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  • Can I Breastfeed in It? Why a Facebook group for new mothers is the friendliest place on the internet

    From milk-proof vest tops to bridesmaid outfits, members of an online community are helping each other to find clothes that both look great and are easy to feed a baby in There are things in life you can only discover for yourself and things other people could have told you if only you had asked. Sorting between these two categories is the odd genius, such as Natalie Halman. Three years ago, when she was 27, she launched the Facebook page Can I Breastfeed in It? Almost instantly, 1,000 women...

    the Guardian
  • Finally: a high-school movie that people of colour can relate to

    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is not perfect, but it is one of the first big-budget movies not to centre on a white protagonist – and a step in the right direction I was one of those girls who was nostalgic for high school before it ended. I sobbed my way through Simple Minds’ Don’t You (Forget About Me) at the end of The Breakfast Club when I watched it for the first time aged 16, already thinking about all the friendships I was likely to leave behind and the boys I wouldn’t kiss. My diary...

    the Guardian
  • How a Woman Disappears from the History Books

    The New York Times Magazine recently published a lengthy cover story on “The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley—And Won;” it’s about the battle to pass a privacy law in the country’s most populous state. It’s great and definitely worth reading, but it forgot something: the woman who helped win the battle. Read more...

  • Inflatable peacocks, sunset photoshoots and a spot of charity thrown in

    For most parents, this week signified the start of the home straight.

    The Telegraph
  • Behind the times? The strange, sad story of rear of the year

    How did buttoned-up Britain come to embrace an annual celebration of the bottom – and how is it surviving in the #MeToo era? Its creator and several winners explain its success Britain is not a nation renowned for its bottoms. Californian bottoms are neat, clenched things, compacted in the dust of early-morning hikes. British behinds, by contrast, wobble: our national bottom is the builder’s bum, as patriotic as tea or the Queen. It is unusual, then, that every year the British public confers...

    the Guardian
  • This British overseas territory has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe

    Last week, the Argentina's senate blocked a bill to legalise abortion up to 14 weeks.

    The Telegraph