Wall Street Journal Headlines

  • Business News Roundup, Feb. 23

    Autos Toyota tops consumer list Toyota has four of the 10 vehicles on Consumer Reports' annual top picks, the most of any brand. The Corolla and Camry are the magazine's choice for best small and midsize cars. The Sienna led the minivan category, and the Highlander is the best midsize SUV. The Chevrolet Bolt is best small green car, a new category. The Ford...

  • Does your job make you sign a 'Love Contract'? The complications of dating in the tech bubble

    Dating in the workplace has always been fraught with problems, but in the era of "Me To," when allegations of sexual harassment are prevalent, it becomes even more complicated.

  • Business News Roundup, Feb. 14

    Retail Barnes & Noble adjusts staffing Barnes & Noble, which announced a round of layoffs this week, is pointing to new staffing rules that will allow stores to increase or decrease the number of people on the clock depending on need. The nation’s largest bookstore chain said Tuesday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the change will save...

  • Wells Fargo sends 38,000 erroneous letters in auto flub

    Wells Fargo has made missteps in its efforts to make amends to customers who were forced to buy unneeded auto insurance. Bank spokeswoman Catherine Pulley said 38,000 customers received a letter they did not need and that contained no refund. She said the error was due to a coding mistake caught by the vendor responsible for the communications. "We will work with our vendor to ensure these customers receive the appropriate communication - including any refunds...

  • Press Is More Reluctant Than Ever To Tag Collapsing Venezuela 'Socialist'

    As Venezuela plunges deeper into humanitarian crisis, the broadcast and cable networks barely recognize its existence, while the print press, which during relatively tolerable times routinely celebrated the country's socialist government, is more reluctant than ever to use the S-word. Of six articles I found Friday afternoon about the horrid, deteriorating situation in that country, only one used the word — and that was only because it was about snap elections de facto dictator Nicolas Maduro...

  • WSJ: Who's Afraid of Jordan Peterson

    A Wall Street Journal op-ed published last week defends professor Jordan Peterson against a recent wave of criticisms and condemnations.