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  • Zero good news on zero hours contracts?

    It's true that the latest figures show that their growth has plateaued but there are still too many people on them who are being exploited and the Government's proposed response is woeful
  • CNN's Zero Plastic Lunch Day

    Every year, the world produces 300 million tons of plastic -- eight million tons of which goes into our oceans.

  • Lord Kilclooney in 'high hedges' charge

    The peer has four weeks to cut the hedges after failing to do so in January when asked by his local council.

    BBC News
  • Dems hedge on Pompeo’s fate

    Key Senate Democrats — including Chuck Schumer — are still undecided on the secretary of state nominee.

  • UK on path to ‘zero carbon’ economy

    The UK will embark on the road towards a net zero carbon economy later this year by mapping tougher emissions targets to match international climate agreements.

    The Telegraph
  • Zeroing in on Facebook's Anti-Conservative Tilt

    Conservatives are used to the national media excluding our viewpoint or loading up a pundit panel with eight liberals and one marginal Republican. Please support CNSNews today! (a 501c3 non-profit production of the Media Research Center) DONATE

    CNS News
  • 'Less Than Zero' TV Series in the Works at Hulu

    Craig Wright will take on Bret Easton Ellis' 1985 novel and subsequent 1987 feature film. read more

    The Hollywood Reporter
  • Get a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero with adapters

    The Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny Linux computer. Ever since they were announced last year for $5, they have been hard to get. But if you are willing to spend about $20, you can get one on Amazon. This Raspberry Pi Zero kit from Argon Forty is $18.50, and it also includes a Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter and a Micro USB OTG to USB Adapter, both of which I needed anyway, so it's a good deal. The Raspberry Pi Zero W is $2 more and comes with onboard Wi-Fi. You will also need a Micro SDHC flash memory...

    Boing Boing
  • With almost zero effort, you can make a difference

    All it takes is a click here or a tap there and you can make a difference -- without spending any of your own money.

  • Pick Up the Complete Horizon Zero Dawn For $40

    We’ve seen a few good deals on the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn, but today, Amazon’s offering a $10 discount on the complete edition, which includes the Frozen Wilds expansion pack, some in-game items, and a few other bonuses. That’s within $5 of the best price we’ve seen, and the best deal Amazon’s ever listed on the physical copy (previous deals have been on the digital download).

    Kinja Deals
  • Mitch McConnell hedges on tax cut vote

    “We’ll take a look at it,” McConnell said Tuesday, when pressed on whether the Senate would take up the measure.

    Washington Examiner
  • "The World Is A Safe Place... And No One Hedges Anymore"

    A major geopolitical event takes place and stocks (and risky assets) surge while bonds (and safe havens) slide... As former fund manager Richard Breslow says in his latest letter, "I see it and, unfortunately, it’s all too familiar not to be believed." Via Bloomberg, The world is a safe place, it is being put about, as traders reassess the dangers from the Middle East and every other global hot spot. Friday night was spent watching and wondering about missiles, sanctions and retaliation....

    Zero Hedge
  • ACT plans move to zero emissions fleet

    The ACT could be Australia's first state or territory government to have a zero emissions vehicle fleet under a new plan to be implemented by 2021.Once the...

    Mail Online
  • Beyond Zero Trust: Next-generation access

    Is your organization considering Zero Trust? Here's why you should also consider NGA.

  • Zero-calorie sweeteners might not be better than sugar: study

    According to a new study, sweeteners such as aspartame and Ace-K might actually be worse for you than sugar. Or better. Or just as bad.

    NY Daily News
  • Here are the stock picks from the rising hedge fund stars at Sohn

    Here are the top investment ideas from the "Next Wave" panel at the Sohn Investment Conference in New York.

  • World's first autonomous, zero-emission 'ghost ship'

    The Norwegian drone vessel, christened YARA Birkeland, will be the world’s first autonomous ship. Once it enters autonomous operation, toting up to 120 20-foot containers per journey, it will pull congestion off Norwegian highways. … Click to Continue

  • Sustainable Style Tricks That Are Zero-Effort, High-Reward

    We've rounded up the easiest ways to make your closet more sustainable.

    Who What Wear
  • More Hilarious Facts About Tesla From A Hedge Fund Shorting The Stock

    Via, A few weeks ago, we shared a note about Tesla from the hedge fund Vilas Capital Management. The firm, which is short the shares, said “Tesla is going to crash in the next 3-6 months.” I received an update from Vilas this morning explaining why they’re even more bearish on Tesla today. The firm pared its short positions after the recent selloff. And Telsa now comprises about 98% of their short book. Clearly Vilas thinks Tesla’s reckoning is imminent. You can read the...

    Zero Hedge
  • 100 Easy Outfits to Try When You Have Zero Clue What to Wear

    If you've ever promised yourself you'd wake up early only to snooze five different alarms and stumble out of bed last minute, we feel you. Waking up can be rough - but not quite as rough as getting dressed on mornings like these. Nothing looks right (were you insane when you bought that top?!), clothes are everywhere, and you're about a nanosecond away from sobbing and pretending you're sick. ("Sorry, can't adult today.") But rather than give up, what you need is a little direction. The key is...

    POPSUGAR Fashion
  • UK to enshrine net zero emissions target into law?

    This would mark a significant step up in terms of ambitions.

  • I'm a millionaire who creates zero jobs. Why do I pay less tax than you?

    Our tax code is deliberately designed to reward money over work, and the corporate tax cut financially rewards companies for moving money and jobs overseas In 2013, just a few years after the 2008 financial crisis, I was part of BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory Group working for the Greek Central Bank, assessing the capital requirements of the bailouts of the Greek banks. I was on the top floor of a bank building in Athens with about 20 bank executives taking a lunch break, when I glanced...

    the Guardian
  • Report: FDNY No Longer Has 'Zero Tolerance' for Drug Use

    The FDNY's "zero tolerance" for drug abuse has gone up in smoke. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro has quietly abandoned the department's once-trumpeted policy calling for the firing of anyone caught using illegal or prohibited substances, The Post has learned. In the last month, 26 firefighters who had tested positive on urine tests since 2016 were returned to full duty, insiders revealed.

  • Hedge Fund Leverage Plunges Most Since The Financial Crisis

    While it may seem like a lifetime ago, it was only in late January that the market was melting up relentlessly with every trading day, as volatility crashed lower and lower to unsustainable single digit levels, sending the S&P into a buying frenzy. It was, as Morgan Stanley pointed out at the time, "euphoria." Commenting on the dramatic shift in market mood, Morgan Stanley's Michael Wilson also said that the S&P 500 P/Es peaked in December, the same day as Bitcoin, one day before the...

    Zero Hedge