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  • YouTube CEO says new EU copyright laws are threatening creativity

    YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki has hit out at proposed new European Union copyright rules which she claims will harm the creative industries.

    The Telegraph
  • 'Launch as many shows as possible': Publishers say Facebook Watch is copying YouTube's playbook to kickstart growth

    Facebook is expanding Watch globally and encouraging creators of all stripes to set up and fund their own shows. Publishers are eager to make ad revenue from mid-roll and pre-roll ads that run in videos, and some say it's almost on par with YouTube. Watch is still a test for Facebook, but was mentioned 12 times in the company’s third-quarter earnings, up from six mentions in the first quarter. Facebook is hungry for video and taking lots of pages from YouTube's playbook when it comes to wooing...

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  • YouTube is pushing back against a new EU copyright law, which it says will massively restrict how many videos Europeans can watch

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki voiced her opposition to new EU copyright legislation in a Financial Times op-ed. Specifically she took aim at the draft directive's article 13, which would force online platforms to censor content that breaches copyright. Wojcicki says article 13 is an unrealistic way of policing copyright, and would deny European users access to lots of videos on YouTube. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote an op-ed in the Financial Times on Monday arguing against tough new online...

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  • These are the 50 most recommended videos on YouTube

    A study from the Pew Research Center has delved into how we use and interact with the world's biggest video site — YouTube. As well as looking at how people use YouTube, it also examined how YouTube influences people through its algorithm, which recommends videos in the "Up next" section. Pew compiled a list of the 50 most recommended videos on YouTube. They did this using "random walks" through the video site. This meant selecting videos at random from English-language channels with more than...

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  • Facebook had a good election, but it can’t let up on vigilance

    After an Election Day largely free of viral social media misinformation, and with little trace of the kind of Russian troll stampede that hit its platform in 2016, executives at Facebook may be tempted to take a victory lap. That would be a mistake. It's true that Facebook and other social media companies have made strides toward cleaning up their services in the past two years. The relative calm we saw on social media Tuesday is evidence that, at least for one day, in one country, the forces of...

  • Someone Added Lyrics To 'Harry Potter' Song Revealing The True Hero

    Props are due to this Hogwarts standout, the song says.