cormier Fixes Infamous Gap in His Teeth

    Daniel Cormier's getting his smile ready for life outside the Octagon ... 'cause the UFC champ got his infamous tooth gap fixed in a recent procedure ... and TMZ Sports has the footage!! ICYMI -- D.C. had a tooth pulled back in 2014 after the Dan…

  • The big scoop: Four fast-fix sundaes

    Four sauces to transform your ice cream into incredible sundaes

    Mail Online
  • ​Linux kernel network TCP bug fixed

    The denial of service bug had actually been patched in the Linux kernel weeks before news of it was ever announced.

  • Arnold promises to fix Roos' scoring woes

    The Socceroos have been too "reliant" on Tim Cahill to score goals, according to Graham Arnold - and the new coach promises that will change.Australia are in...

    Mail Online
  • How to fix broken scissor handles with a 3D printer

    Andre Ferreira says: "My scissors handle broke, I was devastated! And then I thought, I could throw them away and buy some new ones for around $1. Or... I could spend 4 hours planning, measuring, CADing, 3D printing, fitting, glueing, and finishing a replacement handle. The choice was clear :)" [via Maker Share]

    Boing Boing
  • PUBG Is Broken and Needs to Be Fixed, Developer Says

    It's even launched a website to address problems.
  • PUBG Is Broken and Needs to Be Fixed, Developer Says

    It's even launched a website to address problems.

  • PUBG is set to get some much-needed fixes

    The Fix PUBG campaign aims to address bugs, quality of life issues and performance problems.
  • PUBG launches its own website dubbed 'FIX PUBG'

    PUBG's creators have heard player pleas to "fix the game," and they've launched a new website claiming they're ready to do just that. PUBG Corp, developer of popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has launched an official site called FIX PUBG as part a new campaign to address the game's bugs and create a "better, more stable, and fairer game." SEE ALSO: No more lag: Find the best router for working, gaming, streaming, and more "This is a phrase that we’ve been hearing a lot...

  • Hot weather strains the grid. Here’s how we could fix that.

    This story was originally published by Grist. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Electricity crackled and arced between wires as Los Angeles residents watched, filming with their phones. And then the power died. As temperatures have soared this summer, Angelenos have cranked up their air conditioners, straining power lines. On July 6, overloaded lines gave […]

    Mother Jones
  • Can Deflation Fix the Damage Done by Inflation?

    Central bank manipulations the great evil
  • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Stop whining, start fixing

    People who refuse to honor the American flag and/or anthem are showing great disrespect for our nation and its people. Some claim to be doing it because they dislike our president or his politics. The president is just one of more than 330 million Americans. He was elected by the ...
  • Rain fixes bug which took users offline

    Rain has fixed a bug in its system which resulted in mobile users not being able to use the service.

  • Here's What Companies Are Doing Wrong When Hiring -- and 4 Ways to Fix It

    They aren't starting the onboarding process soon enough.

  • Senators restart talks to fix family separations

    As one Senate committee's members appear to have hit a wall in their efforts to craft a bill to fix family separations at the border, a second Senate panel is quietly starting their own negotiations.The new push co...

  • To Fix That Pain In Your Back, You Might Have To Change The Way You Sit

    In the past century, many Americans have lost the ability to sit in a way that doesn't strain their backs. Specialists say we could take a lesson from excellent sitters from other cultures.