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  • 2018-19 ACC Men's Basketball Complete Conference Schedule: TV Channels, Game Times

    Check out the ACC's 2018-19 men’s basketball conference schedule.

  • Married men earn more than everyone else (including single men)

    Married men earn more than everyone else... (First column, 5th story, link) Advertise here

  • UCLA bars 6 players for opener in Chip Kelly's UCLA debut

    LOS ANGELES (AP) - UCLA has suspended six players for unspecified rules violations for its season opener against Cincinnati. Chip Kelly is making his debut as UCLA's coach on Saturday. He said Monday if "you do something wrong, there's a punishment that's involved in it." Offensive lineman Boss Tagaloa and ...

  • UCLA bars 6 players for opener in Chip Kelly’s UCLA debut

    UCLA has suspended six players for unspecified rules violations for its season opener against Cincinnati. Chip Kelly is making his debut as UCLA's coach on Saturday. He said Monday if … Click to Continue

  • The X-Men break a TV network in this X-Men Red #8 exclusive preview

    Marvel’s X-Men line is about to go through another rehaul with Uncanny X-Men returning as a weekly series in November, but hopefully the end of this recent color-coded phase doesn’t mean the end of Tom Taylor, Carmen Carnero, and Rain Beredo’s X-Men Red. The solicitation for December’s issue #11 reads a lot like a finale teaser, which would be a shame because this creative team has built a compelling ensemble and concept that could support years of stories.

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  • X-Men movie star not seen in three months said to be 'mistress of one of China's most feared men'

    Fan Bingbing (pictured), 37, has not been seen in public for nearly three months. She was alleged to have had an affair with China's Vice President Wang Qishan, right-hand man of the President.

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  • Which Men Get to Be Good?

    While Republicans use every tactic they can to insist that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a good man with impeccable character—and to discredit Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez—let’s consider, for a second, which men Donald Trump believes should be taken at their word, and which are considered irredeemable criminals by Donald Trump and his administration. For Trump, the threat of men’s violence is both omnipresent and impossible. It all depends on which men you’re talking...

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  • The dangers men don't see

    Three recent murders are reminders of how often women feel targeted or singled out.

  • Cutting up powerful men

    #MeToo radicals are offspring of Solanas's Society for Cutting Up Men .

  • Texas Baptist Men

    Texas Baptist Men have been deployed to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

  • Why Aren't Men Brushing Their Teeth?

    Teeth, teeth, TEETH, TEETH.

  • The Shame of the MeToo Men

    I feel bad for them. Do they feel bad for women?

  • Seattle basketball reigns again

    We have that and more in Thursday’s NBA newsletter. The Seattle Storm are your 2018 WNBA champions! The Storm completed a sweep of the Washington Mystics on Wednesday, with MVP Breanna Stewart, Jewell Lloyd, Natasha Howard, and the legend Sue Bird leading the way. It’s Seattle’s third NBA title, and represents a killer turnaround from 2017, when the Storm were under .500. Cheers to the Mystics, who cemented their status as a power in the WNBA this season. And cheers to all those who supported...

  • Good Character and Decent Men

    “I’ve always treated women with dignity and respect,” Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum on Monday night. It was a phrase Kavanaugh used roughly four times in the friendly interview; a chorus which Kavanaugh, accompanied by his wife Ashley, repeated with flat insistence. Read more...

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  • Basketball Australia chief steps down

    Basketball Australia chief executive Anthony Moore is stepping down after four years in the role.Moore joined the then financially-challenged national...

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  • Powerful Men Continue to Tell On Themselves

    As two women have now come forward and said that they were sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Republicans are taking a public stand of their own: they do not care. More than just that, they are reframing sexual assault as a kind of adolescent rite of passage. Pay attention: The powerful men are outing themselves.

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  • The best men's walking boots

    Hiking is a great way to exercise and spend time in nature, but having the right pair of walking boots is crucial – a few blisters and you'll be ruing the decision not to splash out on a more comfortable shoe, or not spending longer wearing them in.

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  • Top Basketball Shoes out Now

    B/R Kicks wants to hold you down with the best basketball shoes currently on the market! A chance to cop the highly anticipated Nike LeBron 16 in its newest "Fresh Bred" colorway, ...

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