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  • Why YouTubers are feeling the burn

    From fashionistas to popular scientists, YouTube’s top video stars are crumbling under the relentless pressure of producing new content for the site When Lucy Moon sat down with her therapist to discuss why she was feeling so low, she was on top of the world. A burgeoning career as a YouTuber was in mid-bloom: her subscriber count – an important metric on the site, and a sign of a creator’s popularity – was booming, and offers of work and brand tie-ins were rolling in. But all was not well. She...

    the Guardian
  • Why does Twitter let Alex Jones break its rules with his rants? Well, money rules

    The tech giant is scared of losing power, yet as a media platform it must be responsible for its content Alex Jones isn’t your typical rock star name – I knew at least three at school. But rock star is what Alex Jones, the founder of the conspiracy enterprise Infowars and far-right rant-merchant, has become. At least to the millions of people who visit his site each month, the 427,000 Twitter followers and to the president of the United States, who has praised him. Jones’s greatest hits include...

    the Guardian
  • Seattle plane hijacker's final YouTube post reveals his boredom with his 'minimum wage' job

    The final YouTube video posted by a Seattle plane hijacker depicts a happily married man with a monotonous job that's only silver lining was the travel opportunities it afforded him.

    Mail Online
  • Seattle plane hijacker's final YouTube post reveals his boredom with his job

    Richard Russell has been revealed to be the 29-year-old who stole a jet from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport and took it for an hour-long joyride before crashing on an island in a ball of flames Friday night.

    Mail Online
  • Boxing Promoter Eddie Hearn Says Logan Paul, KSI Fight Is Stupid And Brilliant

    Eddie Hearn -- the promoter in charge of Anthony Joshua's career -- says the fight between Logan Paul and KSI is an insult to hardcore boxing fans ... an insult he'd LOVE to promote. Hearn basically controls boxing on the other side of the…

  • Strictly Come Dancing: BBC bosses turn to YouTube star Zoella's BROTHER as latest recruit

    The latest reported contestant is Joe Sugg, a name likely to be unfamiliar to millions of the BBC show’s viewers. He shares YouTube videos of himself performing pranks and challenges.

    Mail Online
  • Trio Of Future Defendants Film Themselves Riding Atop New York City Subway Cars

    A trio of New York City daredevils--surely soon to be in the custody of the NYPD--filmed themselves riding atop a series of subway cars as trains barreled through Brooklyn and Queens. In videos post

    The Smoking Gun
  • Does the banning of Alex Jones signal a new era of big tech responsibility?

    With the removal of the conspiracy theorist’s material from key platforms, firms have changed their tune on ‘free speech’ – but some see the move as more about money than morality At this very moment, the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is almost certainly sitting in front of a camera, shouting that he has been silenced. If you are so inclined, you can easily watch and listen along, either by going to his website, downloading his iPhone and Android apps, or following him on Twitter. What you can...

    the Guardian
  • Facebook web traffic HALVES with younger users flocking to YouTube

    The findings were made by London based market research firm SimilarWeb, who analysed web traffic from the top five US sites - Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and Amazon.

    Mail Online
  • Pasta Grannies are unlikely YouTube hit as vlogs of their cooking skills are seen 1.8million times

    The Pasta Grannies , or nonnes,  was started four years ago when Ms Bennison jetted to her second home in Italy from south London.

    Mail Online
  • The public execution of Infowars is dangerous and counterproductive

    In cutting off the rightwing media outlet without explanation, the social media companies have simply fed the conspiracists Always the trendsetter, Apple’s decisive action against the rightwing media outlet Infowars has led to an unprecedented domino effect. After Apple delisted podcast links, Spotify soon followed. Facebook made a decision to “unpublish” Infowars’ pages hours later, before the group’s main home, YouTube, said it had “terminated” the group’s channel, which was watched by 2.5...

    the Guardian
  • Tech companies banned Infowars. Now, its app is trending

    Just days after Google, Facebook and Apple purged videos and podcasts from right-wing conspiracy site Infowars from their sites, the Infowars app has become one of the hottest in the country. On Wednesday, Infowars was the No. 1 overall "trending" app on the Google Play store, a metric that reflects its sudden momentum. Among news apps, Infowars was No. 3 on Apple and No. 5 on Google, above all mainstream news organizations. And the app stood at No. 66 overall on Google,...

  • YouTube Overrules Opposition to Climate Change via Wikipedia

    YouTube has decided that its viewers and content creators are only allowed to believe what they decide is right — especially when it comes to climate change.

  • YouTube star confronts her identical twin about how she transformed her face

    Niki DeMartino, 23, sat down with her twin sister Gabi DeMartino to discuss the cosmetic procedures she's had done on her lips, teeth, and nose since she turned 18.

    Mail Online
  • YouTube takes on climate change deniers

    US-based YouTube users will now start to see Wikipedia previews with factual blurbs displayed underneath videos that deny or refute climate change as YouTube trials the updated feature.

    Mail Online
  • James Charles is blasted by fans for complaining that YouTube stars earn LESS than celebrities

    James Charles, 19, from New York, took to Twitter this week where he lamented the fact that vloggers are earning less than celebrities.

    Mail Online
  • After a catastrophic few weeks, Facebook could now lose its place as America's 2nd biggest website in a 'paradigm shift'

    Facebook has had a chastening couple of weeks, and it's now about to be overtaken by YouTube as the second biggest website in the US. Market research firm SimilarWeb said Facebook's monthly visits have fallen from 8.5 billion two years ago, to 4.7 billion in July, while YouTube has been quietly edging up. Facebook's losses must be seen in context, however, as its portfolio is growing on the back of its app and other platforms, like Instagram. The biggest share price nosedive in Wall Street...

    Business Insider
  • Twitter CEO defends decision not to ban Alex Jones, Infowars

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defended his company's decision not to ban right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars material, as many other social media platforms have done, saying he did not break any rules. Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify took down over the past week material published by Jones, reflecting more aggressive enforcement of their hate speech policies after rising online backlash and raising pressure on Twitter to do the same. Jones'...