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  • Greece: 2 face racism charges over beatings of immigrants

    Greek police say they have arrested one suspected extreme nationalist and are seeking a second as suspects in a pair of attacks on immigrants in Athens.

    Washington Post
  • Document: Door to Vegas hotel room where 2 died was faulty

    Court documents say a 31-year-old man accused of robbing and killing two Vietnamese tourists at a Las Vegas Strip hotel may have been able to push open their room door because the lock was broken. A filing in the arrest of Julius Trotter describes a method in which would-be thieves walk...

    ABC News
  • Marlins Man loses $1.5 million to embezzlement

    Marlins Man got taken deep. A bookkeeper pleaded guilty this week to embezzling $1.5 million from South Florida lawyer Laurence Leavy, who often sits in the best seats at major sporting events nationwide bedecked in his bright orange Miami Marlins visor and jersey. The SunSentinel ...

    ABC News
  • Former NFL player Kellen Winslow Jr arrested on rape charges

    Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. has been arrested on charges of rape and other sex crimes on the day he was to appear in court on an unrelated burglary charge. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports sheriff's deputies arrested Winslow on Thursday at his home in the San Diego suburb of...

    ABC News
  • Six former and current employees of Fitbit have been accused of possessing trade secrets stolen from rival Jawbone

    Lisa Eadicicco Six former and current employees of Fitbit were ​charged in a federal indictment for possessing trade secrets stolen from rival Jawbone, according to a statement from the Department of Justice on Thursday. The indictment filed in San Jose, California, alleges each defendant was aware that the trade secrets were stolen and that they were being possessed without authorization. The individuals had all worked for the now-defunct San Francisco-based Jawbone, owned by AliphCom Inc., for...

    Business Insider
  • Police: 2 sought in break-in at Wayne Newton home in Vegas

    Two suspected burglars were being sought Thursday after eluding officers following a break-in at the estate of longtime entertainer Wayne Newton, police in Las Vegas said.
  • Court rules no privacy for cellphone with 1-2-3-4 passcode

    A man serving 18 years in prison in South Carolina for burglary was rightfully convicted in part because he left his cellphone at the crime scene and a detective guessed his passcode as 1-2-3-4 instead of getting a warrant, the state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday. Lawyers for Lamar Brown...

    ABC News
  • Cheesecake Factory found partly liable in $4.6 million case where janitors weren't paid proper overtime

    The Cheesecake Factor was found partly liable in a $4.6 million case where a contractor wasn't giving breaks or paying proper overtime to the overnight janitorial staff, the New York Times reports.

  • Bitcoin hits 4-month low after currency exchange theft

    The price of bitcoin has fallen to a four-month low of $6,370, days after South Korean virtual currency exchange Coinrail said hackers had stolen over $37 million, or almost a third of the virtual currency it had stored. After Coinrail announced the theft, the price of bitcoin dropped $500...

    ABC News
  • Report: 5 arrested in Italian theft of art by Rubens, Renoir

    The news agency ANSA says Italian police have arrested five suspects accused in the theft last year of paintings by the masters Rubens and Renoir valued at 26 million euros ($30 million.) ANSA said Tuesday that the search for the paintings continues after the arrest of four Italians and one...

    ABC News
  • Former employee accused of theft from sheriff's office

    A woman who worked 33 years for Custer County is accused of stealing more than $1,500 worth of property from the Sheriff's Office. Custer County District Court records say 58-year-old … Click to Continue

  • Delaware man fined $1.2M for withholding tax contributions

    A Delaware business owner who pleaded guilty in March to withholding employee tax contributions has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. News outlets cite a Monday announcement by the … Click to Continue

  • Romance novel model sentenced to prison for robberies

    A romance novel cover model from California dubbed the “beefcake bandit” who pleaded guilty to robberies in Connecticut has been sentenced to prison.
  • 100-year-old woman dies from injuries after robbery in UK

    Police in Britain say a 100-year-old woman who suffered a broken neck in a street robbery has died.

    Washington Post
  • German nationalist's clothes stolen during evening swim

    Police say they're investigating the theft of a far-right leader's clothes as he went for an evening dip in a small lake near his home outside Berlin. Alternative for Germany, or AfD, party co-leader Alexander Gauland told the dpa news agency that after he emerged from the water to find his...

    ABC News
  • 'This is no swimming place for Nazis': German far-right leader has clothes stolen while swimming in a lake

    Thomson Reuters BERLIN (Reuters) - The co-leader of a German anti-immigrant party had to walk to a police station from the shores of a lake outside Berlin wearing only his underwear after his clothes were stolen while he was swimming, the Maerkische Allgemeine newspaper reported on Tuesday. Alexander Gauland, 77, co-leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), told the newspaper, "My belongings were stolen by someone as I was in the water and other swimmers called the police without asking...

    Business Insider
  • A woman allegedly attempted to steal a $177,000 yacht from an Italian port — and she was caught red-handed

    Larissa Watson/Facebook Summer 2018 is the summer of grift. The latest scammer is Larissa Watson. Watson allegedly attempted to steal a $170,000 yacht from Portofino, Italy, earning her the moniker "the Portofino pirate." As it turns out, Watson, who is from the UK, has been accused of leading a double life in Italy since February and has been arrested at least twice on charges of fraud, according to reports. She is set to appear in court next month on charges of theft, but her exact...

    Business Insider
  • German neo-Nazi trial: Defense calls for release of suspect

    Lawyers for the main defendant in a high-profile neo-Nazi murder trial in Germany are asking for her immediate release, arguing she wasn’t involved in the killings, bombings and bank robberies committed by her friends.

    Washington Post
  • Malaysia gets new AG, ex-PM 's wife quizzed over graft saga

    The wife of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was questioned Tuesday by the anti-graft agency over alleged theft and money-laundering involving the 1MDB state investment fund, as the king approved the appointment of an ethnic Indian lawyer as the new attorney-general. Rosmah...

    ABC News