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  • This YouTube video shows what it's like to play 'Fortnite' on an 80-foot IMAX screen

    YouTube/Unbox Therapy When you have a chance to play video games in an IMAX theater, you take it.  That's what Lewis Hilsenteger of the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel did in a video posted on Friday.  Normally, you'd play Fortnite and other games on your TV with a games console, like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Or perhaps even a computer monitor if your a PC gamer. And those who take it to the next level usually get a projector to play on 100-plus inch projections. But playing games on IMAX is...

    Business Insider
  • Roseanne Barr on the Valerie Jarrett tweet

    Barr released two videos on her personal YouTube page. She says she thought Valerie Jarrett was white and that her (Barr’s) show was cancelled because she is a Donald Trump supporter and that it is ‘not allowed in Hollywood’ Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • Review: Lindsey Stirling, Evanescence team up for a night of contrasts

    Rock band Evanescence and dancing violin virtuoso Lindsey Stirling stopped in Charlotte Friday night on their 31-city summer tour, and while both acts showcased what they do best, Charlotte fans … Click to Continue

  • Ninja Says He's 'Being Smart' with Gaming Fortune, 'Nothing Lasts Forever'

    Pro gaming legend Ninja says he's not going out like Antoine Walker -- telling TMZ Sports he's saving every penny of the FORTUNE he's making playing video games so he doesn't end up broke.  Ninja is considered the best Fortnite player on the…

  • Post Malone Backs KSI In Super Fight With Logan Paul

    Post Malone is taking sides in the Logan Paul-KSI boxing match ... and Logan ain't going to like this ... The "Better Now" rapper says he's got KSI in the super fight ... telling TMZ Sports if he had to be in one boxer's entourage for the August 25…

  • Some Wish customers say makeup gave them pink eye, other issues

    When Kathleen Knight isn't teaching belly dancing classes in Tulsa, Okla., she's often searching for bargain clothes, nail art and knickknacks from overseas merchants on Wish. But the one product Knight wishes she'd never bought from the e-commerce app is makeup. The 41-year-old purchased cosmetics last year that she said were listed as Urban Decay and MAC products. The makeup took about two months to arrive, and when they did, she saw immediately something was off. The eyeliner...

  • YouTube is growing like a startup — these two charts show the 12-year-old site's stunning surge (GOOGL, FB)

    By the standards of the tech industry, 12-year-old YouTube is middle aged. But lately, it's been growing like a newborn. The value the streaming video site is delivering to marketers in terms of ad impressions and traffic to their sites is surging. That's paying off in a big way for the Google-owned service; ad spending on YouTube is ballooning. YouTube is benefitting from having one of the more popular mobile apps, said Andy Taylor, an associate director of research at Merkle, a digital...

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  • SoCal dad passes out multiple times on roller coaster while filming himself

    A San Diego man filmed himself riding a roller coaster so his kids could laugh at his reactions - and now the whole world is getting a laugh at the man screaming from fear and passing out multiple times. In the video, which appears to have first been uploaded to YouTube last June but went viral on Friday, the man, who was not identified, makes the sign of the cross and prays before the ride really picks up.

  • Children will be able to watch porn on social media sites because of loophole in rules, BBFC admits

    Children will be free to watch explicit X-rated sex videos on social media sites because of a loophole in a new porn crackdown, Britain’s chief censor has admitted.

    The Telegraph
  • Comedian and YouTube Star Grace Helbig Shares Why She Loves Tina Fey, Dealing With the Haters and When to Leave

    The comedian, YouTube personality, actress, producer and 'New York Times' bestselling author gets real with us in a candid conversation about her journey.

  • For almost a decade the internet has quietly maintained an obscure Futurama joke

    Once in a very long while, strangers on the internet will put aside their differences in the name of an important cause. It’s never something so divisive as humanitarian aid or the restoration of our democracy. That’s the stuff you’re supposed to fight over. No, the collective energy of internet users should be saved for something truly worth their time. Like making sure this 5-second clip of the Neutral President from Futurama which has had an equal number of likes and dislikes for nearly a...

  • Roseanne rages about Valerie Jarrett, saying she thought she 'was white'

    A new video shows Roseanne Barr discussing the racist tweet she posted about a former Obama administration official that prompted the cancellation of her sitcom.

    ABC News
  • YouTube's biggest stars trade insults in London ahead of boxing match

    KSI and Logan Paul have been verbally sparring for months – in August they will have their turn in the ring at the 21,000-capacity Manchester Arena York Hall, in London’s Bethnal Green, is one of Britain’s oldest boxing venues. Opened in the 1920s, it still hosts professional bouts to audiences of 1,200 people. But in its near-century, it’s never seen anything like the event that took place on Wednesday, as more than 1,000 teenagers queued to watch two of YouTube’s biggest stars – and rivals –...

    the Guardian
  • Roseanne Barr Screams “I Thought The Bitch Was White” In Video Explaining Racist Valerie Jarrett Tweet

    Roseanne Barr, following through on her pledge to bypass “stressful & untrustworthy” TV interviews, has posted a promised YouTube message to explain “what happened & why” with regard to her tweet about Valerie Jarrett – the one that compared the former Obama aide to a Planet of the Apes character and torpedoed Barr’s sitcom Roseanne. “I thought the bitch was white,” Barr screams at the top of her voice, directly into the camera, in this short video. “Goddammit! I thought…

  • Facebook to publish data on Irish abortion referendum ads

    Social media company to provide details of spending on ads targeting Irish voters Facebook is to publish comprehensive data on political advertising during Ireland’s abortion referendum campaign, giving an unprecedented insight into targeting of voters on social media, and setting a powerful precedent for election transparency. The US company has told Irish politicians it will provide anonymised details of the amount spent on targeting Irish voters on its platform between 1 March and 25 May, and...

    the Guardian
  • 'The best comedy is truthful' says social star Randy Rainbow

    His campy style, melding musical theater and political humor has become his trademark – along with his pink glasses – making him to shine among scores of internet stars.

    ABC News
  • Roseanne Barr screams that she thought Valerie Jarrett 'was white' in new video about the tweet that got her show cancelled

    Roseanne Barr posted a YouTube video on Thursday addressing the tweet that got her fired from her hit ABC sitcom, "Roseanne," in May. In the brief video, Barr screams that she compared former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to an "ape," in the tweet that led to her show's cancellation, because she "thought the b---- was white!"  The video comes 11 days after Barr took to Twitter to say that she would appear in a televised interview. She later back-tracked and said that she would instead release...

    Business Insider
  • This knife is made out of gelatin

    YouTube channel, kiwami japan, made a knife out of gelatin. It is sharp enough to cut through vegetables. The YouTube channel also shows videos on making knives out of other unusual materials such as pasta, rice, and chocolate.

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  • YouTube shuts down FamilyOFive channel over 'child endangerment' concerns

    ABC News via YouTube YouTube has shut down the popular FamilyOFive channel over "child endangerment" concerns. The channel racked up 176 million views and featured couple, Michael and Heather Martin, playing pranks on their children. Michael and Heather were convicted of child neglect in September 2017 and lost custody of two of their five children. YouTube has terminated the popular FamilyOFive channel, in which couple Michael and Heather Martin posted "prank" videos featuring their...

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  • Logan Paul and KSI's fight will cost $8 to watch on YouTube

    It was recently revealed that the upcoming Logan Paul vs KSI boxing match in London will be a pay-per-view event on YouTube. Here's all you need to know about it and the upcoming match.

    Mail Online
  • ‘Impulse’ Renewed For Season 2 By YouTube

    YouTube has ordered a 10-episode second season of critically praised supernatural thriller series Impulse, directed and executive produced by Doug Liman (Bourne Identity), for premiere on YouTube Premium in 2019. YouTube says the series pilot, which is available for free on the service, has drawn nearly eight million views since it premiered on June 6. In Impulse, which hails from Universal Cable Productions and studio-based Hypnotic (Suits), Maddie Hasson stars as…

  • Divas Talking About Divas Is the Best Internet Video Genre

    The notion that media pits women entertainers against each other more explicitly and extremely than it does men is tried and true enough to be a cliche. The supposed bad blood between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj immediately comes to mind, as does Ryan Murphy’s 2017 limited series Feud, which examined how powerful men profited from the publicized acrimony between screen legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. There are countless examples of comparisons that seem to imply there’s only so much space in...

    The Muse
  • FamilyOFive: YouTube bans 'pranksters' after child abuse conviction

    Michael and Heather Martin were sentenced to five years of probation last year for treatment of children in videos YouTube has banned a family of vloggers from its platform, after the parents were convicted over physical and emotional abuse of their five children in the course of filming their popular “prank” videos. Michael and Heather Martin,who post videos under the name FamilyOFive, were sentenced to five years of probation for child neglect in September last year, after viewers raised alarm...

    the Guardian
  • Dua Lipa shares French version of IDGAF, promises Maitre Gims collaboration

    Singer said a collaboration with the popular French rapper was also on the way