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  • The Source Of The Next Crisis

    Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, In 1992, the CBOE hired Robert Whaley to develop a tradeable volatility product on equity index option prices. A year later, in 1993, the VIX was born when the CBOE started publishing real-time quotes on the implied volatility of the calculated S&P 500 index options. In those early days, I very much doubt Robert ever imagined his volatility index would someday be the cornerstone of some of the world’s most actively traded ETFs. In fact, for...

  • George Soros’s $18 Billion Tax Shelter

    The wealthy have tucked billions into private nonprofits—where the IRS can’t touch it.

  • HK tycoon pledges $128 million to charity as index passes milestone

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - The billionaire chairman of Hong Kong developer Henderson Land said he will donate HK$1 billion ($128 million) to charity after the city's benchmark index surpassed the 30,000-point level, keeping a pledge he made seven years ago.

  • Uber and Infosys co-founders are latest billionaires to join The Giving Pledge

    Billionaires Garrett Camp and Nandan Nilekani are joining The Giving Pledge, a commitment to donate half of their wealth.

  • Here's What the Leaders of the 11 Most Successful U.S. Companies Studied in College

    Find out what types of degrees led Tim Cook, Mary Barra and other CEOs to the top of the ladder.

  • "Granite Islands And Backsplashes": Even Doublewide Trailers Are No Longer "Affordable"

    Since the early 1900s, millions of Americans have relied on trailers as a source of no-frills, affordable housing.  In fact, roughly 22 million Americans live in trailer parks today, but the industry is hardly the stable source of affordable housing that it used to be...a lesson that 73-year-old Judy Goff of Naples, Florida recently discovered the hard way after Hurricane Irma ripped through her park and destroyed her home, along with roughly 1.8 million others. As Bloomberg points out, when...

  • Spitznagel Warns "Not All Risk Mitigation Is Created Equal"

    Authored by Mark Spitznagel via PIOnline.com, There is a movement today among pension funds toward systemic risk mitigation - or "safe haven" - strategies. This makes great sense as a potential solution to the widespread underfunding problem. Many pension funds still haven't fully recovered from the crash of 2008, and can't afford another. Moreover, truly effective risk mitigation must lead to an incrementally higher long run compound annual growth rate; and a higher CAGR is the way to raise a...

  • Warren Buffett says this quick mental exercise will make you a happier person

    All you need is a pen and paper.

  • Money and Markets Infographic Shows Silver Most Undervalued Asset

    Money and Markets Infographic Shows Silver Most Undervalued Asset - Silver remains severely under owned and under valued asset- Entire silver market worth tiny $100 billion shown in one tiny square- "All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization"- Must see 'Money and Markets' infographic shows relative size of key markets: silver bullion, gold bullion, cryptocurrencies/ bitcoin, largest companies, 50 richest people, Fed balance sheet, currency, stocks, property, cash, debt &...

  • Here's what the CEOs of the 11 most successful companies in America studied in college

    If you want to be the CEO of a powerful company, choosing the right college major is an important place to start. We took a look at the leaders of the top 11 companies in this year's Fortune 500, and by and large, they each majored in a field directly related to industry of their future employer. And nearly all of the CEOs obtained post-graduate education after getting their bachelor's degree. Here are the college degrees held by some of America's most powerful CEOs.11. Steven Collis —...

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  • The first thing 8 highly successful people do each morning

    Mornings matter. What you do immediately after you wake up sets the tone for the rest of your day. Whether you start your day with a stretch or take a few minutes to write a tentative schedule of events, positive and productive habits can set you up for success. Here are the morning routines of some of the most accomplished people in the world, from President Obama to Oprah Winfrey.

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  • Here are Warren Buffett's most valuable investments (WFC, AAPL, KO, BAC, AXP, PSX, IBM, USB, MCO)

    Paul Morigi / Stringer / Getty Images Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has made nearly $2 billion on its investment in Apple. The conglomerate bought more in the third quarter just as the stock, with the rest of the tech sector, continued to hit new highs.  Many of his other investments aren't doing too badly either, to say the least.  The list below, via Bloomberg, is ranked in ascending order of the market value of Berkshire's positions at the end of the third quarter. It excludes Kraft...

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  • 34 Business Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

    Dive into these captivating reads ranging from 'Shoe Dog' to 'Barbarians at the Gate.'

  • Finnish Fund Manager Launches 'Buffett-In-A-Box' A.I.-Based Fund... There's Just One Thing

    Amid the empty-vessel-driven "deep-learning", "artificial-intelligence", and "algorithmic" narratives-du-jour, more and more fund managers are jumping on the bandwagon. The latest is Finnish fund manager FIM, who is introducing the first investment fund in the Nordic region, where a self-learning algorithm gets to pick all the stocks. As Bloomberg reports, targeting returns of 3 percentage points above the MSCI World Index, the FIM Artificial Intelligence fund seeks to tease out patterns even an...

  • Cramer Remix: Warren Buffett selling IBM could be a sign it’s on the cusp of a turn

    Jim Cramer said the old-school tech company could be ready to make a comeback, despite the moves of Warren Buffett.

  • Warren Buffett is ignoring a major disruptive force

    Lucas Jackson/Reuters Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway aren't prepared enough for autonomous vehicles and alternative fuels. The billionaire's recent acquisition of Pilot Travel Centers exemplifies how short-sighted his view is. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is one of my favorite companies, and a stock that I have generally expected to own for decades. Under the stewardship of Warren Buffett and his underappreciated investing partner Charlie Munger, Berkshire has generated life-changing wealth...

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  • Warren Buffett's personal pilot reveals the incredible prioritization method the billionaire taught him

    Rick Wilking/Reuters Warren Buffett's personal pilot, Mike Flint, recalled some great career advice the billionaire gave him. Buffett asked him to write down his top 25 career goals and then to circle the top five. He then said to put away the rest of the list because smaller goals can take away attention from the main five goals. It's better to have five completed goals than 20 half-completed goals. With more than $70 billion to his name and majority ownership of 70+ companies through his...

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  • Target, IBM and Anadarko slip while Bank of America climbs

    Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Wednesday: Target Corp., down $5.93 to $54.16 The retailer forecast a weak profit forecast for the quarter including the holiday season. Bank of America Corp., up 55 cents to $26.79 Investors bid up shares in banks and other...

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  • Apple is slipping despite the news Warren Buffett added to his stake (AAPL)

    Berkshire Hathaway reported it raised its stake in Apple by 3%. Apple's stock fell despite the news. Warren Buffett has famously rejected investing in technology companies, but invested in Apple in 2016. To see Apple's stock price move, click here. Apple's stock slipped after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway reported it raised its stake in Apple by 3% in the third quarter, according to a regulatory filing released on Tuesday. With the additional 3%, or 134 million outstanding shares, the...

  • Emmy-award winning composer hosts concert for local nonprofit

    Peter Buffet hosted a concert to benefit Rising Tide Capital on Nov. 2 to honor entrepreneurs. Peter Buffett, an Emmy-award winning composer and youngest son of billionaire Warren Buffett, hosted a private concert this month to benefit Rising Tide Capital. The Nov. 2 event, "RISE: To Expand Entrepreneurship," was held at Harborside 3 Atrium in Jersey City and featured a midnight market-themed festival organized by Midnight Market, a Rising Tide Capital Community...

  • Billionaire investor George Soros dumps Apple and Snap stock but boosts stake in Amazon, Microsoft

    Soros Fund Management also reduced stakes in Facebook and Twitter.

  • 7 Stocks That Warren Buffett Is Buying and Selling

    Christmas comes four times a year if you're a fan of Warren Buffett. Thanks to regulatory requirements, acolytes get a peek at what stocks the Oracle of Omaha is buying and selling on behalf of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B), the holding company of which he is chairman. The Securities and Exchange Commission requires all investment managers with more than $100 million in assets to file a Form 13F quarterly to disclose any changes in share ownership. These filings add an important level of...

  • Warren Buffett’s company sells more IBM shares

    OMAHA, Neb. - Warren Buffett's company sold almost a third of its remaining IBM shares in the third quarter and changed some of its other investments. Berkshire Hathaway filed a quarterly snapshot of its portfolio with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday. Investors watch Berkshire's filings closely because of Buffett's successful record. The company sold nearly 32 percent of its remaining IBM shares to leave it with 37 million shares at the end of...

  • Warren Buffett's company sells more IBM shares

    Warren Buffett's company sold almost a third of its remaining IBM shares in the third quarter and made several tweaks to its stock investments. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. filed a quarterly snapshot of its portfolio with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday. Investors watch...

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