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  • 2 hurt in reported propane tank incident

    Two people were hurt in an incident involving a propane tank at a gas station in North Andover.

  • Ukraine’s T-84 Tanks Have Problems

    Robert Beckhusen Security, Europe They still nearly beat U.S. M-1 Abrams at Europe's annual tank competition. Since 2016, a slate of European militaries and the United States have gathered their tanks at Germany’s Grafenwoehr Training Area to put their armored beasts to the test in a variety of tactical exercises. This is the Strong Europe Tank Challenge, and a NATO-oriented — although not exclusive — competitor to Russia’s own famous tank biathlon. It’s like the World Cup, but for...

  • Tank Tops For When It's Just Too Hot To Care About Anything

    Once the temperature reaches above 80 degrees, you can bet all my motivation of putting on a real outfit goes out the damn window. Maybe you feel the same. Throughout summer, my uniform is either a dress or shorts and a tank top, because the heat of NYC sucks up every ounce of will in my body and congeals it into a sweaty glob of nothingness. Tank tops are my solace in a time where I start sweating just looking at my clothes in the morning.

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  • Shark Tank episode promises to be a 'cheeky' affair

    Wednesday night's episode of entrepreneurial reality series Shark Tank promises to be a 'cheeky' affair.

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  • U.S. vs. Russia: Who has the best tanks?

    Moscow may have more, but quantity does not mean quality.

  • World of Tanks football returns for the 2018 World Cup

    With the 2018 World Cup underway, the Tank Football special-vehicles-only mode has returned to World of Tanks. In an early contender for most bizarre sponsorship deal of the tournament, Azzurri legend Gianluigi Buffon features heavily in the marketing for the mode – for no other discernible reason than he’s available this summer; Italy aren’t at […] The post World of Tanks football returns for the 2018 World Cup appeared first on VG247.

  • The 8 most successful businesses that got their start on 'Shark Tank'

    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. I love tuning in to "Shark Tank" every week for my fill of inspirational founder stories and entertaining investor personalities, but one of my favorite parts is seeing the updates on past deals. For many of the entrepreneurs, appearing on the show is a pivotal turning point. Unlike a lot of reality television in which the content is...

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  • China is converting old Soviet tanks into autonomous vehicles

    China's finding new uses for Cold War tanks, by turning them into robots for dangerous tasks like target practice.

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  • The Army's M4 Sherman Tank: 'Blunder' or 'Wonder' Weapon?

    Warfare History Network History, Europe The American-built Sherman medium tank was admittedly inferior to its German opponents. Yet, it won the war in Northwest Europe through shear numbers. For the Allied tankers and infantrymen of the American, British, Canadian, and Free French armies battling German Panther and Tiger tanks in Normandy in the summer of 1944, the Sherman tank’s failures were glaringly evident as their own shells bounced off the hulls of the Nazi armor and they were...

  • National Guard tank swiped: Chase was long, not fast

    A soldier is accused of stealing an armored personnel carrier from a National Guard base and leading police on a more than 60-mile chase.

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  • Coming Soon to Russia's Army: 6,000 More Tanks

    Dave Majumdar Security, Europe How is that even possible? We have the details.  Another possibility is that these surplus vehicles might be used to supply client states with low-cost combat vehicles. There are plenty of Russian client states that cannot afford brand new frontline hardware like the T-90SM. “It also makes sense as a cheap way to arm a proxy force or poorer allies like Syria,” Kofman said. Whatever the case, the Russian forces will have 6,000 more tanks available to it in the...

  • Virginia Solider Stole 'Tank' and Took It on Joyride Through Richmond

    Driver eventually gave himself up after taking armored vehicle from nearby base and driving through streets.

  • Psychedelic timelapse footage reveals endangered coral in a tank

    Michael Rice, from Denver, Colorado, spent four hours capturing the marine invertebrates' movements - a task that required taking more than 2,000 frames per video.

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  • Tank Man: what happened at Tiananmen Square? – video explainer

    Twenty-nine years ago, a Chinese man, carrying his shopping, stood in front of a column of tanks from the People’s Liberation Army in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. Tank Man, as he became known, became an iconic image from the protests. His stand was the culmination of weeks of clashes between Chinese pro-democracy protesters and the government, during which thousands of people are thought to have been killed  • #Tankman2018: hero of Tiananmen protest remembered across globe Continue reading...

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  • 'Shark Tank' sharks to swim with sharks on Shark Week

    The stars of Shark Tank are usually putting their money where their mouths are, but now they’re going to put their mouths — and the rest of their bodies — into the water to swim with their namesakes. In one of the marquee specials of Shark Week 2018, Mark Cuban, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond John will have more literal skin in the game than they ever have when they move from the tank to the water to learn all about actual sharks, EW has learned exclusively. Shark...

  • Could Ukraine's T-84 Tank Take on the World's Best in a Fight?

    Charlie Gao Security, Europe Or is just the best of the USSR's long line of tanks?  The T-84 Oplot-M is Ukraine’s latest Main Battle Tank. While it hasn’t seen combat service in the Ukrainian military, the type contains many advanced features. But the Oplot is hardly a clean slate design. In many ways, it is simply a highly advanced version of the T-80U main battle tank, one of the most lethal tanks the Soviet Union produced. But how did the T-80U become the T-84? To understand where the T-84...

  • Twitter slams aspiring actor for 'disaster' pitch on Shark Tank

    A solid business spiel on Channel Ten's Shark Tank can make or break an entrepreneur's success in securing an investment from the panel.

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  • Belarus Army Launches RPG From New Tank-Killing Quadcopter

    The Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus have recently demonstrated a new quadcopter drone that can carry a tank-killing rocket launcher. Quadcopter drone with RPG-26 Aglen center-mounted lifting off at Losvido training ground. (Source: Of Belarusian Military – YouTube) Last month, at the Losvido training ground, the military conducted a field training exercises with this new drone under the leadership of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces – Chief of the Main...

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  • Shark Tank's Naomi Simson involved in SHOWDOWN with Steve Baxter

    Drama is set to unfold on Tuesday night's episode of entrepreneurial reality series Shark Tank.

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  • Man arrested after taking joyride in tank-like military vehicle

    An armoured personnel carrier was stolen from a base in Virginia and taken on a two-hour ride, and the driver is now in custody A man was arrested on Tuesday night after stealing an armored personnel carrier from a military base in Virginia and taking it on a joyride that ended in a police chase. As the vehicle’s maximum speed was around 40 miles an hour, it wasn’t quite a high-speed chase but it was certainly dramatic. This is INSANE! Someone has hijacked a “Tank-like” vehicle from Fort Pickett...

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  • Couple wins investors $100k on Shark Tank with their crazy 'Donug'

    Melbourne couple Crag Carrick and Rachel Dutton impressed investors on Shark Tank with their own start-up business selling Donug - a cross between a chicken nugget and a doughnut.

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  • Police arrest suspect after stolen tank was driven through streets in Virginia

    A man was arrested after police chased a stolen tank through Richmond, Va..

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  • Orange, Telenor AI experts grab place on EC think tank

    Orange deputy CEO and CTIO Mari-Noelle Jego-Laveissiere and Ieva Martinkenaite, VP Telenor Group, were among ... The post Orange, Telenor AI experts grab place on EC think tank appeared first on Mobile World Live.

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  • Gas prices continue to climb: Here are the 10 most expensive states to fill up your tank

    The summer driving season is kicking into high gear, and Americans are facing rising gas prices as the cost of oil continues to remain relatively…