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  • WATCH: Trump discredits special counsel, calls Mueller's team 'thugs'

    President Trump said he's worried investigators in the Russia probe would pit his words against others and said even if he tells the truth, "that makes me a liar."

    ABC News
  • Twitter divides over the best way to get perfect grains with a rice cooker or a pan with water

    Twitter users debated the best way to cook rice: with a rice cooker or in a pan. Some said that rice cookers ensure you get perfect grains and make it easier but others say there's no need for one.

    Mail Online
  • Melania Trump rails against cyberbullying – but she is using social media to gaslight the world

    The first lady of the US has called for more kindness on the internet. Clearly, she has also eschewed the concepts of hypocrisy and irony Here is the bad news: social media have devolved into a vile cesspit of hatred, Nazis and lies. Here is the best news: Melania Trump is on the case. On Monday, the first lady of the US hosted a cyberbullying summit, where she called for more kindness on the internet. Combatting cyberbullying and teaching kids positive online behaviour is a key part of her Be...

    the Guardian
  • Ramon Laureano, Khris Davis power A’s to 9-0 win over Texas

    By now, the A's fully expect big swings and loud home runs from Khris Davis. Ramon Laureano? Not so much. Davis launched the longest and most emotional homer Monday night at the Coliseum, but Laureano elbowed his way into a leading role. He hit the first two home runs of his major-league career, Mike Fiers pitched seven shutout innings and the A's coasted to an 9-0 victory over Texas. The win pulled Oakland back into a first-place tie with...

  • Giants beat Mets in 13 on goofy play

    NEW YORK - A flare. A gorp. A groundball with eyes. A dying quail. Pretty much any of those expressions mentioned by Crash Davis in "Bull Durham" would work. As well as a Texas Leaguer. A bleeder. A blooper. So long as bat meets ball. That has been a problem with the Giants, making good contact - in some cases, any contact - when runners are in scoring position. It's a problem that has cost the Giants dearly, but it's a problem that ultimately didn't cost them...

  • Dolly Parton Wins The Internet With A 'Jolene' Meme For The Ages

    The country music singer puts a new spin on the "distracted boyfriend" meme.

  • Safaree Takes Subtle Shot at Nicki Minaj Ahead of VMAs

    Safaree says he isn't worried about potentially running into his ex, Nicki Minaj, on the red carpet at the VMAs ... but he does have some advice for her. We got the 'Love & Hip Hop' star Monday as he was heading to Radio City Music Hall in NYC…

  • Melania decries 'destructive' social media amid Trump Twitter attacks

    US first lady speaks on pitfalls of social media, while her husband uses it to attack former CIA head John Brennan Melania Trump has issued a warning over the destructive power of social media on the same day her husband used Twitter to attack John Brennan as “the worst CIA director in our country’s history” and a political “hack”. The US first lady was speaking at a federal conference on cyberbullying in Maryland. Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • SF mayor Breed blasts Muni chief over delays, background checks and scooter permitting

    Mayor London Breed blasted the director of San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency on Monday over service delays related to its Twin Peaks Tunnel closure that she said the transit system's managers should have anticipated. In a sharply worded letter to San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency director Ed Reiskin, the mayor also criticized the agency for insufficient vetting of construction contractors and a scooter permitting process that seems to blackball Uber and...

  • Trevor Bauer Apologizes To ESPN, You Didn't Make Me Look Crazy

    Trevor Bauer is much less pissed off at ESPN today ... 'cause it turns out the company DIDN'T actually air a tweet that he says made him look like a "lunatic" after all. ICYMI ... the Indians superstar is famous for being a baseball brainiac -- and…

  • Body of San Francisco man reported missing found in Russian River

    The body of 29-year-old San Francisco man who had gone missing in Guerneville over the weekend was found in the Russian River Monday morning, and Sonoma County Sheriff's Office investigators are trying to determine if he drowned accidentally. The man, whose name was not released, was vacationing in a rental home with his ex-husband and some friends, and when he failed to show up for dinner Sunday they called 911 at around 8:40 p.m., police said. The missing...

  • California designates a state sport: surfing

    Did you know that the official state sport of Alaska is dog mushing? Colorado lists pack burro racing (no joke) and three states - Texas, Wyoming and South Dakota - embrace the rodeo. California was among the number of states without an official sport, but those days are over. Thanks to a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday, that sport is surfing. "Nothing represents the California Dream better than surfing - riding the waves and living in harmony with the...

  • Donald Trump Says It's "Very Dangerous" For Facebook and Twitter to Ban Certain "Voices"

    President Donald Trump said in an interview that its "dangerous" for Facebook and Twitter to ban certain "voices" from their platforms.

  • Kelly Clarkson Has A Classy Response To A Homophobic Twitter Troll

    The "American Idol" veteran had offered her congratulations to a same-sex couple she'd helped get engaged, and not everyone was pleased.

  • Tesla slashes spending, and may add to its troubles

    As questions swirl about whether Tesla will go private - and the well-being of CEO Elon Musk - one crucial factor looms large over the fate of the Palo Alto company: Tesla's own financial health. The company has undertaken drastic measures as it seeks profitability, cutting costs and even erecting a tent-covered third assembly line at its manufacturing plant. But many of those tactics may not be sustainable for long, and some could even hurt the company down the road. ...

  • After the bitcoin boom: hard lessons for cryptocurrency investors

    Pete Roberts of Nottingham, England, was one of the many risk-takers who threw their savings into cryptocurrencies when prices were going through the roof last winter. Now, eight months later, the $23,000 he invested in several digital tokens is worth about $4,000 and he is clearheaded about what happened. "I got too caught up in the fear of missing out and trying to make a quick buck," he said this week. "The losses have pretty much left me financially...

  • Trump says it is 'dangerous' for Twitter, Facebook to ban accounts

    By Steve Holland and Jeff MasonWASHINGTON, Aug 20 (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that it is "very dangerous" for social media ...

    Mail Online
  • Nicki Minaj Compared Herself To Harriet Tubman And Twitter Users Are Pissed

    The rapper tied herself to the legendary abolitionist while griping that her new album, “Queen,” came in at only No. 2.

  • A’s quickly pass milestone in 2019 ticket sales

    This torrid, two-month A's run on the field is making an impact on ticket sales for next season. Chris Giles, the team's chief operating officer, said the A's have sold more new ticket plans for 2019 in the past 2 1/2 weeks than they did for all of 2018. "And there are no signs of slowing down," Giles told Chronicle beat writer Susan Slusser on Monday. The A's even had manager Bob Melvin and pitcher Sean Manaea manning the phones in their offices Monday...

  • Swastikas, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the slippery slope of Twitter's speech policing

    Make no mistake, I’m a free speech hawk. Holocaust denial speech codes, so popular in Europe, are wrong. When Holocaust revisionists raise their heads, the best defense is to overwhelm with fact, not make them into martyrs of bureaucratic overreach. Likewise, one of the best strategies to counter Islamists is not silencing, but satire. No university should be a discomfort-free zone and shield students from ideas noxious to them. To provide any safe space is educational malpractice. Fake news?...

    Washington Examiner
  • People Are Swooning Over Netflix’s 'To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before'

    "Just so fun and full of eighties teen movie warmth and trope-ness. Only without the garbage," one Twitter user said about the Netflix film.

  • Kelly Clarkson Just SHUT DOWN Homophobic Fan In the Most Kelly Clarkson Way Possible

    After Kelly Clarkson congratulated one of her fans on her marriage to another woman, another fan replied with homophobic comments. The singer called them out in true Kelly fashion, "I almost didn't respond 2 this because hate doesn’t deserve a spotlight but u know what, truth does, & the truth is that God is Love, & Love shared between two people should be praised not condemned in my personal opinion. I love u 2 although we see the world/love differently."

  • Jon M. Chu wrote a heartfelt letter to Coldplay asking to use 'Yellow' in 'Crazy Rich Asians'

    Long before the film was a hit, Chu, who's from the South Bay Area, had decided he wanted Coldplay's 2000 work "Yellow" to be in his movie as a way of re-appropriating a word that's been used as a slur against Asians.

  • Creepy humanoid robot sends Twitter users into a panic (but all is not as it seems)

    A startling video of a humanlike robot has been making the rounds on the internet showing the droid casually walking up a driveway. However, the video is not what it seems.

    Mail Online