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  • Fighter Showdown: Air Force F-22 Raptor vs. F-14 Tomcat (That Iran Still Flies)

    TNI Staff Security, A shootout in the sky that could happen. Even if the Raptors had run out of AMRAAMs and were forced to engage within visual range, the F-22s can use their stealth to close in unobserved to less than 1000ft to either kill the F-14s with Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinders or 20mm Vulcan cannon fire. Indeed, F-22 pilots flying during exercises such as Red Flag or Northern Edge will often sneak into guns range to make unobserved kills from very close distances by taking advantage of...

    The National Interest
  • The Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicle Might Be Old (But It Could Fight Russia or China)

    Kris Osborn Security, Big upgrades are coming with the future in mind.  The Army’s fast-tracked push to provide new weapons, sensors, air defenses and targeting technology for its Bradley Fighting Vehicle is part of a dual-pronged strategic approach to both prepare for near-term major warfare in the next ten years – and simultaneously begin work on a new Next-Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) for the 2030s and beyond. These interwoven trajectories are, by design, aimed at making the Bradley...

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  • Rebekah Vardy admits she and husband Jamie cried after England lost to Croatia in the World Cup

    Rebekah Vardy has admitted that she and her striker-beau Jamie cried after the team lost against Croatia in the Semi-Final on Wednesday, as she spoke to OK! Magazine about the World Cup.

    Mail Online
  • A’s, Giants prospects Jesus Luzardo, Heliot Ramos flouirsh at Futures Game

    WASHINGTON - Jesus Luzardo pitched Sunday where everyone expected him to pitch as a big-leaguer. Until the A's came calling. Drafted by the Nationals in 2016 and traded to the A's last July, Luzardo started the Futures Game at Nationals Park and showed some of the stuff he has used to dominate the Double-A Texas League. Born in Peru, raised in Florida and of Venezuelan descent, Luzardo started for the World team and threw a high 90s fastball and...

  • Silver lining! Luka Modric and Co put on brave face as they pose in with World Cup silver medals

    While heartache and despair was the immediate emotion in the wake of defeat to France, Croatia's stars put on a brave face as they posed with their runners-up silver medals in the dressing room.

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  • Luka Modric believes Croatia were better than France in World Cup final

    Croatia captain Luka Modric believes his side were the better team in the World Cup final against France, but admitted: 'Sometimes the better teams don't win.'

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