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  • Charlie Rose faces new accusations of sexual misconduct by CBS staff

    The morning show where Charlie Rose worked until being fired Tuesday is reporting that two women at CBS News claim that Rose grabbed them inappropriately.

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  • 8 Million People Could Die in a Nuclear War with North Korea

    Harry J. Kazianis Security, Asia And that is just for starters.  The last war game, however, was the most shocking of them all. We assumed a similar scenario, with allied forces preparing for a possible invasion, but this time Kim decides to launch a preemptive attack on the U.S. homeland—to take as many people to the grave with him as possible, a goal the North Koreans have declared in the past. In this last war game, North Korea attacks the cities in the second scenario with atomic weapons,...
  • Flat-Earther to launch self in rocket made of scrap in bid to prove theory

    Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who’s spent the last few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage.

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  • NBA players wish pending World Cup qualifiers were different

    NEW YORK (AP) - Omri Casspi will try to keep up with his Israeli teammates when they open qualifying for the 2019 Basketball World Cup this week.That's all...

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  • 'Butcher of Bosnia' Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide and war crimes

    His crimes "rank among the most heinous known to humankind," Judge Alphons Orie told the the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

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  • U.S. declares Rohingya crisis is ‘ethnic cleansing,’ after lengthy review

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson blamed Myanmar’s security forces and “local vigilantes” for what he called “intolerable suffering” by the Rohingya.

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  • Howe backs Wilson to earn England call-up for World Cup

    Nov 22 (Reuters) - Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson can earn selection to the England squad for the 2018 World Cup if he continues his blistering form,...

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  • Lebanon Prime Minister Saad Hariri puts surprise resignation on hold

    The announcement was the latest twist following weeks of political uncertainty in Lebanon, and came after Saad Hariri's shock resignation in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Geordie Shore stars at Movie World

    They're no stranger to letting loose in nightclubs around the world.

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  • White House personnel investigated for improper contacts with women on Trump’s Asia trip

    The Pentagon says it is investigating allegations of misbehaviour by three service members during President Donald Trump's trip to Asia earlier this month.

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  • Lost World War I History: Mexico Nearly Invaded America in 1917

    Michael Peck Security, Did you know this?  Short of Kaiser Wilhelm’s spike-helmeted legions storming New York and Baltimore, there was no way Mexico could seized the southwestern United States. Yet this didn’t matter to Germany. What Mexico could do was tie down American troops and equipment that otherwise would have been sent to Europe. Not that many U.S. troops would have been needed to stop a Mexican invasion, though recent history warns that many, many troops would have been needed to...
  • This Is the Story of the Secret Ex-Nazi Army That Guarded West Germany

    Michael Peck History, Europe Facts you may not know.  The secret army was the brainchild of Albert Schnez, a former Wehrmacht colonel who later became an official in the Bundeswehr. Along with other German war veterans just after the war, he worried what would happen if the Soviets invaded. West Germany had no army until 1955, and America demobilized much its own military in 1945, leaving Western Europe vulnerable to Soviet conquest. If the Soviets had invaded West Germany in the early days...
  • U.S. Navy aircraft crashes into sea off Okinawa, Japan with 11 aboard

    The USS Ronald Reagan is conducting search and rescue operations for 11 passengers and crew on the U.S. Navy aircraft flying from Okinawa, Japan.

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  • US Navy Aircraft With 11 People Aboard Has Crashed

    A U.S. Navy aircraft carrying 11 crewmembers and passengers, crashed into the ocean southeast of Okinawa Wednesday afternoon, the Seventh Fleet said. The aircraft was traveling to the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, which is currently operating in the Philippine Sea, when it went down. The cause of the crash is not known, the Seventh Fleet said in a statement.  The USS Reagan crew is conducting search and rescue operations. The names of the crew and passengers are being withheld while next...
  • Dramatic video shows North Korean soldier fleeing across border as he’s shot at

    Dramatic video has emerged showing a North Korean soldier escaping across the border into South Korea while being shot at by his former comrades.

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  • US Navy aircraft crashes off Japanese coast carrying 11 crew and passengers

    A US Navy aircraft carrying 11 crew and passengers has crashed into the sea off Japan south-east of Okinawa. The navy said the craft crashed into the Pacific Ocean as it was travelling to meet the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. How the crash happened was not yet clear, while the names of those aboard were being withheld. The propeller powered transport plane, a C-2 Greyhound, carries personnel, mail and other cargo from mainland bases to carriers operating at sea.

    The Independent
  • Why North Korea Is Destined to Test More ICBMs and Nuclear Weapons

    Asia Times Security, Asia The next step for the Kim regime is to test its ICBMs further, as the Hwasong-14 has only undergone one ballistic launch and is pending a full-scale, full-range test to ensure its reliability. The North Korean regime seems to have been unusually quiet lately, as it has been more than two months since it reportedly detonated its first hydrogen bomb on September 3, in its sixth nuclear test this year. But the rogue country’s capricious leader Kim Jong-un could resume...
  • Zimbabwe set to swear in new president after Robert Mugabe resigns

    Zimbabwe’s recently fired vice president was set to return on Wednesday to be sworn in as the country’s new leader after Robert Mugabe announced his stunning resignation during impeachment proceedings against him.

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