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  • Is this Britain's SICKEST ever toy?

    It’s an all-too-familiar scene of war… an Afghan home reduced to rubble by an explosion. Yet this recreation of the horrors of battle is being marketed as a toy by Airfix.

    Mail Online
  • Are THESE the toys that'll be under the Christmas tree?

    British department store John Lewis shared its predictions for the top 10 Christmas must-haves - and they'll give parents plenty to think about ahead of the festive season.

    Mail Online
  • Is Trump now toying with global prosperity?

    We'll find out if it's bad or good.
  • After Math: Oh boy, new toys!

    The holidays seem to kick off earlier and earlier every year. Apple rang in the start of the season in the first week of September at its annual fall iPhone event, but they weren't the only ones showing off new products ahead of post-Labor Day madnes...

  • 5 STEM Toys to Entertain and Enlighten Your Kids

    Keep your kids’ neurons firing with these science- and math-centric toys and games.
  • Paul Scheer unboxes his 'elusive childhood toy'

    CNET unboxing: The comedian meets the new Teddy Ruxpin.

  • Aerosmith should just play on toy instruments from now on

    Jimmy Fallon’s celebrity stunts can get exhausting, but now and then the late night host and his team can conjure up something that is objectively delightful. Last night’s involved, as is often the case with Fallon’s best gags, house band The Roots, who here cram into a tiny room with Fallon and none other than Aerosmith for a rendition of “Walk This Way” performed entirely on children’s instruments.

  • National Toy Hall of Fame 2018 finalists

    With the National Toy Hall of Fame announcing the 12 finalists for induction this year, check out the potential members of the class of 2018.

  • Toy Hall of Fame 2018 finalists announced

    The Magic 8 Ball, He-Man and TIckle Me Elmo are among the contenders for the National Toy Hall of Fame's class of 2018. The Strong's National Toy Hall of Fame announced 12 finalists Wednesday for induction into the hall. Besides the aforementioned Magic 8 Ball, He-Man Masters of the Universe and Tickle Me Elmo, the rest of the field includes American Girl dolls, chalk, Chutes & Ladders, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, pinball, sleds, tic-tac-toe, Tudor Electric Football and Uno. "These 12 toys...

  • How to put away your summer clothes and toys for the winter

    Look forward to next summer by storing your swimsuits, floaties and flip-flops the right way.

  • Return of the 90's! Tamagotchi to make toy comeback

    The 90's are coming back in a big, yet small way. Tamagotchi, everyone's favorite egg-shaped toy (as if there were others), is once again set to hit store shelves in an effort to ride the 90's nostalgia wave sweeping the globe. More than 21 years after it became an overnight sensation back in 1997, the toy will be available for order on Sept. 30 in eight colors and vintage styles, reports the Daily Mail. According to the report, the new Tamagotchis will sell for $19.99 and users will still be...

  • Trump still toying with Republicans over government shutdown

    He's still at it. Just this Tuesday the unindicted co-conspirator in the Oval Office was telling the Daily Caller "I don't like the idea of shutdowns," and "I don't see even myself or anybody else closing down the country right now," and then on Wednesday Bloomberg reported he is still "is asking advisers whether it would be good politics to provoke an October government shutdown fight over money for his border wall, even though Republicans in Congress say a closure before the midterm elections...
  • Browns toying with another offensive line shift

    CLEVELAND— The Browns could be shifting their offensive line again. With the season opener against Pittsburgh nine days away, coach Hue Jackson said Friday that “all avenues are open” with his offensive line, which has been in flux since 10-time Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas retired after last season. Jackson would not commit to Joel Bitonio as his starting left tackle, and hinted there could be changes up front. Bitonio was moved from left guard into Thomas’ old spot during […]
  • The Toys of Summer 2018 are leading to seasonal gifts

    Here are four tech toys that I think deserve a look. We've just had a heat wave, so why am I thinking about Christmas? Because the toy makers are already debuting their new offerings for 2018. Here are four tech toys that I think deserve a look. Archi-Tech Electronic Smart House ($49.99, Parents, if you have a budding engineer at home, here's a fantastic project toy that you can enjoy with them. With the 62 pieces in this kit, kids can create a wired-up...
  • Carrie Underwood Finally Ditched Her Son's Favorite Toy

    It’s hard to tear kids away from their favorite playthings, but when those toys start getting moldy, a mom does what she has to do! Carrie Underwood dished last week — the day her new album, Cry Pretty, came out — with radio host Bobby Bones about her 3½-year-old son Isaiah Michael. In particular, Bones asked about an Instagram photo Underwood posted in June explaining that Isaiah’s unique favorite toy is a potato. “He had four of them that he would carry around everywhere,” recalled the...
  • Tolstoy, not Toy Story, and a thread of other very good news corrections

    Editorial corrections are typically boring—little notes explaining that a fine detail, like a date or the spelling of name, was slightly off and needed to be fixed. Though they’re important to identify, they’re also usually not particularly interesting. Journalist Cleuci de Oliveira, though, has been curating a Twitter thread of the times when this isn’t the case, highlighting the very best in reporters making inadvertently hilarious mistakes.

  • A company turns kids’ drawings into stuffed plush toys

    See Also:An Etsy artist makes dinnerware with faces coming out of themNYC has banned activated charcoal from foods, but here are 9 strikingly black foods you can still try9 places you can swim with animals

    Business Insider
  • Police In Paraguay Discover Their Rifles Have Been Replaced With Toy Replicas

    Last week, police officers in Paraguay found that at least 42 battle rifles had been stolen from their armory and replaced with toy replicas. It’s unclear if a flag with the word “BANG!” written on it popped out of the barrels. More