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  • New Live TV Streaming Numbers Place YouTube TV at Just Over 300K Subscribers and Hulu at 450K

    Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV both launched in the spring of 2017, offering customers over-the-top live television streaming options in line with established services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now. Today, sources revealed to CNBC that Hulu with Live TV now has 450,000 paid subscribers -- "not including recent promotional customers" -- while YouTube TV has just over 300,000 as of the beginning of 2018. Although neither service has been on the market for one full year, the sources...

  • The Dublin hotel that snubbed a social media influencer has billed her £4.6 million in 'publicity' fees

    The White Moose Cafe/Elle Darby/Business Insider Elle Darby, a social media influencer, was told she could not stay for free in a hotel in Dublin in exchange for exposure on her social media channels.  This caused a media storm around both her and the hotel after she published a 17-minute long video explaining the situation to her followers.  The hotel, The White Moose cafe, has since sent Darby a bill for the coverage totalling £4.67 million.  The owner of a Dublin hotel has billed a video...

    Business Insider
  • Russians are dancing the winter away, often in their underwear. There's a reason for that

    Russia’s video dance craze began innocently enough. At least, most people found it innocent. This month, a group of male students from the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation made a YouTube clip of themselves dancing in their underwear and cadet hats to an early 2000s club hit, “Satisfaction.”...
  • Emergency services slam attention-seeking YouTube pranksters

    The wave of YouTube pranksters have been slammed by emergency services after they were called out 2,794 times last year to Nazi saluting dogs and idiots who jump off trains.

    Mail Online
  • Dear Abby: Grandma plans to recoup loan from grandson’s inheritance

    Dear Abby: I co-signed a college loan for my grandson. Unfortunately, he didn't earn passing grades and was kicked out. He frequently misses loan payments, and I end up getting a late payment letter. I am afraid his inattention to this debt will adversely affect my credit. I can make the late payment or pull the money out of my savings and pay off the loan. If I pay off the loan, I plan to deduct that amount from his inheritance. He's very apologetic about it when I talk to...

  • Kevin Allocca: ‘Early YouTube was defined by the unintentional viral video. That’s changed a lot’

    YouTube’s head of culture and trends on the evolution of viral videos, fake news – and the old-school joys of writing a book Your YouTube colleague Robert Kyncl published Streampunks last year and now you have a book of your own. Why is everyone at YouTube writing books? I’ve been thinking about this: why now? I guess it takes time and distance to reflect on the why of things. We have had almost 13 years of YouTube history; so much has changed in those years. There’s been enough time to say what...

    the Guardian
  • Playing ‘Guess Who’ in 2018: Social Justice Edition

    Here’s a little something to get you laughing into the weekend. Remember the old children’s guessing game “Guess Who," in which you tried to guess the mystery identity by describing the physical characteristics of 24 different cartoon people? Well, good luck trying to play it in this hyper PC-culture without offending somebody. The characters in the game have already gone through several incarnations to meet the diversity demands of the ever-offended, but even then, it’s impossible to please...

    Truth Revolt
  • YouTube star reveals diet that helped her lose 50 pounds

    Los Angeles YouTube star Remi Ashten, 22, has posted a video detailing what she eats in a day to show fans exactly how she managed to lose over 50 pounds through healthy eating and exercise.

    Mail Online
  • That couch potato at his game console? He might be making millions

    Think twice before scoffing at someone who sits much of each day playing video games. It might be that the gamer is engaged in a career. Even a lucrative one. … Click to Continue

  • Social media companies accelerate removals of online hate speech: EU

    By Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Social media companies Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube have accelerated removals of online hate speech in the face of a potential European Union crackdown. The EU has gone as far as to threaten social media companies with new legislation unless they

  • Enjoy some dispatches from the burbling center of hell, i.e. Jake Paul’s 74-video social media seminar

    From a certain point of view, Jake and Logan Paul are the embodiment of everything wrong with the “internet generation.” They’re obsessed with their own celebrity, they seem to lack empathy for their fellow human beings, and despite these facts, or maybe because of them, they’re incredibly rich. It’s no wonder the toe-headed duo often show up on lists of “the worst things.”

    The A.V. Club
  • Hotel owner hits out at YouTube vloggers who flooded his business with bad reviews after he refused to grant free stays

    A Dublin hotel has hit out after being flooded with one star reviews and abusive comments by YouTube 'vloggers' after refusing to give a 'social media influencer' a free stay.

    The Telegraph
  • Lyor Cohen says hip-hop should dominate at upcoming Grammys

    Music executive Lyor Cohen says hip-hop should dominate the top categories at the upcoming Grammys. Cohen spoke with The Associated Press on Thursday about the Recording Academy giving rap a … Click to Continue

  • Social Media Companies are Speeding up the Removal of Online Hate Speech

    Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube signed a code of conduct to review most complaints within 24 hours.

  • Revealed: Top career aspirations for today's primary school children

    Primary school children would rather be a YouTube star than a pop singer or actor, a survey backed by University College London and the OECD has found.

    The Telegraph
  • YouTube is setting up an 'Intelligence Desk' to weed out dicey content before it raises bigger brand safety concerns

    YouTube is setting up an "Intelligence Desk" to weed out dicey content before it spirals out of control and brands get involved. The move is the latest in a series of efforts by the company to win back advertiser trust. Earlier this week, for instance, YouTube upped the requirements for channels to be eligible to carry ads. YouTube is trying to get its act together in the wake of its brand safety crisis, setting up an "Intelligence Desk" to weed out dicey content before it spirals out of...

    Business Insider
  • Some black YouTubers fear life is about to get much harder thanks to Logan Paul (GOOG)

    YouTube/YouTuber Akilah Hughes YouTube has made it much harder for smaller YouTube creators to earn money from their videos through advertising. New rules say channels need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watchtime over the last year to keep qualifying for YouTube's partner program, which lets creators monetise their videos. Smaller creators have already expressed their frustration, but the impact could be much greater on black and minority creators who already have a harder time...

    Business Insider
  • Dublin hotel owner bans all social media influencers after 'exposing' one for asking for free 5-night stay

    The White Moose Cafe/Elle Darby/Business Insider Social media influencer Elle Darby asked The White Moose Hotel in Dublin for a free, five-night stay in return for publicity. The hotel owner, Paul Stenson, refused and posted her request online. After the hotel received backlash for the post, Stenson banned all social media influencers from his businesses. A Dublin hotel and cafe owner has banned social media influencers from his businesses after he shamed a 22-year-old YouTube personality who...

    Business Insider